SO frustrated that we can't find "the" name

[name]Hi[/name] guys,
I’ve probably posted 10 or more topics related to our 2nd twin boy’s name…hope you’re not tired of trying to help me!!! :oops:

Twin a is [name]Oliver[/name] [name]Charles[/name] L…(3 syllables)
Twin b was going to be [name]Edward[/name] MN L…

It is a long, personal story that I can’t really share (sorry) about why [name]Edward[/name] why going to be the first name, but we’d call him by his mn. My DH thinks it’s fine that we move [name]Edward[/name] to the mn spot since I’m really not that jazzed by it. So, I am excited to find “the” name for the front spot.

I really like [name]Owen[/name], but my DH’s nephew’s mn is [name]Owen[/name]. Everyone in our family has always liked & commented on his name (he’s in his 20’s now). We’d need to broach the subject w/ his brother’s family. I think [name]Owen[/name] [name]Edward[/name] L… sounds great. I also like it w/ [name]Oliver[/name], although I wasn’t looking to have 2 “O” names for my twin boys, but would be fine with it.

I like [name]Quinn[/name] alot (but DH doesn’t), but can’t get out of my head that is sounds feminine. I just don’t want to have any doubts about our name. I [name]LOVE[/name] the name [name]Graham[/name], but we cannot use it for personal reasons. The same goes for G names in general (cannot use).

So that gives you a little glimpse into the kinds of names we love - [name]Owen[/name], [name]Quinn[/name], [name]Graham[/name], [name]Oliver[/name]…have given [name]Donovan[/name] some thought and I do like that as well.

If you’re still reading, thanks!! Any other suggestions (ps nothing that starts OR ends with “L” - we’re not alliteration fans.)

[name]Donovan[/name] [name]Edward[/name] would be perfect with [name]Oliver[/name]!

Some others:

Thanks for your feedback! I’m starting to like [name]Donovan[/name] a lot…a “D” name also works as a tribute to my late mother-in-law. Could work!

I know that frustration first hand!

[name]Donovan[/name] [name]Edward[/name] and [name]Owen[/name] [name]Edward[/name] are both great, here are some other suggestions:

[name]Damon[/name] [name]Edward[/name]
[name]Walter[/name] [name]Edward[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Edward[/name] (Oli and [name]Sully[/name] would be adorable)
[name]Henry[/name] [name]Edward[/name]
[name]Quentin[/name] [name]Edward[/name] (like [name]Quinn[/name] without being feminine)
[name]Hayes[/name] [name]Edward[/name]
[name]Braham[/name] [name]Edward[/name] (like [name]Graham[/name] without the G)
[name]Theodore[/name] [name]Edward[/name]
[name]Benjamin[/name] [name]Edward[/name]
[name]Callum[/name] [name]Edward[/name] (Oli and [name]Cal[/name], also adorable)

For what its worth, I love [name]Donovan[/name].


I’m glad you’re moving [name]Edward[/name] to the middle- I’m not a huge fan of calling kids by their middle. I like [name]Owen[/name], but not crazy about twins with two “O” names- they’re not that similar, but O is a bit of an odd initial and it may be just a tiny bit on the matchy side. It’s not bad, though, and I do really like [name]Owen[/name].
If you like [name]Quinn[/name] but it seems too feminine, maybe [name]Quinlan[/name] would do the trick? Or maybe [name]Finn[/name] or [name]Flynn[/name]? You might also like:
[name]William[/name], nn [name]Liam[/name] (I originally thought of [name]Liam[/name], but you have the L restriction)

Congratulations on your twin boys! [name]Oliver[/name] [name]Charles[/name] is such a handsome name. I like [name]Owen[/name] as well, but I think twins, especially twins of the same gender, deserve their own initials. I [name]LOVE[/name] the suggestion of [name]Felix[/name] with [name]Oliver[/name].

I also like [name]John[/name]/ [name]James[/name], [name]Calvin[/name] and [name]Henry[/name].

Good luck!

Thanks for all of the feedback!!!
DH does not like [name]Owen[/name] at all, so that takes care of that possibility.

[name]Donovan[/name] [name]Edward[/name] seems to be the front runner at this point. I think [name]Donovan[/name] fits our style quite well, and I like it with [name]Oliver[/name]. My only issue w/ [name]Donovan[/name] is that I feel like it may have too many letters in common w/ our last name (the O and N sounds…) I really am driving myself crazy with this. Maybe that is a good thing and I’m turning it into a possible negative! Our older son’s name is [name]James[/name] (nn [name]Jay[/name]) and has a totally different sound that our last name. [name]Quinn[/name] would fit the bill for a different sound, as would [name]Simon[/name], [name]Ian[/name], and [name]Jack[/name]. [name]Don[/name]'t really like any of those 3, though.

[name]Felix[/name] would not work with our last name, unfortunately. The nicknames for [name]Felix[/name] present a most unfortunate pairing w/ our last name.

I do love [name]Theo[/name], however (full name [name]Theodore[/name]). I’ve been thinking that [name]Theodore[/name] and [name]Edward[/name] must be somehow related, given that that have nicknames in common ([name]Ted[/name], [name]Teddy[/name]). What is the deal with these two names?

I’ll have to keep thinking on [name]Donovan[/name] and see how I feel in a few days. It is definitely in first place at this point. I’d love more ideas if you have them! :smiley:

Some additional info I forgot to mention in my last post:
[name]James[/name] [name]Henry[/name] is our older son’s name, so those two are not in contention…

I’m not wild about [name]Calvin[/name] for us. The nn [name]Cal[/name] doesn’t flow well w/ our last name.

I’ve given a little thought to occupational names such as [name]Parker[/name] or [name]Carter[/name]. Not really our true style, though.

Thanks again!

I love [name]Oliver[/name] and [name]Theodore[/name]!

[name]James[/name], [name]Oliver[/name] and: [name]Archer[/name], [name]Barnaby[/name], [name]Callum[/name], [name]Desmond[/name], [name]Elliot[/name], Heston, [name]Myles[/name], [name]Paul[/name], [name]Reuben[/name], [name]Stephan[/name], [name]Victor[/name], [name]Willem[/name], [name]Caspar[/name], [name]Flynn[/name], [name]Arthur[/name], [name]Sebastian[/name], [name]August[/name], [name]Hugh[/name], [name]Vincent[/name], [name]Dexter[/name], [name]Fletcher[/name], [name]Anson[/name], [name]Emmet[/name], [name]Ralph[/name], [name]Roman[/name], [name]Reed[/name], [name]Angus[/name], [name]Tobias[/name], [name]Mitchell[/name], [name]Ross[/name], [name]Darby[/name], [name]Charles[/name], [name]Leon[/name], [name]Osmond[/name]…

I actually don’t like [name]Oliver[/name] and [name]Donovan[/name] together. I think it’s the Os and the Vs - they sound almost too similar. [name]Ollie[/name] and [name]Donny[/name]? And [name]Oliver[/name] and [name]Theodore[/name] - it’s the same with the Os and the Rs. [name]Just[/name] my opinion.

Are you 100% set on [name]Oliver[/name] [name]Charles[/name]? I like [name]Charles[/name]. Would you consider moving that to Twin B and coming up with a different mn for Twin A?

A blog I read just had twin boys named [name]Oliver[/name] and [name]Samuel[/name].

My brother [name]Grant[/name] was going to be [name]Oliver[/name] but my mom won. :slight_smile:

I love the name [name]Oliver[/name] [name]August[/name].

Sorry, I just typed whatever came to my head about the name [name]Oliver[/name]. :slight_smile:

Congrats on your twins! (I am a twin, I loev hearing about twins!!)

We’ve considered [name]Charles[/name] for a first name for baby B…I don’t really like [name]Charlie[/name] w/ our last name (very “L” heavy) and I don’t like [name]Chuck[/name], [name]Chaz[/name], etc. for a nn. So we’d call him [name]Charles[/name]…still a possibility I guess. [name]Just[/name] seems sort of formal for my taste. But definitely a possiblility, and we’d find another mn for [name]Oliver[/name].

I’m fine with [name]Oliver[/name] and [name]Donovan[/name] together. [name]Just[/name] not totally wild about how the names sound with our 3 syllable last name (so 3 syll first name w/ 3 syll last name). I don’t know. Maybe we’ll just wait until they’re born and figure it out in the hospital!

Thanks for your feedback.

[name]Oliver[/name] and [name]Theodore[/name] are perfection! [name]Theodore[/name] and [name]Edward[/name] are two different names and traditionally I think of [name]Teddy[/name] as a nn for [name]Edward[/name] and reserve [name]Theo[/name] (one of my faves) for [name]Theodore[/name].

I think I prefer [name]Theodore[/name] to [name]Donovan[/name] as well. [name]Theo[/name] and [name]Oliver[/name] (and [name]James[/name]!) are perfectly suited for each other. [name]Do[/name] you like the name [name]Thaddeus[/name]? A few more random suggestions: