Hello all,
I need help thinking up potential names for a sibling (sex unknown) for my daughter, [name]Charlotte[/name] [name]Maisie[/name] (but she goes by [name]Charlie[/name] ALL THE TIME)
I feel like I would prefer something that has a good nn, maybe because names ALWAYS get shortened and being preparing by choosing a name with a GOOD nn beforehand doesn’t leave you with a short form you don’t like.
It needs to be original, as in: not common - I don’t want her to be one of five in her class, but not weird or outlandish.
Another problem I’m having is that my husband is nixing a lot of names that I like…
Basically it has to be a name that I simply [name]ADORE[/name]…and have found a lot that I like…or ones that I love but aren’t good candidates for one reason or another (ie: I love ([name]LOVE[/name]) [name]Holland[/name] for a girl but can’t call her [name]Holly[/name] for short and that’s sort of a gimme so that name is out). I’ve done a lot of name research so I don’t feel like there’s going to suddenly be a name that I come across that I have not yet considered but I guess that’s what I’m hoping for here!!
Some that I like but hubbies not really on-board are: cordelia nn cora, anabel nn annie, lila (love it but don’t love [name]Delila[/name] as a long form), [name]Linden[/name] (boy, nn??)…
Any suggestions???

With [name]Charlotte[/name]/[name]Charlie[/name], I really like [name]Annabel[/name] and [name]Cordelia[/name] from your list. I think [name]Lila[/name] is fine as a standalone name-- [name]Charlotte[/name] and [name]Lila[/name], lovely! What about:

[name]Beatrix[/name] ([name]Bea[/name], [name]Trixie[/name], [name]Betsy[/name], [name]Bett[/name])
[name]Sylvia[/name] ([name]Sylvie[/name])
[name]Eloise[/name] ([name]Ellie[/name], [name]Lola[/name])
[name]Isobel[/name] ([name]Izzie[/name], [name]Belle[/name])
[name]Isadora[/name] ([name]Izzie[/name], [name]Dora[/name])
[name]Camille[/name] ([name]Cami[/name], [name]Milly[/name])
[name]Miranda[/name] ([name]Mira[/name], [name]Andie[/name], [name]Randie[/name])
[name]Vivienne[/name] ([name]Vivi[/name])
[name]Clementine[/name] ([name]Clemmy[/name], Clemen, [name]Tina[/name], [name]Cleo[/name])
[name]Helena[/name] ([name]Lena[/name], [name]Nell[/name])
[name]Louisa[/name] ([name]Lou[/name], [name]Lulu[/name], [name]Lucy[/name])
[name]Eleanor[/name] ([name]Ellie[/name], [name]Nora[/name], [name]Lena[/name], [name]Nellie[/name])
[name]Juliet[/name] ([name]Jules[/name], [name]Ettie[/name])
[name]Penelope[/name] ([name]Penny[/name], [name]Poppy[/name], [name]Nell[/name], [name]Ellie[/name], [name]Lola[/name], [name]Pippa[/name])
[name]Aurelia[/name] ([name]Ari[/name], Relly, [name]Lia[/name])
[name]Estella[/name] ([name]Ellie[/name], [name]Stella[/name], [name]Esti[/name])
[name]Fiona[/name] (Fi, [name]Fia[/name])
[name]Genevieve[/name] ([name]Gen[/name], [name]Genna[/name], [name]Vivi[/name], [name]Evie[/name])

[name]Thomas[/name] ([name]Tom[/name], [name]Tommy[/name])
[name]Rowan[/name] ([name]Rowe[/name])
[name]James[/name] ([name]Jamie[/name])
[name]Sebastian[/name] ([name]Seb[/name], [name]Ash[/name])
[name]Caspar[/name] (Caz, [name]Cap[/name])
[name]William[/name] ([name]Will[/name], [name]Liam[/name])
[name]Frederick[/name] ([name]Fred[/name], [name]Freddie[/name], [name]Fritz[/name], [name]Frankie[/name])
[name]Nathaniel[/name] ([name]Nate[/name], [name]Nathan[/name])