Sharing a birthday

My twins will be turning 4 in a couple of weeks, and it’s looking like I will have to be induced with their brother in the same week. I think it would be kind of neat for all the brothers to share a birthday, since two of them already do. Really the most separation between birthdays would be 2-3 days in either direction, leaving them very close anyway.

What do you all think? Would you choose the same day? Is it a special bond between all the kids, or would it just overshadow one of their days?

My cousins are four years apart and have the same birthday. They love it, so does my aunt, less party planning.

If I could choose the actual day, I’d probably choose a few days in either direction. It would still make it fun to have “birthday week” but a different day seems more fun. I do know siblings (non-twins) who share birthdays and it’s never been a problem for them.

It does make party planning easier, however it takes a bit away from each idividual birthday. My sister and I have birthdays in the same month (exactly three weeks apart) and we’re still asked to share birthdays. I don’t mind as much, but I would like to have my day actually be MY day.

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We have a birthday weekend at our house as DD and DP share a birthday and DS2 is the next day. It does leave my DS1 out as his birthday is months later (same month as mine, but not close enough for a child to care).

It’s fun, but I wonder how the kids are going to feel when they get older. What do we do when the girl wants a girly birthday party and the boy doesn’t? I don’t really want to have two birthday parties in the same weekend. I guess with boys you won’t have that problem, but being a singleton, he might like having his own day as his brothers are older and will probably get first preference of what to do on their birthdays for a while - can you see 10 year olds wanting to do the same thing as a 6 year old or wanting the 6 year old and his friends at their birthday party?

[name]Don[/name]'t know if that makes sense, but I wouldn’t do it on the same day.

I’d advise against it. As previous posters have said, having your own day is important to kids, not to mention how hard party planning will be once they start getting older.

My birthday is the day before my brother’s (although he is four years older) and it was never a problem for us. My parents did joint parties when we were younger with our (very large) family, and we each invited a few friends. When we were older we had separate parties, and on our actual birthday, my parents always made us our favorite cake. I didn’t ever think anything of it. Now that we are adults, it is great to be able to all get together one time for two birthdays. And we still each get our own cake :slight_smile:

I’d definitely advise against it.
Birthday week sounds fun, but cramming special attention for three kids into one day will get trickier and trickier.
As [name]Athena[/name] said, birthdays are the one day when kids are allowed not to want to share, and have everything be for them alone!
Obviously being a twin, that is a shared thing and thats cool, but introduce another kid into the mix and things could just start to get

[name]Hope[/name] all goes well with the birth,


I have a brother who is three years younger than me, and our birthdays are three days apart. Honestly, I haven’t always liked this closeness of our birthdays, but it’s not the end of the world! :wink:

Without knowing your kids’ personalities, this is kind of a tricky question to answer. On one hand your boys might not mind at all if they’re like me. I don’t like all of the attention put on me at a birthday party and would be more than happy to have a sibling with a close birthday to “take the spotlight” for me. On the other hand, your boys might be the type to absolutely [name]LOVE[/name] all of the attention a birthday party brings. In that case, they probably wouldn’t like having to share the spotlight on their birthday.

Since it looks like your twins will have a close birthday with their brother either way, my suggestion would be to make sure their birthdays are at least two days apart. That way you’ll be able to accommodate both birthday party personality types. :slight_smile:

My sister’s birthday is a week after mine and honestly growing up as hard as my parents tried, I didn’t feel like I got all the attention around my birthday because my parents were planning for her party at the same time. Therefore in my opinion I don’t think having the birthdays only a few days apart would make that much of a difference. My oldest brother and youngest sister share a birthday and I know they love it (but they are 12 years apart). It might make the youngest feel more included to share the birthday with his brothers who, being twins, already share such a strong connection.

I think as far apart as you can would be the best idea, I know just sharing a birthday one day before my uncles was hard growing up because not all of the attention was on me, and we always had a joint family party (plus my cousin got married the day before my birthday so we had their anniversary stuff combined with my birthday for years too…he is 16 years older than me and got married when I turned 7)

My Niece and Nephew are almost a month apart to the day for their birthdays, when they were younger they got seperate family parties, but ever since [name]Jason[/name] turned 12 (hes turning 13 this year) we have a joint family party for the 2 of them, he is too old to want a theme or pinata or goody bags so we do what ever theme she (kiki is 8) wants with a special cupcake (we dont do cakes) decorated just for him.

My sister and I have the exact same birthday although we are four years apart. I dont really know what it like to not share a birthday with a sibling so I cant really compare but its mostly been pretty cool that we get to share such a special day. Although growing up we always had to do joint birthdays which wasnt so fun when I was 10/12 and she was only 6/8, kinda cramped my style haha! In fact we also have a brother in between in (two yrs younger than me) whos birthday is only three weeks before us and I remember one year having not only a double birthday party but a TRIPLE! I think my mum wanted to get the parties done all in one go but luckily that only happened once. But now its pretty cool because even though my sister and have the same birthday because we are four years apart we both had a turn in the spot light for example our last birthday it was my big 21st whereas she only turned 17 but next year she will have a big 18th but my 22nd will be pretty low key etc.
So sharing a birthday with a sibling isnt bad I actually like it but I’m thinking if the twins already share a birthday with each other, throwing in another childs birthday into the mix might be a bit too much…or they could think its really cool its hard to tell. Maybe one or two days before or after is your best bet because the birthdays will still be so close yet at least not all 3 kids sharing one day each year.

Thanks for all the responses. In the end, we didn’t have much of an option, so the boys all share a birthday. We’ll just do our best to make sure they all get their special moments. Everything I’ve heard from siblings that actually share a birthday has been pretty positive, so we’ll just hope for the best.

me and my older full sister share the same birthday ([name]April[/name] 28th) but are 2 years apart, 1987 -Her and 1989 - Me. she has 2 kids who share the same birthday (Nov 14th) but are 3 years apart. My niece was born 2007 and my nephew was born in 2010. My birth and my nephews were both natural births. I always hated it when i was younger because i never got my own party but now that we are both older I actually like it, because its something we share that’s so unique and special to us. People don’t believe us when we tell them that we have the same birthday only different years, and now that her kids have the same birthday I know its people aren’t going to believe it happened twice in our family. :slight_smile:

My boyfriend and his brother have the same birthday and are two years apart. They’ve always liked it. They could have sepparate parties with their friends and share the attention with their families. It would end up being celebrated the same day anyways by convenience. My cousin is 11 years younger than me and his birthday is 5 days before mine and we share a family party anyways.

Your birthday is YOUR day. It is the only day of the year all about you. [name]Imagine[/name] sharing that with not one, but two siblings.

My fiance shares a birthday with his sister when i asked him about it he said, " I’m fine with it" I think as long as you take care to celebrate as they are individuals it should be fine.