Set baby names without a baby; normal?!

Is it crazy to already have baby names picked out? LOL

Some people may think it isn’t normal, but I think it is okay. When you do get married your husband may want to have more say so with the baby names. My husband is one of the husband’s that has say so for every name. He is very much into the process, and if he doesn’t like a name he tells me. They may want to honor some of their own family members that have passed on. So these names are set right now, but of course they will probably change once you get married. Husband’s can veto names that you have liked for years. That is when naming gets harder.

They will probably change at some point though.

I think some people would say it was totally normal, and for me, this is the case! I had my eldest daughter’s name ([name]Eliska[/name]) picked out from when I was 10. Others would say that it is totally crazy to be obsessing over names when you are nowhere near to the point of having children, but I think most of us name freaks here on Namberry, will with it utterly normal. Im interested in knowing what the names you have chosen are, the names in your signature are stunning. I especially love [name]Vivienne[/name] and [name]Cora[/name]!


I love Cora and Zane right now.

I think it’s normal and it’s something I’m always working on with my husband who doesn’t really care about a name unless he hates it. I find it frustrating because I’m a planner and I want to have somethings set in stone or as close as I can get to set in stone.

Hahaha… I think it’s completely normal behavior for a [name]Berry[/name].

I think having set names without taking into consideration who the father is going to be if you don’t have a SO in your life sounds great. I’m one of those girls who never really had a “perfect wedding” picked out/ still don’t probably why I was never gung-ho about getting married. But with every guy I’ve dated what I would think our wedding would look like changes drastically to accommodate a different side of me that also includes the guy. I think maybe once you meet the perfect guy to have children with incorporating his family names with your family names might feel like the prefect thing to do. But until you’ve meet that guy… I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

I have my names fairly set. lol. I have, mostly even before I joined Nameberry, although I was a member of another name site before here. I realize my favorites will probably change (drastically!) when I find my husband, but for now, I honestly can’t imagine naming my children anything else. I think it’s okay to have your style figured out now.

I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, btw. :frowning: I think it’s lovely that you want to honor your mom, but I would keep in mind that your future husband might want to honor someone in his family, too. Maybe he lost his father at a young age, or his grandmother raised him and he wants to honor her before she passes on, you know? I think that’s where two MNs can be handy–you can honor both sides of the family on one child! :slight_smile:

I have 6 names (fn and mn) that I’ve loved for years! And I’m not even dating anyone right now, much less married or ready for kids!! Of course, as others have said, the father of said future children sometimes like to be involved, too. So they may need tweaking when the time comes, but I still have them!!

I agree with the others, though, this is probably pretty common for us Berries!

I don’t think it’s unusual for a name nerd at all. I personally don’t have any set “combos” like most berries, but I do have a very short list of names that I absolutely love and that are incredibly meaningful to me. I stopped making combos a while back, and the reason for that is simply that I don’t want to get attached to any one first and middle name combination. When the time comes, I want to be able to sit down with my husband and choose a name that is rich with meaning to both of us and not just me.

Well, I have my names set. I’m not pregnant yet (but maybe soon). I do think it’s a little unfair to not allow your future husband to have any say because he may want to honor his family too, but no, I think it’s fine that you already have your names picked :slight_smile:

This! [name]Remember[/name], unless you have an anonymous sperm donor, only half the genes, half the family, half the heritage, and potentially half the religious/cultural/linguistic side of your child will come from you. It’s perfectly normal to daydream about names-- I’m sure every single person on a forum dedicating to naming practices has done so for years-- but it isn’t too healthy to claim those choices are ironclad before partnering up.

Yes, I agree with most of what previous posters have said. For us :), it’s normal. I love picking combos, though I have to tell myself that right now, it’s just a game. I mustn’t let myself get so attached to a combo, or even a single name, that I’ll be heartbroken if my future husband doesn’t like it. I want my future husband to love all our children’s names and to help choose them if he’s so inclined, and that means I have to leave “mental room” for him.
But I still pick out combos like crazy! Best wishes.

I’ve already kinda decided the names I will call my kids:) but I don’t mind changing them too much, and I’m only sixteen so probably I will have quite different views when i am actually pregnant. [name]Sill[/name], it’s fun.

I only recently joined Nameberry, but have been a lurker for years. Now that I’m engaged, I run a name I like past my fiancé. It’s had given me a lot of insight into how his mind works. Besides, I’ve always loved names than end in a, and with my soon to be last name, only certain a names work, and its still a little matchy. When you do meet the father, you may find some of your names don’t work, but its not bad to have names you love in mind. Totally normal.

Totally 100% normal. :slight_smile:

Realistically though, I would caution not to get your heart too too set on all your names panning out. A lot of things can change–be it your future partner objecting to a name, wanting to incorporate his own family names, relocating to a place where some of your names jive a lot better than others, or whatnot. Chances are you will absolutely be able to use a name to honor your mother, but keeping yourself open to exactly how it pans out is part of the fun. (On a lighter note, my #1 name for years had to go because with my married name, her initials would be PMS. Fail.)

While I am married and trying to get pregnant, so I’m a little closer all this than you, I have two names for each gender solidly nailed down, and I highly doubt much could talk me out of these names! I think it’s normal.

It’s normal. But, as a few posters have said, your partner will have opinions on names as well, so don’t get too attached! My boyfriend has very strong opinions and has vetoed a lot of my favourite names. And even if you want to honour someone, your partner might have a bad association with the name (happened with my parents!) and so on.

I’ve been a name nerd for years. Before I got pregnant I had a long list of names that I swore I knew I would use.

After I was pregnant, I looked over the list and not a single one of them appealed to me anymore. It’s like a switch went off and I none of them was my baby.

So, I think it’s normal to have a list and it’s fun to think about. But I wouldn’t think of the names as THE name just yet. There are exceptions though!

I have set FIRST names, but the two middle names change frequently. But, after a couple years, I have the name for my little girl (first and two middles). And I’m no where near having children.