Slowly making progress? POLL

  • Wallace Augustus
  • Wallace Ames
  • Wallace Reece
  • Wallace Russell
  • Wallace Vincent
  • Wallace VanAntwerp
  • Arthur Frederick Finch
  • Arthur Ames
  • Rupert Frederick
  • Frederick Finch
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Wallace Augustus :star:
Wallace Ames :star:
Wallace James
Wallace Webb
Wallace Russell
Wallace Reece :star:
Wallace Vincent :star:?
Wallace Finch
Wallace Finnegan
Wallace VanAntwerp⭐️?

Arthur Frederick Finch :star:
Arthur Ames :star:
Arthur Alexander

Rupert Frederick ”too British for Oklahoma”

Frederick Finch

I know y’all are ready for me to have this baby and get off of the boards, haha. We actually had a chance to re-hash names tonight and made slight progress?

I’ve gone back and forth on how I feel about Rupert. On its own I’m not 100% on it, but I really love the combo Rupert Frederick. And I agree with the comment on my previous post that there is something inexplicable that just sounds right about Rupert Frederick and Warren Patrick being brothers. My husband says it is “too British” for where we live, and while I disagree, I do find it a little hard to picture actually using it on a daily basis for the rest of my life.

We keep almost scrapping Frederick as a first name because we dislike Fred, go back and forth on how we feel about Freddy/Freddie, and sometimes we have trouble enunciating all of the syllables. But, same as above, I LOVE Frederick Finch as a combo. It feels like it has a special something to it that I can’t bring myself to take off the list.

Wallace and Arthur are the two front-runners, my husband is leaning more towards Wallace. I do worry about Wallace being too close to Warren but he doesn’t think it is. Wallace gets big bonus points for me because it is so much less common. The name doesn’t need to be completely out of the rankings, but how rapidly Arthur has risen and is continuing to rise really worries me. It will always sound like a classic name, not trendy, but I really do not want to pick a name that is in the top 10-20 a few years down the line. I heard a mom calling an Arthur out in the wild today and it reinforced that fear.
BUT I do think Arthur might look better as a sibling to Warren? And I think it probably sounds better with our last name? Our last name starts with St-, so the -ace ending of Wallace slurs into it a bit. However our last name ends in -er, so the -ur ending of Arthur could potentially feel a little tongue-twistery, but saying Arthur with our last name out loud I actually like the way it sounds.

I do really love thé combos Arthur Frederick Finch and Arthur Ames. They give me a similar something that Rupert Frederick and Frederick Finch do. I don’t know, I feel like I would be proud that I came up with any of those combinations when introducing my child? :joy::woman_shrugging: I say our first son’s first and middle name together countless times every day, and Arthur Ames is a combo I could see rolling off my tongue that frequently.

Wallace Augustus flows so nicely to me, but I don’t know that it feels like our family? Reece is a new mutual like for us, and I think it would make a nice middle for Wallace. I like the way Wallace Reece looks spelled out, but it all might be too hiss-y with the St- of our surname? I like that Vincent shares the c sound of Wallace and the t of our last name. I really want to love VanAntwerp as a middle since my husband suggested using my maiden name, but it doesn’t give me any butterflies the way some name combos do. I am a sucker for sentiment though. My husband likes Russell and I think I do to, but I have very strong associations if it from someone I grew up with… like, the kid regularly smeared human feces on the school walls type of associations. So, not sure I can get past that history.

Sorry that I always write a novel post when I’m up in the middle of the night. :sweat_smile: I truly am the world’s most indecisive person and get analysis paralysis over the most simple things, so naming a real person is quite an ordeal for me. :joy: