Sister for Taimi

Hello I’m new! I’m expecting my second baby girl in [name]December[/name]. I would love some outside input on our name list. Our first daughters name is Taimi [name]Sonja[/name].

Here’s the list:

Thanks, [name]Sonja[/name]

These names look Finnish to me. Is that your nationality? From your list, I think that you should go with names ending in “a” : [name]Mika[/name], [name]Marja[/name], [name]Elina[/name] or Neida. I would avoid another name that begins with “t” or ends with another “i” as they would be too similar to Taimi. It would be nice to have an “opposite” name like [name]Mika[/name] [name]Suvi[/name]. Good luck!

Yes, we are from Finland but we live in the UK. I’ve been here since was small child and DH came over for university and stayed. You have a good point about the T names but I don’t mind 2 with i endings. I love [name]Mika[/name] [name]Suvi[/name] as a combination though! Maybe you could all tell me how you would pronounce the names just to give me some idea of how many people would get it right? Imi’s name is a nightmare on pronounciation… we just didn’t really consider it a problem then. [name]Sonja[/name]

I would pronounce [name]Mika[/name] [name]Suvi[/name] as “mee-kah soo-vee”. Is that right? Neida Sini, [name]Elina[/name] [name]Kaija[/name] and [name]Marja[/name] Tuuli are other combos that popped into my head!

Oh wow, I really love some of your choices! My favourites are (I’ve included how I would pronounce them to help you get an idea if people will get them right, I also live in the UK by the way!):

[name]Marja[/name] - [name]Mar[/name]-ya
[name]Suvi[/name] - Soo-vee
Tuula - Too-la (I already have this on my list spelt [name]Tula[/name]!)
[name]Elina[/name] - [name]El[/name]-ee-na (I really love this name and nn’s [name]Elle[/name] and [name]Lina[/name])

Here’s some combination ideas for my favourite names from your list:

[name]Marja[/name] [name]Suvi[/name]
[name]Suvi[/name] [name]Elina[/name]
Tuula [name]Kaija[/name] (does [name]Kaija[/name] have two or 3 syllables? I think a 3 syllable middle would be nice here but I’m not sure I’m saying it right!)
Tuula [name]Elina[/name]
[name]Elina[/name] [name]Suvi[/name]
[name]Elina[/name] Tuuli

My favourite is [name]Elina[/name] [name]Suvi[/name] followed by Tuula [name]Kaija[/name] if I’m saying it right! And then [name]Marja[/name] [name]Suvi[/name] would be third fav :slight_smile:

Best of luck!

Thankyou! Here’s the pronounciations:
[name]Mika[/name] - MEE-kah means “who is like god”
[name]Kaija[/name] - [name]KY[/name]-ya means “pure”
[name]Marja[/name] - [name]MAR[/name]-yah means “a berry”
Sini - SEE-nee means “blue”
[name]Suvi[/name] - SOO-vee means “summer”
Tuula - TOO-lah means “wind”(form of Tuuli)
Tuuli - TOO-lee means “wind”
[name]Elina[/name] - eh-[name]LEE[/name]-nah means “bright light”
Neida - NEE-dah means “grace”
Tuija - TOO-ee-ah means “tree of life”

Any you wouldn’t get from the spelling?

My daughters name Taimi ([name]TAH[/name]-ee-mee means “young tree”) [name]Sonja[/name] ([name]SON[/name]-(e)yah means “wisdom”) - we call her Imi (EE-mee).

I love these combinations from the suggestions:
[name]Mika[/name] [name]Suvi[/name] Silven
[name]Marja[/name] [name]Suvi[/name] Silven
[name]Elina[/name] Tuuli Silven
[name]Suvi[/name] [name]Elina[/name] Silven
[name]Marja[/name] Tuuli Silven

Any other combinations you think sound good with our surname? Thanks [name]Sonja[/name]

Oh I like these names and the somewhat surprising pronunciations. When I saw your name meanings, Tuula [name]Suvi[/name] (summer wind backwards) came to me. [name]Do[/name] you like it?

Oh wow, now I know meanings it makes me love certain names like [name]Suvi[/name] even more!

Neida gave me the biggest pronounciation problem and I got [name]Kaija[/name] and Sini wrong first time also but now you’ve written them out they all seem so obvious! Lol. I don’t think any of them would take more than one correction for people to get it right so I wouldn’t make it a deciding factor necessarily if you love a certain name.

Taking the meanings into account I now really like the following combos:

[name]Suvi[/name] Tuula - summer wind (or summer breeze maybe?)
[name]Kaija[/name] [name]Elina[/name] - pure bright light
Tuija [name]Suvi[/name] - tree of life summer
[name]Elina[/name] [name]Suvi[/name] - bright light summer

[name]Love[/name] all these! [name]Hope[/name] you get some more feedback off other posters :slight_smile:

Thanks! I think we should try to decide a first name… So, which sibset do you like the best:
Taimi and [name]Mika[/name] Silven (tah-ee-mee and mee-kah)
Taimi and [name]Marja[/name] Silven (tah-ee-mee and mar-yah)
Taimi and Sini Silven (tah-ee-mee and see-nee)
Taimi and [name]Suvi[/name] Silven (tah-ee-mee and soo-vee)
Taimi and Tuula Silven (tah-ee-mee and too-lah)
Taimi and Tuuli Silven (tah-ee-mee and too-lee)
Taimi and [name]Elina[/name] Silven (tah-ee-mee and eh-lee-nah)
Taimi and Tuija Silven (tah-ee-mee and too-ee-ah)

What do you think?

I like/love these:

[name]Mika[/name] (MEE-kah)

My two favorites are [name]Kaija[/name] and [name]Mika[/name]! My least favorite is Neida.

[name]Hi[/name] [name]Sonja[/name], here are my favourite sister combos in order of preference. I love [name]Suvi[/name] (both name and meaning) but I think it would work better as a middle name. [name]Suvi[/name] Silven seems to have too many “s” and “v” sounds. Best wishes to you!

1 Taimi and [name]Mika[/name] Silven
2 Taimi and [name]Marja[/name] Silven
3 Taimi and Tuula Silven
4 Taimi and [name]Elina[/name] Silven

I think am between:
[name]Marja[/name] (berry) - just love this one but can’t decide on a middle: [name]Marja[/name] Tuuli? [name]Marja[/name] [name]Emmi[/name]? [name]Marja[/name] [name]Suvi[/name]? [name]Marja[/name] Sini (means blue berry!)?
[name]Elina[/name] (bright light) - love Imi and [name]Lina[/name]! [name]Elina[/name] Tuuli? [name]Elina[/name] [name]Suvi[/name]? [name]Elina[/name] Sini?
[name]Suvi[/name] (summer) - [name]Do[/name] you think [name]Suvi[/name] Silven is unusable? I love [name]Suvi[/name] [name]Elina[/name] meaning bright summer light…
Tuija (tree of life) - but would be another pronunciation nightmare and another T name. [name]Do[/name] tah-ee-mee and too-ee-ah sound too similar? Imi (ee-mee) and Tui (too-ee)? I really like the combination of Tuija [name]Emmi[/name].

What do you think? [name]Sonja[/name] x

I think [name]Marja[/name] and [name]Elina[/name] would be the best choices if you’re worried about pronunciation issues in the UK. [name]Suvi[/name] would be a great middle name as I think it is a bit of a tongue twister with your surname Silven. [name]Marja[/name] [name]Suvi[/name] and [name]Elina[/name] Tuuli are lovely combinations. Have you ruled out [name]Mika[/name]?

Thanks mischa, yes [name]Mika[/name]'s gone as a first name option. Is more often heard as a diminuitive of the boys name [name]Mikael[/name] - my family pulled faces when i suggested it so that seemed as good a reason as any to narrow the list! I just love the names [name]Marja[/name] and Tuija. I think [name]Marja[/name]'s winning slightly at the moment… I don’t really like the sound of [name]Suvi[/name] in the middle - I prefer it as a first name… I’ll have to think of more middle name ideas which sound ok with it. Maybe a bit of a hard question but any suggestions? (They have to be finnish names to be in with a chance of a yes from DH).

Thanks, [name]Sonja[/name]

Some Finnish names I know are: [name]Ailana[/name], [name]Jaana[/name], [name]Liisa[/name], [name]Lilja[/name], [name]Mirja[/name], Esteri (love this one), Kyllikki, [name]Kirsikka[/name], Inkeri, [name]Noora[/name], Pilvi, [name]Saara[/name], Senja, Vanamo, [name]Veera[/name] and Virva.

oo I like Esteri… love the meaning! But it does sound a bit like estuary with the accent! - do you think thats a problem?!
What do you think of these:
Aamu (ah-moo) means morning
[name]Kirsi[/name] (kear-see) means frost
Lumi (loo-mee) means snow
[name]Meri[/name] (meh-ree) means the sea
Paivi (pie-vee) means day
[name]Toivo[/name] (toy-voh) means hope
[name]Viivi[/name] (vee-vee) form of viviana so means alive?

Thanks [name]Sonja[/name]

Esteri is beautiful and I don’t think many people would associate it with estuary (I haven’t heard that term in years). Here are my honest opinions of the new names on your list.
Aamu (ah-moo) means morning - I like the name and meaning but in the UK there may be teasing with a cow. Kids can be cruel.
[name]Kirsi[/name] (kear-see) means frost - My fav. Reminds me of the Scottish name [name]Kirstie[/name]. I don’t think people in the UK would not have any pronunciation problems with this name or even though it has an “i” ending like Taimi, it’s different enough in sound.
Lumi (loo-mee) means snow - I like this name but the British may hear “gloomy”
[name]Meri[/name] (meh-ree) means the sea. - Short, simple and sweet. This could work.
Paivi (pie-vee) means day. Like this name but has an “ai” similarity with Taimi
[name]Toivo[/name] (toy-voh) means hope. This is interesting. [name]Toivo[/name] Silven has a nice ring to it! Taimi and [name]Toivo[/name] - nice!
[name]Viivi[/name] (vee-vee) form of viviana so means alive? - This seems like a nickname to me. Not too crazy about this one.

My favs are: [name]Kirsi[/name], [name]Toivo[/name] and [name]Meri[/name]. Still have a soft spot for Esteri though.

For a first name, as much as I love [name]Suvi[/name] I do think it’s way too much of a mouthfull with the last name Silven, and again, as much as I love Tuija I do think it’s too similar to Taimi. [name]Both[/name] are 3 syllables and begin with T and have that strong “ee” sound in the middle.

Therefore for me the top contenders would be [name]Marja[/name] and [name]Elina[/name]…and I also agree that these would be the most easily pronounced in the UK so that’s an added bonus.

My favourite middle name with [name]Marja[/name] would have 3 syllables, to break up the two syllable first and last name, so how about:

[name]Marja[/name] Tuija
[name]Marja[/name] Esteri*
[name]Marja[/name] Inkeri
[name]Marja[/name] Heleena*
[name]Marja[/name] Kielo
[name]Marja[/name] [name]Orvokki[/name]
[name]Marja[/name] Taika
[name]Marja[/name] Tuulikki*

I starred my favourites.

I also love Imi and [name]Lina[/name]!! [name]Lina[/name]'s one of my favourite nn’s :slight_smile: So a middle name for [name]Elina[/name]…I really love [name]Elina[/name] Tuuli and [name]Elina[/name] [name]Suvi[/name]. Also how about:

[name]Elina[/name] [name]Kirsi[/name]
[name]Elina[/name] [name]Meri[/name]*
[name]Elina[/name] [name]Toivo[/name]
[name]Elina[/name] [name]Viivi[/name]
[name]Elina[/name] Taru
[name]Elina[/name] Sylvi* (both girls could share S middle names then too :))
[name]Elina[/name] [name]Sohvi[/name]*
[name]Elina[/name] Sisko (according to behindthename this means sister which I thought was sweet)
[name]Elina[/name] Siiri
[name]Elina[/name] [name]Sari[/name]*
[name]Elina[/name] Raakel*
[name]Elina[/name] Pilvi
[name]Elina[/name] Maarit*
[name]Elina[/name] Eevi
[name]Elina[/name] [name]Hannele[/name]*
[name]Elina[/name] [name]Kati[/name]*

Again, I starred my favourites.

Having looked through some Finish names on behindthename I also found some other potential first names I really liked that I thought I’d suggest incase you hadn’t considered (please forgive me if these aren’t really Finnish, I’m trusting the website! lol):


[name]Hope[/name] some of these might help! Good luck :slight_smile: If you like any I can try to make combos with them.

Your daughter’s name is very pretty and you have lots of great choices! My favorites from some that you have listed are Lumi, [name]Marja[/name], [name]Viivi[/name], Tuuli and I aslo like Esteri which mischa suggested.
Have you thought about Kielo which means “[name]Lily[/name] of the valley”? I think its very beautiful and would go nicely with Taimi.

Here are few other suggestions:
Pilvi (Means “A cloud”)
Vuokko ("[name]Anemone[/name] flower")
Ilta ("[name]Evening[/name]")
Virva ("[name]Will[/name] o’ the Wisp")
[name]Ilma[/name] ("[name]Air[/name]")
[name]Kirsikka[/name] ("[name]Cherry[/name]")

I think my favorite with Taimi [name]Sonja[/name] is Kielo Esteri, [name]Marja[/name] Pilvi, Lumi Vuokko and Pilvi [name]Kirsikka[/name].

[name]Hope[/name] I helped a bit!

I love Kielo and Vieno! - will them to the list!

Here’s the list as it stands:
[name]Marja[/name] (mar-yah)
[name]Elina[/name] (eh-lee-nah)
Tuuli (too-lee)
[name]Toivo[/name] (toy-voh)
[name]Kirsi[/name] (kear-see)
[name]Meri[/name] (meh-ree)
Lumi (loo-mee)
[name]Viivi[/name] (vee-vee)
Kielo (key-eh-lo)
Vieno (vee-eh-no)

I think Kielo and [name]Marja[/name] are my favourites! Which way around you think they sound best: Kielo [name]Marja[/name] Silven or [name]Marja[/name] Kielo Silven?

Thanks [name]Sonja[/name]