Sibling for Waylon?

I’m looking for name ideas for a sibling that is due in a few months. (We won’t find out gender in advance)

We already have a son named [name]Waylon[/name], and we’re both partial to names that fit this bill:

Not gender neutral (must be gender specific)
Not something the kid would have to spell (no creative spellings)
Fairly rare (not in top 200) to match the uniqueness of [name]Waylon[/name]
But nothing ‘weird’ or esoteric ( i know this is subjective)

Last name starts with M

any ideas?


Hmmmm. Okay…



  • anon.

I need a little more to go on. Did you have girls names picked? other boys names?

I don’t really have any suggestions but I wanted to tell you that [name]Waylon[/name] is just a badass name! I’ve never heard it in real life but I [name]LOVE[/name] that you used. [name]Just[/name] fantastic!