Short List--your thoughts?

We are expecting our 4th child, second girl in the spring. Our other children are [name]Rafferty[/name] ([name]Rafe[/name]), [name]Bramwell[/name] ([name]Bram[/name]) and [name]Imogen[/name].

Here are girls names we have thus far:

[name]Sabrina[/name] (this is DD’s pick and she is so excited to be getting a sister after 9 years and 2 brothers that we are thinking we might let her have the final say)

[name]Rosalind[/name] nn [name]Lindy[/name] (this is my current fave and is the one everyone else likes next best to their own choice, so may be the compromise choice for all)

[name]Minerva[/name] nn [name]Mina[/name] or [name]Minnie[/name]–boys like this one (to the extent they care, which isn’t much!) you guys alerted me this was probably due to the [name]Harry[/name] [name]Potter[/name] connection which hadn’t occurred to me; I am less keen on it for that reason

[name]Susannah[/name] nn [name]Sukey[/name] no one’s absolute favourite but we all like it; but I think it might not be distinctive enough to fit with the sibset.

[name]Lara[/name] (pronounced Lah-ra…DH is stubbornly clinging to this for some Dr. [name]Zhivago[/name] reason, I find it a bit boring and worry about pronunciation as I really hate the long a pronunciation LARE-a and know people will make that mistake)

Our last name sounds very similar to the composer Tchaikovsky.

Middle names are another story we will get to eventually! Other kids are [name]Rafferty[/name] [name]Beck[/name], [name]Bramwell[/name] [name]Heath[/name], [name]Imogen[/name] [name]Lake[/name]. Yes a nature theme, sort of (feel free to groan, the kids do). But we can leave that issue until the first name is picked!

Your input has really helped so far! Thanks!

My favorite is definitely [name]Rosalind[/name] and [name]Lindy[/name] is one of my all time favorite names. It goes perfectly with your other kids names (which I love by the way). I think [name]Sabrina[/name], [name]Susannah[/name] and [name]Lara[/name] are a little boring compared to the other names. I am not a fan of [name]Minerva[/name]. Sounds too evil to me. Good luck!

I think [name]Susannah[/name] and [name]Rosalind[/name] go perfectly with your other kids, and I love the nicknames of [name]Sukey[/name] and [name]Lindy[/name]. [name]Sabrina[/name] just feels too trendy, though it is a lovely name, and [name]Lara[/name] is boring to me too. Overall, my favorite is [name]Rosalind[/name]!

I love your kids’ names! :slight_smile:

[name]Sabrina[/name]: This feels pretty trendy to me, especially paired with [name]Imogen[/name].

[name]Rosalind[/name] nn [name]Lindy[/name]: I [name]LOVE[/name] this, and can definitely see it with your children’s names.

[name]Minerva[/name] nn [name]Mina[/name] or [name]Minnie[/name]: I like some of your other names better, but I do think that [name]Minerva[/name] fits well with your children’s names.

[name]Susannah[/name]: I love the name [name]Susannah[/name], but think that [name]Rosalind[/name] works better with your kids’ names.

[name]Lara[/name]: I like some of your others better. Does your husband like [name]Clara[/name]? I like [name]Clara[/name] better, but to me, [name]Rosalind[/name] is still a better fit with your kids’ amazing names. :slight_smile:

I’m voting for [name]Rosalind[/name], nn [name]Lindy[/name]! :slight_smile:

Good luck!

My favorite is [name]Rosalind[/name], but I think it would be nice to use another two syllable name, like [name]Bramwell[/name], since both [name]Rafferty[/name] and [name]Imogen[/name] already have three syllable names. Also, you have already used R for [name]Rafferty[/name]. Not sure if any of this matters…

I really think that [name]Deirdre[/name] would be cute with your other kids’ names! Also, [name]Nola[/name] and [name]Sorcha[/name] are pretty with [name]Rafe[/name], [name]Bram[/name], and [name]Imogen[/name]…

For a MN, I don’t know if you have one picked, but [name]Ash[/name], [name]Crane[/name], [name]Dawn[/name], [name]Dell[/name], [name]Fawn[/name], [name]Fern[/name], [name]Frost[/name], [name]Kipp[/name], [name]Lee[/name] ([name]Leigh[/name]), [name]Lorne[/name], [name]Lyle[/name], [name]Lynne[/name], [name]Mead[/name], [name]Merle[/name], [name]Mills[/name], [name]Nile[/name], [name]Oakes[/name], [name]Rose[/name], [name]Rue[/name], [name]Sage[/name], [name]Seal[/name], [name]Snow[/name], [name]Tyne[/name], and [name]Wren[/name] are all English names relating to nature, like [name]Beck[/name], [name]Heath[/name], and [name]Lake[/name].

I really like these:

[name]Rosalind[/name] [name]Sage[/name] “Tchaikovsky”
[name]Deirdre[/name] [name]Fern[/name] “Tchaikovsky”
[name]Nola[/name] [name]Wren[/name] “Tchaikovsky”
[name]Sorcha[/name] [name]Rue[/name] “Tchaikovsky”

[name]Do[/name] you like any? Good luck :slight_smile:

I like [name]Sabrina[/name] and [name]Rosalind[/name] the best.

My favourites from your list are [name]Sabrina[/name], [name]Rosalind[/name] and [name]Lara[/name]. I love the name [name]Sabrina[/name] (does [name]Sabrina[/name] [name]Dale[/name] appeal?) and how excited [name]Imogen[/name] is about it. [name]Rosalind[/name] is a classic, but I don’t really like [name]Lindy[/name] as a nn. [name]Lara[/name] I think works best with your surname.

Good luck!

I vote for [name]Sabrina[/name]!

My favorite combos:
Minverva [name]Sabrina[/name]
[name]Minerva[/name] [name]Savannah[/name]
[name]Minerva[/name] [name]Rose[/name]

Thanks everyone for your help. I think we are likely to go with [name]Rosalind[/name] as everyone likes it a lot.

Thanks for the middle name suggestions…I really like [name]Sage[/name] and [name]Frost[/name]. Our kids think the nature thing is a little lame (the boys keep suggesting names like Algae and Acorn) but I think we have to keep going with it now!

If we don’t choose [name]Sabrina[/name] for the first name, we have agreed to let our DD [name]Imogen[/name] pick the middle name. She has come up with [name]Rosalind[/name] [name]Lark[/name], which fits the nature theme, is close to her own middle name ([name]Lake[/name]) which makes her happy and also gives DH his [name]Lara[/name] sound (almost). I think this is an inspired choice on her part–what do you all think of it?

Thanks again for your help.
Thanks for the suggestions

[name]Rosalind[/name] [name]Lark[/name] is gorgeous!

I honestly think [name]Rosalind[/name] [name]Lark[/name] is a bit L heavy, but I understand your reasons for wanting to use it. I prefer [name]Rosalind[/name] [name]Sage[/name], personally…

So you are using the nickname [name]Lindy[/name] for [name]Rosalind[/name]?

I like [name]Rosalind[/name] [name]Lark[/name] - love the mixture of the sweet [name]Rosalind[/name] with the adventurous, joyous [name]Lark[/name].

I actually like [name]Sabrina[/name] and [name]Susannah[/name] best. [name]Rosalind[/name] is all right but since you’re focused on the sibset I’d say it’s another 3 syllable R-beginning name and would rule it out for that reason. I also feel [name]Lindy[/name] is a bit slight and old fashioned, a nickname not totally worthy of the full name. (This is definitely a trend I’m seeing on the nameberry boards, and don’t quite understand why you’d pick a distinctive strong name and then undercut it with a more ordinary nickname.)

I actually like DD’s choice [name]Sabrina[/name] best. [name]How[/name] about [name]Sabrina[/name] [name]Rain[/name]?

I do like most of your choices a lot. My favourite is [name]Susannah[/name], followed by [name]Rosalind[/name]. i just wanted to add that I agree with [name]Pam[/name] (above). Lots of people on this board have fantastic taste in names (in my opinion) and choose beautiful classic or unusual more exotic names for their children. I also don’t understand why they frequently add that they will be known by a nn when the full name is so much more beautiful! ( I can understand nns being used sometimes within the family but to actually not use the full name at all seems a real shame to me).
All the best with your baby no.4 :slight_smile: