Siblings fo Romola!?!

So, I [name]LOVE[/name] the name [name]Romola[/name], but I’m having some difficulty finding appropriate names for her sisters…
I paired her with [name]Twyla[/name], [name]Eulalie[/name] and [name]Lileas[/name] but then I realised [name]Romola[/name] sounded darker than the other names due to the o’s and not having an ee or ay sound (happy sounds as I like to call them)…

Could anyone please suggest some girls names to go with [name]Romola[/name] that won’t make her stand out but still have that whimsical quality I’m looking for? I’d be very grateful!!

([name]Feel[/name] free to suggest boys names as well, the ones I have listed are Hallam, [name]Inigo[/name], [name]Albion[/name] and [name]Justus[/name])

Ok, I’ll take a stab:) With [name]Romola[/name]…

Girls - they all have the ‘o’ in them:


Boys - ditto what I said about girls:


[name]How[/name]'s that? lol:)

  • [name]Charlie[/name]

I agree that [name]Romola[/name] somehow has a dark sound about it.
I think [name]Twyla[/name] works with it because they both sound like times of day ([name]Twyla[/name] like Twilight obviously and [name]Romola[/name] at least makes me think of night.)

So how about smething like this.

[name]Lilith[/name] (means ghost)
[name]Nisha[/name] -night
[name]Nyx[/name] -[name]Night[/name]
Purnima -night of the full moon

[name]Romola[/name] & [name]Deborah[/name]
[name]Romola[/name] & [name]Veronica[/name]
[name]Romola[/name] & [name]Malou[/name]

[name]Romola[/name] & [name]Rufus[/name]
[name]Romola[/name] & [name]Cruz[/name]
[name]Romola[/name] & [name]Matteo[/name]

Good luck