Sibling for Carys & Lucy

We are having a surprise in [name]June[/name] and are having the hardest time coming up with names! My eldest two daughters’ names are [name]Carys[/name] [name]Elizabeth[/name] and [name]Lucy[/name] [name]Annabel[/name]. Our last name starts with an M and has two syllables.

My (very) short list for girls is:

[name]Jocelyn[/name] (nn [name]Josie[/name])


Husband likes [name]William[/name] (I think it’s ok, but kind of bleh). Me? No idea. I don’t want trendy, but I do want something strong. I would prefer something that had a one syllable nickname. Dh’s name is [name]Sean[/name] and family names are [name]Jonathan[/name], [name]Clifford[/name] (not a fan), initials CJ, [name]Donald[/name], [name]Hugh[/name], [name]Calvin[/name], and [name]Michael[/name] (not a fan, mostly because it’s extremely overused in my family).

I would love to ideas!! Thank you!

I forgot to add that our last name ends with a “ya” sound so I don’t particularly like girls names (or I guess boy names) that end in -a. My experience is that cuts out so many girl names that I love! And dh won’t consider changing our last name to make this easier. :lol:

[name]Carys[/name] [name]Elizabeth[/name] and [name]Lucy[/name] [name]Annabel[/name] are a stunning pair! I think [name]Eloise[/name] or [name]Margot[/name] would be darling as their sister.
Some more names that do not end in “a”:
[name]Beatrix[/name] nn [name]Bea[/name]
[name]Edith[/name] nn [name]Edie[/name]
[name]Eleanor[/name] nn [name]Nell[/name], [name]Nora[/name], [name]Elle[/name],[name]Ellie[/name] etc.
[name]Evangeline[/name] nn [name]Evie[/name]
[name]Felicity[/name] nn [name]Flossie[/name], Flicka
[name]Frances[/name] nn [name]Franny[/name], [name]Frankie[/name]
[name]Genevieve[/name] nn [name]Evie[/name],[name]Viv[/name],[name]Neve[/name]
[name]Harriet[/name] nn [name]Hattie[/name]
[name]Josephine[/name] nn [name]Josie[/name], [name]Posey[/name], [name]Effie[/name], [name]Jo[/name] ( I prefer this to [name]Jocelyn[/name] which seems a bit dated and doesn’t fit stylistically with your girls names as well as [name]Margot[/name] and [name]Eloise[/name])
[name]Miriam[/name] nn [name]Mimi[/name]
[name]Penelope[/name] nn [name]Penny[/name], [name]Nell[/name], poppy
[name]Romilly[/name] nn [name]Romy[/name]

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