sister for Silas

We made a list, narrowed it down, added more, and re-edited over and over! I still don’t know that I’ve heard the name that we should use. :frowning: So, I’m starting from a different angle.

Before we knew gender, we chose [name]Silas[/name] for a boy. IF we ever have a boy, that will be his name (I hope it doesn’t rocket to a top 10 before we do!). I lovelovelove it! It’s easy to pronounce and not common in our area. It’s a biblical name, a saint name, been around forever but sounds new, from the show Weeds (<3 where I first heard it), and has a great meaning (man of the forest). I also love that when I say it to people, they pause and reflect (it’s not normally a trait people look for, but it makes me smile).

I’ve decided to work backwards on the sib set. If you were choosing a name for Silas’s sister, what would you suggest?!

[name]Silas[/name] is great!


I know a [name]Silas[/name] and his sister is [name]Isla[/name]. Personnally I think it’s too much, but you might be into it…

I love [name]Naomi[/name] with [name]Silas[/name], because [name]Naomi[/name] flows off the tounge, it’s Biblical, has a nice meaning and isn’t used often at all!

[name]How[/name] about [name]Georgia[/name] - since [name]George[/name] [name]Elliott[/name] wrote [name]Silas[/name] Marner

Biblical/[name]Saint[/name] girls names that are not too common, but accessible and go with [name]Silas[/name] (like the [name]Naomi[/name] suggestion!)


Good luck!

[name]Silas[/name] is a wonderful name from the Bible. It’s a strong, masculine, friendly and approachable name with a kind of devilish flair thrown in. I love it! I think it goes best when it’s paired with another vintage, antique, Biblical or [name]Saint[/name] name. Here are some suggestions for his future sister.
[name]Harriet[/name] nn [name]Hattie[/name]