Should I add this to my list?

This are some boy names that i have been liking lately and i would like to ask you if I should add them to my list
(you can say the reason Why I should keep it or not)


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[name_u]Spencer[/name_u] - Not my taste but you can keep it.
[name_u]Emerson[/name_u] - I love [name_f]Emer[/name_f] (g) but [name_u]Emerson[/name_u] (unrelated name) has never managed to sway me.
[name_m]Archibald[/name_m] - [name_m]Archibald[/name_m] is often neglected in favour of [name_u]Archer[/name_u] or [name_m]Archie[/name_m], I know the -bald suffix isn’t the most pleasant but I really like it. I think it should go in your list.
[name_u]Rome[/name_u] - I have never been keen on place names, with a few exceptions that is. [name_u]Rome[/name_u] is one of those. I would also like to suggest [name_m]Romeo[/name_m] and [name_m]Romero[/name_m].
[name_u]Sequoia[/name_u] - I really don’t like it. It reminds me of granola and sesame seeds for some reason.
[name_u]Blaise[/name_u] - I like that [name_u]Blaise[/name_u] is unisex yet cute. That’s a rare quality in unisex names, which, most of the time feels like boy/surname names on girls.
[name_u]Campbell[/name_u] - Too surname-y for me.
[name_m]Soren[/name_m] - Yes, it’s a beautiful name.
[name_m]Finnian[/name_m] - Ditto.

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[name_u]Spencer[/name_u] -pretty solid and charming
[name_u]Emerson[/name_u] -warm and cool
[name_m]Archibald[/name_m] -not a fave. The bald bit puts me off
[name_u]Rome[/name_u] -has a kind of modern, stylish feel
[name_u]Sequoia[/name_u] -I like it more as a middle, but I think that’s on me struggling to remember the pronunciation
[name_u]Blaise[/name_u] -very cool and fiery
[name_u]Campbell[/name_u] -sweet and charming
[name_m]Soren[/name_m] -earthy and interesting
[name_m]Finnian[/name_m] - fresh and cool

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All these names are lovely and if you like them you should add them to your list !!

Some of my favourites from these names are

But my style is very surname / occupational meets rugged outdoors

I do think [name_u]Sequoia[/name_u] stands out a bit from the other names listed here

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[name_u]Spencer[/name_u] - I like [name_u]Spencer[/name_u], but it feels a bit dated and plain. If you’re not completely in love, I’d lose it, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping it - still very handsome!
[name_u]Emerson[/name_u] - I have such a soft spot for [name_u]Emerson[/name_u], as it reminds me of my favorite movie!! I’d keep it, I think it’s sweet and gentle, and it definitely fits in nicely with current trends. I do personally prefer other “Em-” names more, but [name_u]Emerson[/name_u] is still lovely!
[name_m]Archibald[/name_m] - keep, because I’d absolutely love to meet a little Archibald!!! It’s definitely “old” feeling, and I know some people are put off by the ‘bald’, but I think it’s clunky in a cute way! nn [name_m]Archie[/name_m] is very in right now, too. I’d be super excited to meet an [name_m]Archie[/name_m] and find out his name is actually [name_m]Archibald[/name_m], rather than [name_u]Archer[/name_u] :sweat_smile: (also love [name_u]Archer[/name_u], just think [name_m]Archibald[/name_m] is far less expected!)
[name_u]Rome[/name_u] - keep! super cute and handsome, and I love how its both sweet and cool. I think it fits your style nicely, too!
[name_u]Sequoia[/name_u] - such a beautiful name, but only keep if you’re native american!!
[name_u]Blaise[/name_u] - I’d say keep. I think this is very handsome and edgy. I like this more than [name_u]Blake[/name_u]!
[name_u]Campbell[/name_u] - lose. I’m not a fan of the look or sound. also, it reminds me too much of soup :sweat_smile:
[name_m]Soren[/name_m] - such a gentle, lovely name. I’d keep if you love it!
[name_m]Finnian[/name_m] - love [name_u]Finn[/name_u], but I’m personally not a fan of [name_m]Finnian[/name_m]. If you love it, definitely keep it, but I’d personally lose it!

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[name_u]Spencer[/name_u] - I know a little baby boy named [name_u]Spencer[/name_u] and he completely sold me on the name. I couldn’t imagine him as anything else — and it’s familiar but somehow unexpected, at least where I’m at.

[name_u]Emerson[/name_u] — It’s alright. If you love it, keep it! I don’t feel any one way about it.

[name_m]Archibald[/name_m] - the [name_m]Bald[/name_m] suffix is, as others said, not the best. I would drop it.

[name_u]Rome[/name_u] - Sure! A lesser used place name, I like it.

[name_u]Sequoia[/name_u] - Ooh, so delightful on a boy :heart::heart: my favorite!

[name_u]Blaise[/name_u] - I dislike this in boys. I’m not sure why — he just feels a bit bland.

[name_u]Campbell[/name_u] - what a sweet surname name! It feels outdoorsy and gentle to me, which is my preference for boy names.

[name_m]Soren[/name_m] - Very cool!

[name_m]Finnian[/name_m] — It’s cute, and I think it fits your style well. I’d keep it.

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[name_u]Sequoia[/name_u] feels more feminine to me but I like all of the other names! [name_m]Archie[/name_m] is a cute nickname for [name_m]Archibald[/name_m]. I love [name_m]Finnian[/name_m] (or Finnan) and [name_m]Soren[/name_m], I also really like [name_u]Blaise[/name_u] and [name_u]Emerson[/name_u] as either girl or boy names, and I like [name_u]Spencer[/name_u] but maybe I’m partial as one of my uncles is a [name_u]Spencer[/name_u]! If you really like the names then add them to your list. As for [name_u]Rome[/name_u], I prefer [name_m]Roman[/name_m] or [name_m]Ronan[/name_m] and [name_u]Rowan[/name_u] sound very similar! But if you like the names that’s all that matters. As long as you don’t plan on naming your kid something wild like Fooseball Table then anything goes :woozy_face:

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Its so good to see some love towards sequoia! I really love this name


Nice list!

I would add any of these to your list.

For firsts, I love [name_u]Spencer[/name_u], [name_m]Soren[/name_m], [name_m]Archibald[/name_m], [name_u]Rome[/name_u], oh heck, I like them all!