Six Family NTB- Gen 6- Round 8- Polls with an Extra Inquiry ~CLOSED~

Vote for the name from each family that you would like to see move on!

Family One

LN: Oakley [moonwriteen]
DW: Alice Delfina “Apple” (Long) [VEL]
DH: Cillian Donnacha [moonwriteen]
DS: Aristotle Ronan Mattia [breezebri]
DS: Voltaire Darragh Lorenzo [Elevendy_Seven]
DS: Socrates Oisin Giovanni [lifesaboutmusic]
DD: Hypatia Sadhbh Caterina [breezebri]
DS/DD: Cicero Declan Pasquale/ Sappho Delaney Elettra [Abby.Ray]
DS: Plato Ciaran Giuseppe [@BeccaRhubarb]

Cillian and Apple Oakley; Aristotle, Voltaire, Socrates, Hypatia, Cicero, Sappho and Plato

  • Aristotle Ronan Mattia
  • Voltaire Darragh Lorenzo
  • Socrates Oisin Giovanni
  • Hypatia Sadhbh Caterina
  • Cicero Declan Pasquale
  • Sappho Delaney Elettra
  • Plato Ciaran Giuseppe
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Family Two

LN: Armani [gabhart]
DH: Solomon Iago “Sol” [Emmilux12]
DW: Isabella Undine (Brady) [VEL]
DS: Cato Elijah [SuzieKim]
DD: Clove Ophelia [fivebutterflies]
DS: Finnick Yosef [Elevendy_Seven]
DD: Effie Angelia [Abby.Ray]
DD/DD: Alma Indigo/ Primrose Umber [Elevendy_Seven]
DS: Gale Arthur [@Gingilocks101]

Sol and Isabella Armani; Cato, Clove, Finnick, Effie, Alma, Primrose and Gale

  • Cato Elijah
  • Clove Ophelia
  • Finnick Yosef
  • Effie Angelia
  • Alma Indigo
  • Primrose Umber
  • Gale Arthur
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Family Three

LN: Culver [lifesaboutmusic]
DW: Livia Irmak (Evans) [Elevendy_Seven & breezebri]
DH: Zinc Matthew [lifesaboutmusic]
DD: Phillippa Ines “Pip” [Elevendy_Seven]
DS: Sylvester Barnaby “Sly” [breezebri]
DS: Frederick Stuart “Red” [breezebri]
DD: Josephine Alba “Jo” [PrincessShannon]
DS/DD/DS/DD: Kristopher Byron “Kit”/ Bridgette Geraldine “Bea”/ Cornelius Alfred “Lee”/ Adrienne Hillary “Ada” [BeccaRhubarb]
DD: Theodosia Myrtle “Dot” [@Elevendy_Seven]

Zinc and Livia Culver; Pip, Sly, Red, Jo, Kit, Bea, Lee, Ada and Dot

  • Phillippa Ines “Pip”
  • Sylvester Barnaby “Sly”
  • Frederick Stuart “Red”
  • Josephine Alba “Jo”
  • Kristopher Byron “Kit”
  • Bridgette Geraldine “Bea”
  • Cornelius Alfred “Lee”
  • Adrienne Hillary “Ada”
  • Theodosia Myrtle “Dot”
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Family Four

LN: Williams-Jones [BeccaRhubarb]
DW: Sonata Jasmine (Jones) [SuzieKim & BeccaRhubarb]
DP: Aurora Luna “Rory” (Williams) [BeccaRhubarb]
DAD: Stanza Estella [BeccaRhubarb]
DAD: Poet Oceana [Grandidieramy]
DAS: Limerick Lucian [moonwriteen & PrincessShannon]
DAD: Novella Venus [Emmilux12]
DAS/DAD: Haiku Adam/ Fable Nadia [moonwriteen]
DAS: Ballad Kendrick [@lifesaboutmusic]

Sonata and Rory Williams-Jones; Stanza, Poet, Limerick, Novella, Haiku, Fable and Ballad

  • Stanza Estella
  • Poet Oceana
  • Limerick Lucian
  • Novella Venus
  • Haiku Adam
  • Fable Nadia
  • Ballad Kendrick
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Family Five

LN: Earnest [PrincessShannon]
DH: Otto Leander [Abby.Ray]
DW: Lottie Azure (Goodhue) [PrincessShannon]
DS/DS: Carnelian Jago “Neil”/ Alabaster Leon “Albie” [EdgeOfTheMeadow]
DD: Citrine Marybeth “Cece” [moonwriteen]
DS: Malachite Henrik “Mal” [EdgeOfTheMeadow]
DD: Peridot Victoire “Perrie” [moonwriteen]
DS/DS: Cobalt Hamish “Coby”/ Obisidian José “Sid” [Gingilocks101]
DD: Garnet Elisabeth “Nettie” [@Grandidieramy]

Otto and Lottie Earnest; Neil, Albie, Cece, Mal, Perrie, Coby, Sid and Nettie

  • Carnelian Jago “Neil”
  • Alabaster Leon “Albie”
  • Citrine Marybeth “Cece”
  • Malachite Henrik “Mal”
  • Peridot Victoire “Perrie”
  • Colbalt Hamish “Coby”
  • Obisidian José “Sid”
  • Garnet Elisabeth “Nettie”
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Family Six

LN: Folk [missniwalyra]
DW: Ada-Marie Lovisa Haneul (Byqvist) [EdgeOfTheMeadow & VEL]
DH: Tremaine Gardiner [missniwalyra]
DD: McKay Noelle Reverie [lifesaboutmusic]
DS: Ogdan Chandler Prosperity [lifesaboutmusic]
DS: Lyndan Oliver Gallant [Abby.Ray]
DD: McLaren Annabelle Affinity [lifesaboutmusic]
DS/DD/DS: Zidan Jagger Sincere/ McKellar Janelle Blessing/ Badan Jasper Courage [lifesaboutmusic]
DD: McLaughlin Amelia Quintessence [@missniwalyra]

Tremaine and Ada-Marie Folk; McKay, Ogdan, Lyndan, McLaren, Zidan, McKellar, Badan and McLaughlin

  • McKay Noelle Reverie
  • Ogdan Chandler Prosperity
  • Lyndan Oliver Gallant
  • McLaren Annabelle Affinity
  • Zidan Jagger Sincere
  • McKellar Janelle Blessing
  • Badan Jasper Courage
  • McLaughlin Amelia Quintessence
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Bonus Poll

I was wondering how you all would like me to proceed…

I will be having a minor surgery at the beginning of February and will need to take (at least) a couple days off for recovery. I don’t want to leave y’all hanging in the middle of Generation 9, so… We can continue on the way we have been for two more generations (the six-family layout and all that). Or we could switch over to the one family large generation layout that I was doing before taking my extended break this fall… With a little over two weeks, we should be able to finish up the grandchildren before I would take my break.

If we do end up switching over, the name that will be used as the “founder” will be the one with the highest percentage of votes out of the winners. If there is a tie I will use a dice to determine which should move on.

If we don’t end up switching, obviously, things will continue as they have been!

Which would you prefer?

  • Continue with the Six-Family Layout
  • Switch to the Large Generation Layout
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I would love to see another switch to the large family layout. The only thing that I can say to [name_m]Lyndan[/name_m] is that, make your parents, and also [name_f]Maren[/name_f] & [name_u]Finn[/name_u] proud!

And for you, @GoldenNebula88, good luck with the surgery! You deserve a good rest before feeling ready! :orange_heart:

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@missniwalyra Thank you! Hopefully it will be just a couple of days and then I will be back. It is in the abdominal area so… Probably not going to feel like sitting up at the computer for a little bit, lol.

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