Sib set I just heard in the park!

Here’s the set-up. Boys, around ages 3 and 1. The older is named [name]Roman[/name]. The father starts explaining that he’s [name]Frank[/name], wife is [name]Gail[/name], and so he got obsessed with a “European tribal” theme (so they’ve got the Franks, the Gaelic, the Romans). Youngest son is [name]Vandal[/name]. Yep. I swear, I just heard this conversation in the park today!

The things you hear in the park!

Haha, good stuff!

Next up: Visigoth!

Seriously, though, that’s pretty fun. [name]Vandal[/name] is problematic, but at least he could go by [name]Van[/name]…

Teabee, I immediately thought Visigoth, too! I’m sure there are dozens of other European “tribes,” but I’d have to Google them.