Sib for Adelaide? Eamon or Caedmon? Danae or Kaiya? Opinions

(I posted this in a different category and then noticed that there was a message board dedicated to sibling names, so I thought I’d post it here too just in case some people are drawn to this board instead of the other one. I’m new to this site, so I apologize if reposting this is something I shouldn’t do.)


I’m due this week, we don’t know what we’re having and we are still waffling a bit on our top names choices. Our first daughter’s name is [name]Adelaide[/name] [name]Danielle[/name], which we had absolutely no doubts about (we had it picked even before I was pregnant), but we just don’t feel as confident about any of the names we are considering for this baby.

Although [name]Adelaide[/name] is a classic, traditional name, there aren’t any other similar names we like for boys or girls. We generally like names that are not common and not too weird, but that also have some substance in their meaning.

These are the names at the top of our list at the moment:

BOYS: [name]EAMON[/name] [name]JOSIAH[/name] (We love the meaning and sound, but in my mind many “E” boy’s
names seem weak, kind of woosy. We do like that it could be
shortened to “E.J.”)

[name]CAEDMON[/name] [name]JOSIAH[/name] (This is a new one we’re considering, but I’m afraid it might be
too unusual to go with [name]Adelaide[/name]. We prefer the “[name]Kade[/name]-mon”
pronunciation and like that it can be shortened to “[name]Cade[/name]” or
maybe “C.J.”, but I like “[name]Cade[/name]” better.)

Other BOYS names on our list:
[name]JOSIAH[/name] (as a first name, though this is climbing in popularity)
[name]ATTICUS[/name] (but starts out too similarly to [name]Adelaide[/name])
[name]AMON[/name] (sounds the same as [name]Eamon[/name], but is the Biblical spelling and has a different meaning)
([name]Gee[/name], there’s lots of “J” names, I just realized!)
Boys names are generally harder for us than girls names.

GIRLS: [name]DANAE[/name] [name]MEGAN[/name] or [name]DANAE[/name] [name]MICHELINE[/name] (My husband really likes this and I used to,
but I’m not keen on the possible nickname of “[name]Dani[/name]” for a girl. The middle
name [name]Megan[/name] is to honour a close friend, [name]Micheline[/name] is just one that my
husband thought went well with [name]Danae[/name].)

[name]KAIYA[/name] / [name]KAIA[/name] / [name]KAIJA[/name] [name]MEGAN[/name] [name]RENEE[/name] (We like the meanings and sound of this name, though sometimes I think it sounds almost too trendy and doesn’t go well with [name]Adelaide[/name]. If we go with it, we would want to choose the spelling that is likely to be pronounced and spelled correctly with the least difficulty, so we are leaning towards [name]Kaiya[/name]. [name]Megan[/name] and [name]Renee[/name] are middles names chosen to honour close friends and ones that we like and think go well with the first name.)

Other GIRLS names we’ve considered:

[name]ISLA[/name] (like the sound, but kind of lacks substance in meaning)
[name]AURORA[/name] (hubby just thinks of “[name]Aurora[/name] Borealis”)
[name]EMMELINE[/name] (like it sometimes, like the nn “[name]Emmy[/name]”, but the full name seems almost ultra-
feminine to me sometimes)
[name]VERITY[/name] (love it, but hubby hates it!)
[name]MADELEINE[/name] (used to love it, like it now, sounds almost too similar to [name]Adelaide[/name] though
and a bit overused in some places)
[name]ELISHA[/name] (hubby just thinks of [name]Elisha[/name] [name]Cuthbert[/name] or the Biblical male prophet, always
sounded like a girl’s name to me though, and we like the nn “[name]Ellie[/name]”)
[name]CADENCE[/name] (hubby thinks it’s a silly name, so it’s not really on the table at the moment)
[name]ARIA[/name] (I love it, hubby is kind of ambivalent on this one)
[name]GEORGIA[/name] (not sure about having two girls with place names, and this name, though pretty, seems too ultra-feminine to me and “[name]Georgia[/name] Peach” often comes to mind)

Any feedback/opinions on our top names or other names on our list would be great!


[name]Adelaide[/name] and [name]Caedmon[/name] [name]Josiah[/name], I really love that