Signature limitations ?

Is there any way that managing of signatures can be altered? I am not talking about a character limit, but even removing the privilege of adding size altering bbcode to signatures. I find some users make their signatures so large and bulky that it makes it difficult to navigate threads, especially on the mobile site.
I still want to see the signatures, because they are essential to some posts, but some users signatures definitely end up taking away from the site experience.

Alternatively, would reporting an obnoxious signature be appropriate?

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] @kibby, I do understand what you mean. The character limit is intended to avoid huge and distracting signatures, but you’re right in saying that size of characters contributes too. I’m not sure how popular limiting text editing options would be as I know lots of users enjoy customising their signatures, but I will mention it for you. Perhaps the size options could be limited to 123 or something?