Sibling names for Arto. Suggestions please :)


Posted this in baby names a few days ago but had no replies - then I realised I’d posted it in the wrong area! So anyway, our favourite boy name is [name]Arto[/name] and has been for 4 years. It is a Finnish form of [name]Arthur[/name] and is pretty much set in stone if we have a boy. My husband and I are not Finnish but Australian with strong English, plus [name]German[/name], Russian, Irish and Maltese background.

We are planning on starting a family next year - and are not certain which boy or girl names could go with [name]Arto[/name].

Not sure if my other favourites would go with [name]Arto[/name] - as seen in my signature. My husbands absolute favourite girls name is [name]Mimosa[/name] (pros and cons have been discussed on a previous board - the name has meaning to us and we didn’t know its a cocktail). [name]Will[/name] be using this at least for a middle name if we have a girl.

For some reason the other day I thought old English [name]Fae[/name] (my mum’s middle name is [name]Fay[/name]) would work well. It reminded me of the story of [name]King[/name] [name]Arthur[/name] and [name]Morgan[/name] the [name]Fay[/name] (fairy). Would [name]Fay[/name]/e work or is the plain spelling too plain next to [name]Arto[/name]?

Also liking [name]Felix[/name] at the moment - which would mean alliteration when placed with our last name. I like alliteration but it’s not a necessity.

All Suggestions [name]Welcome[/name]!! Thank you berries!

Have you considered naming your son [name]Arthur[/name] with the nn [name]Arto[/name]? I think it will be easier to find names that fit as a sibset. I could easily see [name]Arthur[/name] nn [name]Arto[/name] having siblings named [name]Rupert[/name], [name]Pearl[/name] and [name]Edith[/name]. [name]Arto[/name] on it’s own evokes a very different feeling for me…I could picture [name]Arto[/name] with [name]Dovie[/name] and [name]Luna[/name] off of your list. That being said, some people (myself included) don’t feel as strongly about their children’s names matching stylistically. Go with what you love and don’t look back.

Thanks kalebsmom. I had not considered using [name]Arthur[/name] as name and [name]Arto[/name] as the nickname. Could really set the naming style.
Also good to know some people aren’t too fussed about their childrens names being of the same style.

I have a friend named mimosa and she likes her name. I have always really liked the name fae/[name]Faye[/name] and have never understood why it’s been banished to the middle name spot. I think [name]Arto[/name] and [name]Fae[/name] sound great together. What about [name]Rio[/name] for a girl?

I really like [name]Arto[/name], particularly as a nn for [name]Arthur[/name]. [name]Fay[/name]/[name]Fae[/name] is eternally lovely. It’s a bit ‘out there’, but have you considered [name]Mab[/name]? [name]Mab[/name] and [name]Arto[/name] would be lovely together. I also love [name]Abra[/name]. [name]Abra[/name] and [name]Arto[/name]. Perfection!

More suggestions:


@merylp - Where have you been for the last year and a half?! I love that you have a friend named [name]Mimosa[/name] and she likes her name. Thank you for sharing! No one I’ve asked that lives in my city knows its a cocktail. And it is the name of one of the stars in the southern cross, as well as a flower that blooms here in Australia. [name]Rio[/name] would be a super interesting choice! I find I am just falling in love with [name]Fae[/name]. <3

@augusta_lee Thank you for your wonderful list! I am so excited to read it. Oh my goodness Mab is so cute. Especially with that meaning. Glad you love Abra too. I think it’s feminine but with gumption!

Here are my favourites from what you have suggested:

Leonie - my grandmas name <3
Seren - had not heard of - its great
Elodie - lovely
Isotta - had not heard - it’s lovely
Xanthe - adore
Phaedra - my current name obsession!!
Thisbe - too too adorable
Saffron n- my rabbits middle name. I love it.
Flora - absolutley adore it
Sable - so cute
Dasha - would suit my Russian heritage
Salome - love the menaing - peace
Edie - adorable
Aphra - strong and feminine in my opinion
Hannelore - love the medieval feel

So many interesting ones that I will have to look into/ keep for future reference. Thanks!!