Sleep for 1st born before #2 comes

My 1st born is 17 mo struggling on sleeping through the night and today opted for a 30 min nap. Are you kidding? We are expecting in [name_f]May[/name_f] and its important to me we get him to sleep through the night before baby 2 arrives. Some nights are wonderful 11 hrs (this has happened a total of 10 times) some bouts are 4 hours to 8. Please any help is great. I have tried cry out method and have decided 2 hrs is way too long to listen to my child cry.I have a full time job and really need the rest to teach. So with all that in mind any ideas.thank you

I thoroughly recommend the No Cry Sleep Solution book (by [name_f]Elizabeth[/name_f] Pantley). I didn’t use her methods exactly as she describes them, but took what I wanted from it, tried a few new ideas and things worked out. A “slower” process I guess but to me it felt more gentle. I would have used it around the same age as your LO is now, or perhaps slightly younger. Best of luck - it is so hard trying to get by on broken sleep.

You’be probably done all this but my advice would be:
Get 'em up early enough every day to maintain a consistent schedule. Be diligent with meal times - try to time things so kids go to bed fed but not JUST fed (which means not too late with breakfasts or lunches, and no snacks before dinner) and try to keep naps consistent whenever possible. My first daughter needed exactly 90 minutes to nap in early afternoons or she was an absolute mess. My second is less predictable but I try to put her down around the same time every day and not let her nap too long (early afternoon works best for us).
Try to avoid too much stimulation before bedtime (tv/loud noise/bright lights) and having a routine (warm bath, cuddle & story, brush teeth) helps a lot.
Try to physically exhaust them at some point during the day too (I like to run 'em hard in the morning and go for a nice slow walk after dinner) to help them sleep deep.

If you don’t have a white noise machine, you should try one. My girls sleep way better with some ocean wave background noise.

Good luck! Hopefully you can get your sleep schedule on track soon.