Sibling names for Harvey?

I really love old-fashioned names like [name]Harvey[/name], but I’m having a hard time thinking of sibling names that will go well and be in similar style (old-fashioned and not very common).

It’s SO much easier for me to find girl names than boys! I also am considering [name]Leroy[/name], but not 100% sure about that one yet. What do you all think about [name]Leroy[/name]?

What other boy sibling names would you suggest? (Would be nice if it had an “r” in it like [name]Harvey[/name] & [name]Leroy[/name])

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


I think [name]Leroy[/name] sounds nice with [name]Harvey[/name].
Ideas for [name]Harvey[/name]'s brother-

[name]Harvey[/name] and [name]Baylor[/name]
[name]Harvey[/name] and [name]Truman[/name]
[name]Harvey[/name] and [name]Stewart[/name]

No “r” in the middle, but I like [name]Harvey[/name] and [name]Stanley[/name]. I also think [name]Stewart[/name] was a good suggestion.

I like [name]Leroy[/name] and [name]Stanley[/name] with the name [name]Harvey[/name]


Thanks to everyone for the suggestions!

I especially love [name]Raymond[/name]! So thanks to lis09 :slight_smile:

I also really liked mischa’s suggestion of [name]Chester[/name], until my friends brought up a man they knew who was called “[name]Chester[/name] the Molester” because he molested trees. So I’m thinking [name]Chester[/name]'s out lol

Thanks again for all the suggestions!

I have a [name]Henry[/name] (not [name]Harvey[/name]) and little brother will be [name]George[/name].