Slow Rising HCG? Any experience?

I’ll be editing this original thread periodically to put any/all updates— that way if anyone is experiencing something similar they don’t have to scroll through comments to see the outcomes

Hi everyone!
(this is my first thread post so if it needs to go somewhere else feel free to move it/delete it/etc.)

I’m having some anxiety as this is my first pregnancy and just wanted to hear others’ experiences/opinions/etc.

So timeline:

Got my BFP on January 2 after a week of shadowy/very faint lines. Was able to get right in to my OB the next day for confirmation— their urine test was negative but blood work came back and confirmed that I’m pregnant!

HCG numbers on the first draw were 44. Which I knew I was very early on (hadn’t even had a missed period yet), going from LMP I would have been about 3+4 at that point.

Went for another blood draw on Friday January 5. Had it done at almost exactly 48 hours from the first draw— numbers went from 44 to 65. So rising but not doubling. My doctor called and told me this is likely a non viable pregnancy and to make another appointment either this week/next week & we’ll get another quant blood draw then, too.

Of course being told that this is likely not a viable pregnancy shattered my heart and I was an emotional wreck all weekend. I’m at a point where I’m prepared for that reality, but wanted to know if anyone else had something similar happen? Whether it ended in a successful pregnancy or not, if you have any experience with slow rising HCG I’d love to hear your experiences!

My LMP was Dec 9 so I’m currently 4+2 I think (like I said, first pregnancy so I’m still learning lol). No bleeding or cramping which I’m taking as a hopefully good sign & still experiencing the early pregnancy symptoms I had that clued me in to take a test.

Next appointment is Tuesday Jan 16, so I’ll pop back in here and give an update around that time in case anyone is currently experiencing this.

UPDATE 1: we did a third blood draw on Monday Jan 8 to just have another reference point. Numbers went from 65 to 211 in approximately 72 hours (which calculates to it doubling in about 44 hours this time), so we’re now just sitting cautiously to see what happens at my appointment on the 16th.

UPDATE 2: did another beta on January 16 and numbers were 453 (so barely doubled in a span of a week). I’m not very hopeful but have made peace with this either way. Doctor said since they’re trending upward to remain cautiously optimistic, especially since I did have normal doubling at previous draws & HCG isn’t an exact science. Averaging about 44% increase from first beta to most recent, which can result in a viable pregnancy. Next beta will be Tuesday January 23 and will be the determining factor on how we proceed. Currently experiencing some very light spotting (1/15 & 1/16, only when wiping & not enough to leak to underwear). That paired with my numbers, I’m suspecting blighted ovum but we’ll see.

UPDATE 3: Bleeding has gotten progressively heavier so I’m expecting this is ending in an early MC. Called my doctor and the soonest they can get me in is Monday January 22, so we’ll see what that visit holds. I’ll update again when the time comes.

FINAL UPDATE: Appointment on January 22 confirmed this pregnancy is ending in a miscarriage. Had heavy bleeding & cramping over the weekend and my numbers went from 453 to 95. I have repeat betas to make sure my numbers drop completely, and then we’ll reset and try again. Thanks for all of the support!


I am really sorry you are experiencing this - uncertainty if a pregnancy will make it is hard under any circumstances, but especially when things maybe don’t look great. I hope you are able to take care of yourself physically and emotionally if things don’t turn out how you hope they will.

That being said, there is a lot of variation in HCG levels, rising/doubling time, and your first two draws were quite early. I am in no way a medical professional, but from my experience and observation I think your doctor is probably right that most likely this pregnancy isn’t viable, but I don’t think it is absolutely certain yet. I hope I don’t need to say this, but if you do end up experiencing a miscarriage know that you did absolutely nothing wrong or to “cause” it. The overwhelming majority of early miscarriages are due to chromosomal abnormalities in the blastocyst/embryo that would have made it incompatible with life. This is normal and common, and doesn’t in any way preclude you from conceiving a perfectly healthy embryo later. Of course, it is also very devastating for many people, so just because it is common doesn’t mean you have any less right to grieve or be sad.

[name_f]My[/name_f] personal experience with lower/slow rising betas did end in an early miscarriage, since you did ask for anecdotal experiences. However, my draws were later than yours. Emotionally it was very difficult, but physically my body miscarried within a couple weeks of the pregnancy no longer processing on its own and with no assistance. It was essentially just a somewhat heavier period, and my body treated it as a period and I ovulated on track like any other month following it. It took a while for a variety of reasons specific to my husband and I, but I did end up getting pregnant again several months later and am currently 27 weeks with a perfectly healthy baby.

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Thank you so much for this. I’m prepared emotionally & physically for however this plays out and I’m erring on the side of it ending in a non viable pregnancy.

[name_f]My[/name_f] doctor put in an order for another beta to help us see the numbers/get more info and that draw was kind of relieving—rise between second & third draw was slightly more than doubled in about a 44 hour time frame. Numbers are within range but still a bit low, so we’re sitting cautiously to see what happens at my next appointment on the 16th.

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@hvnewton I’m sorry you’re going through this. Pregnancy is such a roller-coaster.

In my experience, tests that stay faint led to a miscarriage - I tested every second day for a week and the tests never got darker. I did not get blood taken, so I don’t know what my actual numbers were. That said, with my current pregnancy, I did have blood drawn and at 5w1d my hcg was only 129 (I’ll be 22 weeks tomorrow).

Hcg has a lot of variables and I’ve been told by multiple doctors that the range for hcg is quite large and, therefore, it’s hard to say whether it will end well or not. The uncertainty is so frustrating.

I hope that your next blood draw gets you more positive results, but, if it doesn’t, know that it’s absolutely not your fault and unviable pregnancies are quite common.

Sending hugs and best wishes xx

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Well that is a positive sign! A 44 hour doubling time is perfectly respectable, and I have always heard that the numbers themselves don’t matter much, it is more about the rise. If your results on the 16th are at all ambiguous still you could potentially go in for a very early scan, by 6+ weeks you should be able to see things progressing if they are going to.

Fingers crosses for you.


I second this. Our first scan this pregnancy was at 6w4d and you could see the makings of the baby and the heartbeat. They will also confirm how far along you are, if things are progressing well.

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I’m definitely going to suggest an early scan if they don’t bring it up as an option.

I think right now I’m going to just stay cautiously optimistic & take it week by week. I’m pregnant until I’m definitely not, and that’s the outlook I’m going to try and take. I’ll try and wait it out until there are for sure definite answers.

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@hvnewton That’s a very healthy outlook to have. No point assuming the worst until they give you an answer. Good luck for your appointment!!

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Let us know how things go today, @hvnewton! Wishing the best for you!

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@hvnewton Thinking of you! I hope your appointment went well. Sending hugs. X

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Thank you everyone! :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:

Today’s appointment was a bit disappointing (in my head at least). Numbers went up again but didn’t come close to a 48 hour doubling time (from 211 last week to 453 today). Of course, that was an instant kill to my positive thinking. I go back for another blood draw next week (Tuesday 1/23) and those numbers will probably be the deciding factor on whether we do an early ultrasound or not.

Buuuuut my doctor called me to follow up and sounded hopeful. She said that since my numbers are continuing to rise that it’s a good sign and to try and stay positive; she said that since I did already have a draw where numbers doubled appropriately that this could just be my hcg doing wacky things especially since it’s not an exact science with it. Since I’m still pretty early on, my body could just be in the “oh man, I’m pregnant, what do I do” stage and hasn’t quite reacted to it properly yet. From my very first draw to my most recent, I’m at an average of a 44% rise in a 48 hour period, which she said can still yield viable results and my other health conditions may be playing a factor in how my hormones are reacting.

So now we wait.


Had an appointment yesterday (1/22) because of heavy bleeding with clots & cramping over the weekend. [name_f]Beta[/name_f] results came back and confirmed this pregnancy is ending in miscarriage. Now just repeat draws to make sure my numbers get back to zero.

Best of wishes to everyone on their journey, and if you end up going through something similar just know everything will be okay! Our bodies know and will always work themselves out.


Oh love, I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s such a hard thing to go through. We’re here to support you, if and when you need it. [name_m]Feel[/name_m] free to message, if you want to vent privately. Be kind to yourself during this time. Hugs :heartpulse: xx

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@hvnewton so sorry for your loss.
Look after yourself, and all the best for a new pregnancy and healthy baby soon. :heart:

With my MC I found the hormone drop really brutal and tearful no matter how I tried to reason with myself, as well - so yeh, take it easy.

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