Share your thoughts on the name Elkanah...

[name]Hi[/name] berries,

I really love the name Elkanah, although my SO isn’t quite sold on this idea yet…

[name]Do[/name] you think it sounds too femme? It sort of reminds me of [name]Hannah[/name], but I still really love it.

I like really unusual names, but I would love some feed back. Thanks!

It sounds pretty feminine to me, in fact I thought this was posted in the wrong section :slight_smile:

I am utterly unfamiliar with this name. Until I knew more about its origin/history/culture I would dislike this name simply b/c I would assume it is made up.

The more feminine sound (the fact it ends in an “A” I guess?) doesn’t bother me at all since I grew up in [name]Hawaii[/name] where many boys have Hawaiian names that others might consider too feminine: Nalu, Makana, Kainoa – I know some very manly men with these names!

I think it might work in an urban area. I wouldn’t begin to know how to pronounce it? I don’t think it’s too feminine-I’m just worried about people not knowing how to pronounce it.

Elkanah was an Old Testament guy, it was a popular name with pilgrims and pioneers. It looks like it feel out of popularity one hundred years ago… My name is Norther, which is pretty unique, so I really want my son to have something unusual (because his last name will be very common) but I might be pushing it with this one. :slight_smile:
I believe it’s pronounced [name]EL[/name]-Khan-[name]AH[/name]. We do live in a very urban area…

We are talking about shortening it to Elken or Elkan. Now we really are making up names!

Naming baby is harder than I thought…:rolleyes:

I agree it’s hard! Loving baby names is so different from finding A single perfect baby name. I thought Elkanah was posted in the wrong section also, it seems pretty feminine to be honest. I like Elken or Elkan though! I knew a girl named [name]Elka[/name] and I thought it was beautiful on her - I think even if it seems made up it is easy to spell and pretty, so that wouldn’t bother me. Good luck! We have two weeks to come up with something for our little boy and have no clue what we’ll pick.

Elkhanah seems very feminine to me because of the -ah ending. When you mentioned Elkan I liked that much more. It doesn’t seem as strange, and sounds much more masculine.

Yeah, I think it’s that -ah that bugs me. Like [name]Hannah[/name], [name]Sarah[/name], etc… If we were expecting a girl, I would be really considering [name]Elka[/name]. It’s such a pretty name…

It’s hard to be clever and unique with boys names! Girls names seem so much more versatile.

Hmm I have not heard of this one before. My first impression was that it seemed like a combo of [name]Elke[/name] and [name]Hannah[/name]. ([name]Both[/name] names I like). I do prefer Elkan as it appears more of a boy’s name. As pp said the anah ending makes Elkhanah seem feminine.

Elkanah was the father of Samuel in the Old Testament. I always believed it was pronounced “el-KAY-nuh”. I quite like it myself. It’s different enough to be noticed but not too “out there”. If parents are choosing Noah and Micah for their sons, why not Elkanah? Go for it! Regards, Mischa.

I got the Biblical association right away. I have always loved the story of [name]Hannah[/name] and Elkanah in I [name]Samuel[/name] in the Bible, and seeing Elkanah makes me smile. :slight_smile: As most of the comments prove, I don’t think the world is really ready for an Elkanah (which, btw, I’ve always said as elk-[name]ANN[/name]-uh).

I do think the nn Elkan makes it a bit more usable, but it doesn’t really seem like a nn to me, just one letter chopped off. If you like Elkan/Elken, I would just use that. Or maybe use Elkanah as a MN? I think something like [name]Seth[/name] Elkanah is cool, spunky, and usable.

By brother is named Elkanah. Our family is of Puritan origin, and there were a number of ancestors by that name, pronounced “el-[name_u]KAY[/name_u]-nah.”. However, NO ONE knows how to spell or say it, and potential customers assume the name belongs to a female. As an adult businessman, my brother got so tired of the hassle, he now uses his middle name.