SIMON- What do you think of when you hear this name??

I’m curious about the connotations attached to the name [name]Simon[/name]. What would you assume about a boy/man named [name]Simon[/name]? Personality, hobbies, career, etc?
Thanks so much!

To me [name]Simon[/name] sounds like a very intelligent guy who is going to college one day. He eats enough vegetables and doesn’t like polyester. He’s strong and athletic to a degree, but he has a gentle side. Maybe he loves cats or maybe he loves to fly kites. I have loved the name [name]Simon[/name] for many, many years!

I immediatley think of [name]Simon[/name] Cowell (American Idol) and then 7th [name]Heaven[/name] :slight_smile:

English, charming, opinionated, upper-middle class, clever, playful. More a man of action than a dreamer. Mostly it just screams English. I rather like it. :slight_smile:

[name]Simon[/name] is a sexy, yet intelligent name for a boy.

I always think [name]Simon[/name] Says, but that’s not the worst connotation so if you love it, I say go for it.

Good luck!

I think of a complex, nerdy-type of person and not overly friendly either. I know, it’s negative…sorry, just being honest. People make a name though and [name]Simon[/name] inherently is a good name…I just have negative connotations obviously lol.

I love [name]Simon[/name]! I think of a smart, athletic, friendly boy or man who treats others well and is greatly respected.

Take care! :slight_smile:

[name]Simon[/name] Cowel, haha not a bad thing though. But then i think of the little blue chipmunk

I like the name, but I do agree with the posters who have expressd that it has a sort of “nerdy” connotation (not that this is necessarily a bad thing).
I’m surprised that some reactions have included “athletic;” for me that is definitely NOT what comes to mind.
I don’t think unfriendly, either, though.
I think of someone who is very sweet and caring, bookish and intelligent, perhaps a bit on the serious side but easy to be around, and maybe a tad forgetful or clumsy. He wears glasses, a tweed blazer, and argyle socks no matter where he is going, but he’s handsome.

Really sorry but it makes me think of a nerdy person - possibly because i’ve known a few with this name! I think of it in the same category as [name]John[/name] - nothing offensive but not enough sparkle to it. Having said that i really do think you relate names to people you know with that name so it you love it, use it! :slight_smile:

[name]Simon[/name] is a classy classic. It conjures visions up a suave, articulate, educated, handsome man, for a boy it is fresh, breezy and handsome.

A beautiful name.

Yes to what others have said. It was on our short list last time, but we decided it was becoming too popular.

i think of my brother (same name), but besides that i think of salmon/fish
don’t get me wrong it’s a good name though, my gr grandpas one to :slight_smile:

I’ve known a couple [name]Simon[/name]'s, and their are several in literature that have influenced me as well. For the most part I see a [name]Simon[/name] as a boy who is very polite, intelligent, classically good-looking, but slightly withdrawn.

I think of [name]Simon[/name] [name]Peter[/name] (the Apostle) which is a great association.

I see a [name]Simon[/name] as smart, relatively quiet and the owner of a sharp wit. Def. among my favorite names for boys!

Presonally, I don’t like it - never have.

These days, rightly or wrongly, good or bad, i do think [name]Simon[/name] Cowell - maybe thats why some assosciate [name]Simon[/name] with the English. I am English and ddon’t consider it particularly English.

I think with a wave of more modern names about, [name]Simon[/name] could be a good, almost avant garde choice nowadays, albeit, i don’t like it, but then names are very subjective - you go for what you like! x

I agree with Teabee that “English” is the overwhelming association. I picture a prep school kid; intelligent, worldly and cultured, but also a bit aloof, and not the most down-to-[name]Earth[/name] or friendly kid on the block. Hobbies and career? I imagine a boy who likes books, and maybe he ends up as a professor. I don’t really see him as “nerdy” as some have suggested, just a bit curt and somewhat more interested in ideas than people.