Sibling names for Iris


I have always loved the name [name]Iris[/name] for a girl, however I struggle when it comes to imagining what sibling names would go well with this name?

I would really appreciate any suggestions for boys and girls names. Thanks!

[name]Iris[/name] is lovely. It’s beautiful without being to froo froo. Kwim?
I don’t think you need to match siblings names together nor do I think they really have to “go” together. If you find other names you like later on, use 'em!

But I think many different styles of names can fit with [name]Iris[/name], most sound really nice with it. The only ones I would avoid are other “I” names and other flower names.

[name]Gloria[/name] -love these two together, they both sound old fashioned.

[name]Henry[/name] -These two together are my favorite. Again they sound old fashioned

[name]Iris[/name] was one of my top choices for a long time, so I’ve definitely spent a lot of time pondering this same issue! I have no boy options for you, but here area handful of girl choices that I feel flow perfectly with the style of [name]Iris[/name]:


Obviously I’m a fan of nature-inspired names! Hopes this was helpful!