I am considering the name [name]Siri[/name] for a girl but has the iphone ruined this name??? I dont want it to be a teasing factor for her in elementary school nor do i want people to think that’s where we got it from.

I’m scared of that, too! I like the name [name]Siri[/name]. I think we should all see how this iPhone thing plays out. If it (the app, not the name) gets very popular, then I wouldn’t use it, because people will associate it with iPhones.

We know a [name]Siri[/name] who is almost 18 months old. I haven’t ever made the connection to the iphone business. I think it’s a gorgeous name. Unfortunately, especially with girls names, all of the interesting, beautiful ones get used for furniture, bedding collections, clothing lines, etc. People may have an immediate association with the iphone, but I promise, it’ll be short-lived. Take it from me… we named our second daughter a name we had been coveting for years but were afraid to use with our first. The problem… combined with our last name she has the exact same name as a very iconic movie character. We confidently decided to use it, and of course, we received a barrage of comments, jokes, references right when she was born, but it really died down after that. More than anything, we get daily compliments now. I’ve never regretted our decision. If you’re really in love with it - own it and do it!!

I believe this is a troll, the same person as Kalin123. This user, Evelyn0, pm’d me and signed the message [name]Kalin[/name]. She/he is stealing peoples posts and reposting them as her own. [name]Just[/name] ignore it!