So we decided to find out our baby's!

Sorry in advance for this extremely long post:

My partner and I took our children’s mother for our first ultrasound today, because we’re 19 weeks pregnant tomorrow and we couldn’t take it anymore…we needed to know! But we were in for a huge surprise…we’re not expecting one baby, but TWINS! One is a boy for sure, and it looked like the other is a girl (they’re both small, though). We’re still in shock, because at our last prenatal checkup (12 weeks) we listened for a heartbeat, and they told us there was only one! And [name]Gina[/name] doesn’t seem out of the ordinary at all, except a little on the big side (lol). And we didn’t use IVF this time around so we didn’t schedule an earlier ultrasound. We had no idea! Sorry for rambling, it’s just kind of crazy! My partner’s a little freaked out (we’d planned for no more than four kids) but I think it’ll be okay.

But naturally, I’ve been obsessing over NAMES! I much prefer to think about and plan out girls’ names, so now that we know we have a boy on the way, we have to really think about boys names. We have some names we both like:

[name]Declan[/name] (doesn’t really go with our other kids, but maybe a mn?)
[name]Jeremy[/name] (nn [name]Remy[/name])
[name]Reeve[/name] (as a mn - it’s my brother’s name).

My partner doesn’t really care about names too much, but he doesn’t like some of the names I like, such as [name]Theo[/name], [name]Jude[/name], [name]Elias[/name] and [name]Rowan[/name]. He prefers more “typical” names (he actually mentioned he liked [name]Justin[/name] but I think it sounds weird with our last name). Does anyone have any suggestions for other names we may agree on, or middle name ideas? All our kids have two middle names.

We’ve been thinking a lot more about girls names…we like:

[name]Delia[/name] [name]Rosemary[/name] (our favorite so far)
[name]Julia[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name] (our other favorite)
[name]Sophia[/name] (too popular now)

For a while we were set on the nickname [name]Romy[/name], so we thought we were going with [name]Rosemary[/name], but now we’re not so sure because we really don’t like the pronunciation [name]Rose[/name]-[name]Marie[/name]. What is the general consensus on [name]Delia[/name]? I think it’s so pretty and it’s definitely underused…is there a reason it’s not popular? lol

Our only criteria is that the twins’ names aren’t matchy at all. We could really use some help and some people to talk to. A lot of people [name]IRL[/name] tend to criticize us rather than give us actual help and suggestions, lol.

If anyone read all that, we truly appreciate it!

If you have b/g twins, I love [name]Graham[/name] and [name]Adelaide[/name] with your other children’s names!!

I love that pair too…but my partner insists that [name]Graham[/name] sounds awkward with our last name (sounds like Johansson, spelled differently) and that it should be a middle name. But I think I’m getting him interested in [name]Adelaide[/name]!

I think these names go great together! :
[name]Benjamin[/name] & [name]Charlotte[/name] - For some reason im really attracted to [name]Benjamin[/name] with your other children. [name]Zach[/name] and [name]Ben[/name] seem like they were made for each other!!
[name]Benjamin[/name] & [name]Adelaide[/name]
[name]Gabriel[/name] & [name]Ramona[/name] - [name]Gabe[/name] & [name]Romy[/name] is amazing!
[name]Alec[/name] & [name]Sophie[/name] - If you’re tired of hearing [name]Sophia[/name] all the time, how about the french version [name]Sophie[/name]? To me its much more sophisticated and alluring. It also goes much better with the elegant [name]Camille[/name] and [name]Laura[/name].
[name]Benjamin[/name] & [name]Sophie[/name] - uber classic pair
[name]Declan[/name] & [name]Ada[/name] - I actually think [name]Declan[/name] goes great with your 3 other childrens names! Especially with the nickname [name]Dex[/name], i think it goes perfectly with [name]Zach[/name]!

here are some other suggestions that you and your partner may agree on :

[name]Cassidy[/name] - I [name]LOVE[/name] this name with [name]Camille[/name] and [name]Julia[/name]…its so sweet!

[name]Hope[/name] this helps

I really like [name]Rosemary[/name]. I’ve never heard that pronounced [name]Rose[/name]-[name]Marie[/name].

I like [name]Rosemary[/name] & [name]Benjamin[/name] alot!

I like the name [name]Delia[/name] too. It’s a friend’s name and she always likes her name and I’ve never met another one. A twin for [name]Delia[/name] [name]Rosemary[/name] — Hmm how about [name]Jeremy[/name] [name]Lukas[/name], [name]Alec[/name] [name]Benjamin[/name], [name]Alec[/name] [name]Gabriel[/name], [name]Aaron[/name] [name]Lukas[/name], [name]Aaron[/name] [name]Reeve[/name] (I think that last one is my favorite combo)

Thanks for all the input so far! We just spoke with my dad and also my partner’s parents (tomorrow we break the news to the rest of our family! lol) and so far they all hate the names [name]Adelaide[/name] and [name]Arabella[/name]. :frowning: But my dad seemed really happy that we wanted to use [name]Reeve[/name], so that’ll definitely be our son’s middle name! Oh, and my in-laws suggested [name]Emily[/name], which I absolutely love…I’m so conflicted!

Unfortunately, we can’t use [name]Charlotte[/name] or [name]Scarlett[/name] as first names! I don’t think the world is ready for another [name]Scarlett[/name] Johansson just yet, lol. [name]Cassidy[/name] and [name]Jocelyn[/name] are actually two of my nieces names! And [name]Sebastian[/name] is [name]Zach[/name]'s middle name.

We’re really starting to like [name]Gabe[/name] a lot…but as a gay man named [name]Jay[/name], I’m kind of nervous about the potential gay-related teasing of [name]Gabe[/name]. Am I just being paranoid? [name]Derrick[/name] says it’s dumb, but I don’t know…I was a huge target in high school, lol. But I really like [name]Gabe[/name] and [name]Romy[/name] a lot too…[name]Gabriel[/name] and [name]Rosemary[/name], maybe? [name]Gabriel[/name] and [name]Delia[/name]? My daughter [name]Mia[/name] (her real name is [name]Camille[/name]) really loves [name]Ramona[/name], though.

I wish I weren’t so particular about color combinations of names…I love the name [name]Sophie[/name], but I feel like it clashes so badly with [name]Laura[/name]'s name because [name]Laura[/name] is blue and [name]Sophie[/name] is bright red. Same with [name]Benjamin[/name]. Does that even make sense?

[name]Derrick[/name] says I’m crazy and should go to sleep, hahah.

First of all I want to say that I love [name]Remy[/name]! [name]Jeremy[/name] is a great way to get to it, and I would have never thought of that! So I think [name]Remy[/name] should be the boy haha. I also really like [name]Alec[/name]. [name]Gabriel[/name] and [name]Benjamin[/name] are nice too. I think our girl’s style is very different though. I really like [name]Adelaide[/name], and I like [name]Rosemary[/name] as well, but [name]Remy[/name] and [name]Romy[/name] would be awful. [name]Charlotte[/name] is nice too.

I like:
[name]Remy[/name] ([name]Jeremy[/name]) and [name]Adelaide[/name]
[name]Remy[/name] ([name]Jeremy[/name]) and [name]Charlotte[/name]
[name]Alec[/name] and [name]Rosemary[/name] ([name]Romy[/name])
[name]Alec[/name] and [name]Adelaide[/name]
[name]Gabriel[/name] and [name]Adelaide[/name]
[name]Benjamin[/name] and [name]Adelaide[/name]
[name]Gabe[/name] ([name]Gabriel[/name]) and [name]Romy[/name] ([name]Rosemary[/name])
Also, if baby two turns out to be a boy:
[name]Remy[/name] ([name]Jeremy[/name]) and [name]Gabe[/name] ([name]Gabriel[/name])
[name]Remy[/name] ([name]Jeremy[/name]) and [name]Alec[/name]
[name]Gabe[/name] ([name]Gabriel[/name]) and [name]Ben[/name] ([name]Benjamin[/name])

So funny, triceratops, I just read your post (“Ahhh Twins”) and realized we had the same situation a day apart! What a coincidence!! I’m going to respond to that post too. :slight_smile:

We like [name]Remy[/name] a lot too! I think right now our favorites for boys are [name]Gabe[/name] and [name]Remy[/name]. I also like [name]Alec[/name] and [name]Rosemary[/name] as twins! We hadn’t even thought of that pairing.

Oh my gosh, congratulations! That is so exciting. :slight_smile: I was waiting for an update from you, and this is definitely a big one!
So, I’ll give my opinions on each name, and then list some I think would be good twin names.

[name]Aaron[/name] - I’m not a fan of [name]Aaron[/name]. The double A’s throw me off for some reason… Lol. I also don’t really care for the sound of it.
[name]Alec[/name] - It feels dated to me, especially next to the names of your other children. [name]Alexander[/name] nn [name]Alex[/name] or even [name]Lex[/name] would an awesome alternative! I just wouldn’t go with [name]Alec[/name].
[name]Benjamin[/name] - Although I am normally opposed to using Biblical names myself, I love the name [name]Benjamin[/name]. It’s classic, it ages well, and it’s all around awesome. Plus, [name]Ben[/name] is an awesome nickname. [name]Mia[/name], [name]Zach[/name], Lo, [name]Ben[/name], and sibling sound awesome together. (I’ll fill in the sibling blank later lol.)
[name]Brian[/name] - Like [name]Alec[/name], this feels dated with the names of your other children. One of my closest friends is named [name]Bryan[/name], but he’s 19, and I just feel like [name]Brian[/name]'s time has come and gone. I also think of the dog from Family [name]Guy[/name] who, while hilarious, probably isn’t the best connection to have. Lol
[name]Declan[/name] - I love the sound of [name]Declan[/name]. I think it sounds modern and cool, but I agree with your concern that it doesn’t really work with the names of your other kids.
[name]Gabriel[/name] - Eh… I’m not a fan. I knew a kid named [name]Gabe[/name], and he was teased all the time because of his name, and I just wouldn’t want that happening to your kid (look at me, acting like I’ve known you forever or something). You definitely have better choices!
[name]Graham[/name] - I love the name [name]Graham[/name]. Like the names of your other kids, it feels classic to me and I can see it on a boy of any age. I know the funniest kid named [name]Graham[/name], and that’s what I think of when I hear this name. [name]Love[/name] it!
[name]Jeremy[/name] nn [name]Remy[/name] - I adore the name [name]Jeremy[/name]. I’ve always thought it was handsome and classic, and one I can see fittig every age. Personally, I’ve always loved the name [name]Remy[/name] for a girl, but I think it still sounds nice for a boy. My favorite nickname for [name]Jeremy[/name], though it may be a stretch, is [name]Jett[/name]. Either [name]Remy[/name] or [name]Jett[/name] as a nickname, [name]Jeremy[/name] is an all around wonderful choice.
[name]Lukas[/name] - I’m not crazy about it spelled this way. [name]Lucas[/name], on the other hand, is one of my absolute favorite names. I simply adore it, and I know two awesome [name]Lucas[/name]'s, and the nickname [name]Luke[/name] is awesome. [name]Love[/name] this name! Plus, [name]Mia[/name], [name]Zach[/name], Lo, and [name]Luke[/name] sound great together.
[name]Reeve[/name] - I think this name is wonderful. I would even suggest using it as a first name, I think it’s that great. I love the sound of it, plus it makes me think of [name]Keanu[/name] [name]Reeves[/name] (whose movie The Matrix was one of the best movies of all time), and let’s face it, he’s pretty hot. Lol. Plus I love that it honors your brother! So, whether you use it as a first or a middle, you should use it some way.

[name]Ada[/name] - I think [name]Ada[/name] is really pretty, it’s simple and really sweet. But, for some reason, I’m not crazy about it without your other kids. Is that totally crazy? Maybe if I come back tomorrow my opinion will change (I’m super tired after nearly 4 hours of homework…)
[name]Adelaide[/name] - I love [name]Adelaide[/name]. I think it’s so pretty and timeless and just all around wonderful. You also have a variety of nicknames: [name]Ada[/name] (it could work, even if it starts with a long A), [name]Addie[/name] (while cute, I think it would be too trendy with your other kids), or [name]Heidi[/name] ([name]Lyndsay[/name] mentioned this a nickname for [name]Adelaide[/name], and I immediately fell in love. It would be awesome with your kids’ names). [name]Heidi[/name] is my favorite :slight_smile:
[name]Arabella[/name] - Pretty, but too trendy with your other kids names. Although the nn [name]Belle[/name] would be absolutely adorable with them… Hmmm… Maybe [name]Annabel[/name] nn [name]Annie[/name] or [name]Belle[/name]?
[name]Delia[/name] [name]Rosemary[/name] - Gorgeous. I think the name [name]Delia[/name] is stunning and I love that it’s so underused. [name]Delia[/name] [name]Rosemary[/name] is a beautiful combo, and will you be using two middle names for your twins, as well? Because [name]Delia[/name] [name]Rosemary[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name] would be so pretty.
[name]Julia[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name] - I have to say, I’m loving the alliteration of [name]Julia[/name] Johansson. It’s especially cute since you’re J. Johansson and your daughter would be J. Johansson. I think it’s sweet :slight_smile: This is definitely one of my favorites.
Liviana - Not crazy about Liviana… It sounds too extravagant and almost made up with the names of your other kids. [name]Livia[/name] nn [name]Liv[/name] would be super cute. Or even just [name]Liv[/name] if you wanted (which I love! It’s been on my list forever).
[name]Ramona[/name] - I think [name]Ramona[/name] is really pretty and classic, and a good way to get to the nickname [name]Romy[/name] that you guys like. Very cute, but I like some of your other choices better.
[name]Rosemary[/name] - I think this is absolutely gorgeous. It’s timeless and the nickname [name]Romy[/name] makes it cute and fun for a little girl and young woman. It’s pretty much a great choice.
[name]Sophia[/name] - I adore the name [name]Sophia[/name], but like you said, it’s too popular. Which is a shame, because it would be awesome with your other kids, but she’s be [name]Sophia[/name] J. in her class.
[name]Victoria[/name] - I don’t care for this name. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s the “ct” sounds harsh to my ears. After reading “Angels and Demons” I started to really like [name]Vittoria[/name], but I feel that’s too exotic with your other kids.

Some suggestions:
[name]Jack[/name]/[name]Jackson[/name] nn [name]Jack[/name]
[name]Dashiell[/name] nn [name]Dash[/name] (maybe not as classic as your others, but it still works)
[name]Annabel/name nn [name]Belle[/name]
[name]Andrew[/name] nn [name]Drew[/name]
[name]Livia[/name] nn [name]Liv[/name]
[name]Caroline[/name] nn [name]Cara[/name], [name]Carly[/name], or no nn

Twin set ideas (some include my suggestions…):
[name]Adelaide[/name] and [name]Benjamin[/name] nn “[name]Heidi[/name]” and “[name]Ben[/name]” (My favorite, I think. I don’t know if you like the nn [name]Heidi[/name], but I think it’s really cute)
[name]Annabel/name and [name]Jack/name nn “[name]Annie[/name] or [name]Belle[/name]” and “[name]Jack[/name]” (second favorite, even though they’re both my suggestions… Lol)
[name]Julia[/name] and [name]Benjamin[/name] “[name]Ben[/name]” (two great, classic names. [name]Benjamin[/name] and [name]Caroline[/name] would also be cute)
[name]Livia[/name] and [name]Lucas[/name] “[name]Liv[/name]” and “[name]Luke[/name]” (I know you don’t like matching twin sets, and neither do I, but I’ve always thought [name]Liv[/name] and [name]Lucas[/name] would be cute)
[name]Delia[/name] and [name]Owen[/name]
[name]Rosemary[/name] and [name]Andrew[/name] “[name]Romy[/name]” and “[name]Drew[/name]”

If it’s two boys:
[name]Jeremy[/name] “[name]Remy[/name]” and [name]Owen[/name] (classic yet modern, I like it)
[name]Benjamin[/name] “[name]Ben[/name]” and [name]Graham[/name]
[name]Benjamin[/name] “[name]Ben[/name]” and [name]Jack[/name]
[name]Jeremy[/name] “[name]Jett[/name]” and [name]Lucas[/name] “[name]Luke[/name]”?

That’s all I can think of for now… I’m so tired. But I hope this helps! Please keep us updated! :slight_smile:

That is a pretty funny coincidence! And thanks for the reply too. I read that you think of names in colors in an earlier post. I sometimes do that too, but it’s harder for some names than others. It seems so strange you think of [name]Sophie[/name] as bright red, I don’t get that at all! It’s a pale green color in my head. I think [name]Laura[/name] might be a deep purple, maybe even blue-violet. But I do agree that [name]Benjamin[/name] is very blue.

What colors do you see for my names? To me [name]Alice[/name] is a pink, [name]Theodore[/name] is light green, but not as pale as [name]Sophie[/name], [name]Caroline[/name] is bright red, and [name]Henry[/name] is a yellow-orange color.

I decided to go ahead and give an opinion on all your names. I’m pretty sure you’re in the UK, and I’m American, so keep in mind my associations are probably totally different haha.

[name]Aaron[/name] - I know so many Aarons that I’m just not impressed by this anymore. It’s a nice name, but the double A’s throw kids and even adults for a loop. Also I remember seeing an [name]Aaron[/name] on tv once and in my head it was [name]Erin[/name] for over an hour lol.
[name]Alec[/name] - [name]Love[/name] love love. [name]Alexander[/name] is a nice name and [name]Alec[/name] makes such a cool name. [name]Alex[/name] has been done to death, and [name]Alec[/name] makes it fresh. I can’t think of a single [name]Alec[/name] other than [name]Baldwin[/name]. I dislike [name]Lex[/name], it seems to be trying too hard to be cool to me. A little boy would probably love it though. [name]Xander[/name] isn’t bad either, and also something a little boy would love, but [name]Alec[/name] is still the best to me.
[name]Benjamin[/name] - Always a great choice. [name]Ben[/name] is nice too. A classic name without being tired.
[name]Brian[/name] - Feels like [name]Aaron[/name] to me. I know too many, and it just feels boring.
[name]Declan[/name] (doesn’t really go with our other kids, but maybe a mn?) - I’m not a fan. Could be a nice middle though.
[name]Gabriel[/name] - Really like, and I like [name]Gabe[/name] too. I don’t really think many kids with associate [name]Gabe[/name] with gay. I was watching a disney show the other day and one of the boys was named [name]Gabe[/name], and you know they engineer everything on those shows to draw kids in haha.
[name]Graham[/name] - I like it, don’t love it, but it’s nice.
[name]Jeremy[/name] (nn [name]Remy[/name]) - [name]Love[/name].
[name]Lukas[/name] - I prefer just [name]Luke[/name]. But if it has to be fuller I think [name]Lucas[/name] is nicer than [name]Lukas[/name]. I really love [name]Luke[/name] though. Also a name little boys love because of star wars.
[name]Reeve[/name] (as a mn - it’s my brother’s name). - I actually like this. Would make a great middle. I even think it’s good in front.

My partner doesn’t really care about names too much, but he doesn’t like some of the names I like, such as [name]Theo[/name], [name]Jude[/name], [name]Elias[/name] and [name]Rowan[/name]. He prefers more “typical” names (he actually mentioned he liked [name]Justin[/name] but I think it sounds weird with our last name). Does anyone have any suggestions for other names we may agree on, or middle name ideas? All our kids have two middle names.

We’ve been thinking a lot more about girls names…we like:

[name]Ada[/name] - I like [name]Ida[/name] better. [name]Ada[/name] just feels like an [name]Ava[/name] knock off.
[name]Adelaide[/name] - [name]Love[/name]. [name]Heidi[/name] is so cute as a nickname. I don’t care for [name]Addie[/name] or [name]Adele[/name] much as nicknames.
[name]Arabella[/name] - Sorry [name]Jay[/name], but I just loathe this name. Maybe it’s too British for me, but it’s just over the top frilly for me. It simultaneously feels like the name of a fairy and an elderly woman.
[name]Delia[/name] [name]Rosemary[/name] (our favorite so far) - I don’t like [name]Delia[/name] that much. I don’t have a great reason though.
[name]Julia[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name] (our other favorite) - I love [name]Juliet[/name], so I still find [name]Julia[/name] nice. It’s better than [name]Julie[/name], but [name]Julia[/name] still has the dated feeling to me as well.
Liviana - Similar to [name]Arabella[/name], it’s just too vowel heavy and frilly to me.
[name]Ramona[/name] - I think this is kind of nice. I don’t love it, but it’s a good name. [name]Mona[/name] is nice as well. You could possibly get [name]Romy[/name] out of this too.
[name]Rosemary[/name] Very nice name. Probably my favorite other than [name]Adelaide[/name]. I’ve also never heard someone say rose-marie.
[name]Sophia[/name] (too popular now) - Was my favorite for years and years, but I agree it’s just so popular now.
[name]Victoria[/name] - Feels stale to me. Icky [name]Vicky[/name] is a killer for me as well.

Oh wow, I just checked this again and saw all of this amazing feedback…thanks so much! I’m so tired though (and I’m an insomniac, so it really means something lol) because of this crazy day we’ve had, but I promise I’ll get back to everyone tomorrow morning!

Oh, and I’m actually American too, lol. [name]Born[/name] and raised in Ocala, [name]Florida[/name] and currently living in New [name]York[/name]. :slight_smile: But my mom’s British and I have lots of family in the UK, so maybe that’s why you thought that. :stuck_out_tongue:

name][name]Aaron[/name][/name] - I think [name]Aaron[/name] is a little boring, and the way I say it sounds exactly like [name]Erin[/name]. But it’s a good strong name.
[name]Alec[/name]- I’m not an [name]Alec[/name] fan but I think it’s because I used to babysit a 15 year old boy (when i was 20…weird) named [name]Alec[/name] and he was basically crazy. I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Alexander[/name] as a brother to [name]Zachary[/name], though, thats one of my favorite brother combos, actually.
[name]Benjamin[/name]- [name]Love[/name] [name]Benjamin[/name] so much. It’s a fantastic name. I don’t see a single negative!
[name]Brian[/name]- I grew up with about 39 Brians, so it seems very dated to me.
(doesn’t really go with our other kids, but maybe a mn?)- I think it goes with tour other kids names, [name]Zach[/name] and [name]Dex[/name] are super cool together.
[name]Gabriel[/name]- I think [name]Gabriel[/name] is SO handsome! I went to school with a really cute boy who went by [name]Gabe[/name] and he never got “gay” teasing. And you’re in NYC, right? I cant imagine there being issues about that there, but I really have no idea. To be honest, I might avoid it… But on the other hand it’s sooo nice!
[name]Graham[/name] - [name]Love[/name] it in theory but it reminds me of [name]Graham[/name] crackers and grandmothers :frowning:
[name]Jeremy[/name] (nn [name]Remy[/name])
- genius! I also love [name]Jem[/name] as a [name]Jeremy[/name] nickname. I never much cared for [name]Jeremy[/name] but [name]Remy[/name] as the nickname makes it seem really fresh to me.
[name]Lukas[/name]*- I don’t know about the spelling, but I do love this name! Might be a little close to [name]Laura[/name], though.
[name]Reeve[/name] (as a mn - it’s my brother’s name).- I love this name! I’m glad it’ll be the middle! Omg, [name]Benjamin[/name] [name]Reeve[/name] is soooo handsome, I have a crush on him already!

[name]Ada[/name]- cute, but since you also like [name]Adelaide[/name] I’d definitely go with that instead!
[name]Adelaide[/name]- eek! [name]Love[/name]! One of my favorites! And yeah [name]Heidi[/name] isn’t just a random out of the blue thing, [name]Adelaide[/name] is spelled [name]Adelheid[/name] in [name]German[/name] where it originates, so [name]Heidi[/name] is a legit nickname. I love [name]Adelaide[/name] nn [name]Ada[/name] or [name]Heidi[/name] with your other kids (but I’m biased towards [name]Heidi[/name]!)
[name]Arabella[/name]- Hmm, I think it’s too frilly with your other kids names
[name]Delia[/name] [name]Rosemary[/name]
(our favorite so far)- I love this combo! I don’t know why [name]Delia[/name] isn’t more popular…I went to school with two of them, though. [name]How[/name] would you pronounce it? Deel-ya, [name]Dee[/name]-lee-uh, [name]Dell[/name]-ya, [name]Dell[/name]-ee-uh are all the ways I’ve encountered. I don’t know which is the most legitamate. I think [name]Dee[/name]-lee-uh sounds prettiest. There used to be a popular catalog of teen girl clothes called [name]Delia[/name]'s, i believe it’s a store now… But i don’t see how that would have anything to do with it not being popular.
[name]Julia[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name]
(our other favorite)- Beautiful name and goes perfectly with your other kids!
Liviana- mm, I don’t think I like it
[name]Ramona[/name]- my hubby has been trying to get me to like this but I just can’t.
[name]Rosemary[/name]*- [name]LOVE[/name]! This is high on my list! I love it so much! I would easily pick this or [name]Adelaide[/name]. Probably this… Not sure! I have never heard it pronounced rose-[name]Marie[/name]
(too popular now)- yes, soo so so popular… But so beautiful! One of my all time favorites, i never tire of hearing it all the time
[name]Victoria[/name]- I love [name]Victoria[/name] but not her nicknames,

Oh my gosh! Congratulations on twins!

My favorite for a boy is definitely [name]Benjamin[/name], it just fits so perfectly with your other kids names. And since you love [name]Romy[/name] so much, I’d go with [name]Rosemary[/name]! [name]Benjamin[/name] and [name]Rosemary[/name] only match in that they are both long (and timeless). If you’re not so attached to [name]Romy[/name] anymore though, I do love [name]Adelaide[/name] “[name]Heidi[/name]” with your other kids (though i have no idea if you even like that as a nickname). If she would be [name]Addie[/name]… I don’t like it as much. [name]Benjamin[/name] and [name]Sophia[/name] a fantastic match, so are [name]Benjamin[/name] and [name]Julia[/name]. Oh! And [name]Emily[/name] is beautiful and goes great with your other kids! It’s super popular but I personally rarely hear it.

Sorry to only say the pairings I like with [name]Benjamin[/name], i can’t go back and see the list while I’m typing (hard to explain). I’m just so enamored with [name]Benjamin[/name] [name]Reeve[/name], though. I want to steal it for myself! Oh! And [name]Jeremy[/name] nn [name]Remy[/name]! I wanted to ask, do you like [name]Remy[/name] more than [name]Romy[/name]? [name]Jeremy[/name] is really nice but it makes a few of your there too matchie ([name]Jeremy[/name] and [name]Emily[/name], [name]Jeremy[/name] and [name]Julia[/name], [name]Jeremy[/name] and [name]Ramona[/name] or [name]Rosemary[/name] “[name]Remy[/name] and [name]Romy[/name]”). It does work really nicely with [name]Delia[/name] and [name]Sophia[/name].


My favourites from your list are;

[name]Benjamin[/name] [name]Alec[/name] [name]Reeve[/name]
[name]Aaron[/name] [name]Justin[/name] [name]Reeve[/name]

[name]Callum[/name] [name]Jeremy[/name] [name]Reeve[/name]
[name]Connor[/name] [name]Derrick[/name] [name]Reeve[/name]
[name]Caleb[/name] [name]Benjamin[/name] [name]Reeve[/name]

you could use your family names as a mn ie. Father in law

[name]Julia[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name] / [name]Julia[/name] [name]Emily[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name] / [name]Julia[/name] [name]Alice[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name] / [name]Julia[/name] [name]Sophie[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name]
[name]Delia[/name] [name]Emma[/name] [name]Rosemary[/name]
You could use [name]Romilly[/name] as a first name?
[name]Romilly[/name] [name]Ada[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name]/ [name]Romilly[/name] [name]Ada[/name] [name]Rose[/name]

What are your other children middle names/nicknames?


OK, with [name]Camille[/name], [name]Zachary[/name] & [name]Laura[/name], I am pro [name]Benjamin[/name], [name]Gabriel[/name], [name]Adelaide[/name], [name]Julia[/name], [name]Ramona[/name].

Here is my [name]Delia[/name] deal; it is a lovely, sweet, underused name. It is also the name of a frumpy middle aged (and very successful) chef from the UK who one time quite famously got drunk & shouted at the fans over the microphone at a football (soccer) match, “Where are you? Where are you? Let’s be ‘avin’ you!”

If you fancy a laugh, look it up on youtube. If you think it may shade your feelings toward “[name]Delia[/name],” don’t. :slight_smile: You should use the name if you like it and if you’re based in the US no one will no or care about poor [name]Delia[/name] [name]Smith[/name]. But that’s why I couldn’t use it. :slight_smile:

[name]Aaron[/name] - feels very dated to me
[name]Alec[/name] - cute
[name]Benjamin[/name] - this is very nice
[name]Brian[/name] - i feel the same about this as aaron … very dated
[name]Declan[/name] - i think it goes fantastic with your other kids, i love it
[name]Gabriel[/name] - nice, however … i understand your concerns with this name
[name]Graham[/name] - love it!
[name]Jeremy[/name] (nn [name]Remy[/name]) - okay, but I prefer [name]Remy[/name] on a girl :slight_smile:
[name]Lukas[/name] - very common, prefer a different spelling
[name]Reeve[/name] - great mn !

Other ideas:

[name]Ada[/name] - this is nice, though not a personal favorite
[name]Adelaide[/name] - so pretty!
[name]Arabella[/name] - gorgeous. [name]LOVE[/name] the nn [name]Ari[/name]
[name]Delia[/name] [name]Rosemary[/name] - not a fan of delia
[name]Julia[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name] (our other favorite) - this is pretty, though I love [name]Charlotte[/name] as a first name – would you consider this?
Liviana - cute, though this may come to feel dated in a few years
[name]Ramona[/name] - cute
[name]Rosemary[/name] - pretty, never heard it pronounced rose-marie though, only rose-mary
[name]Sophia[/name] (too popular now) - love it, regardless of popularity this is one of the most beautiful names of all time
[name]Victoria[/name] - this is pretty, but not a personal favorite

other ideas:

My favorite combos with [name]Camille[/name], [name]Zachary[/name], and [name]Laura[/name]:

[name]Declan[/name] and [name]Sophia[/name] - hands down. they are beautiful and classic and go so nicely with your other kids names
[name]Benjamin[/name] and [name]Sophia[/name]
[name]Graham[/name] and [name]Sophia[/name]
[name]Graham[/name] and [name]Arabella[/name]
[name]Declan[/name] and [name]Charlotte[/name]
[name]Benjamin[/name] and [name]Julia[/name]

Congratulations! What a wonderful surprise!

I’m in a hurry to take [name]Phoebe[/name] swimming, so I’m not going to give feedback on every name, but my favorite names, by far, are…

[name]Benjamin[/name] [name]Reeve[/name]-[name]Benjamin[/name] is such a classic, [name]Ben[/name] is the ultimate likeable guy, and [name]Reeve[/name] is a great mn.

[name]Delia[/name] [name]Rosemary[/name]-You know [name]Delia[/name] is one of my favorites! It is underused, but with a familiar sound, and has a geat, long history as a name. [name]Rosemary[/name] is also lovely and, this way, you can use [name]Romy[/name] sometimes even if your partner is still on the fence with [name]Rosemary[/name]/[name]Ramona[/name]. Perfect!

Hey everyone, just a quick initial post before I respond individually! I really appreciate all this feedback! :slight_smile:

[name]Just[/name] got back from the doctor - had my own ultrasound (okay, an echocardiogram) and told my doctor the news! He said he loves [name]Rosemary[/name]. But ugh, the echo tech I had today made some awful comments about my three-year-old’s name…she introduced herself as [name]Lola[/name] (her home nickname), and he actually asked me if I wanted her to be an “exotic dancer.” And then he remarked on the fact that I have too many kids for “someone like me.” He made it out to be a joke and I’m probably overreacting, but I don’t know…it put me in a bad mood, lol.

Anyway, I kind of felt like explaining some of the names on our list that people keep commenting on!

[name]Aaron[/name] and [name]Brian[/name] are family names, so that’s probably why they seem dated. We don’t really want to use them, but we’d at least like to consider honoring them. But we can probably do that with [name]Alex[/name]/[name]Alec[/name] and [name]Benjamin[/name]!
[name]Lukas[/name] is [name]Derrick[/name]'s deceased brother’s name. We’re not in love with the spelling either, but his family likes it more than [name]Lucas[/name] (I think perhaps it’s a Scandinavian spelling? IDK) so we thought we’d try it out.
Liviana is close to my grandmother’s middle name, [name]Livia[/name]. She saved my life (literally) as a teenager so I wanted to honor her in some way - but her first name is [name]Mary[/name], so maybe that’s another reason to go with [name]Rosemary[/name]?

Time to read and respond to you guys! Thanks again. :slight_smile:

So happy you posted here, and so grateful for your extensive input!

I pretty much agree with everything you said about the boys’ names, but D is still really fond of [name]Gabe[/name]…he likes [name]Gabriel[/name] [name]Declan[/name] [name]Reeve[/name] (which I’m iffy about) and doesn’t think the [name]Gabe[/name]/gay teasing will happen. And I’m glad you like [name]Reeve[/name]! I was always kind of jealous of his name growing up, lol. I think it’d be awkward using it as a first name since we see [name]Reeve[/name] and his family all the time, but it’s such a perfect middle name. And my dad was so excited that we liked it, lol. And of course, the [name]Keanu[/name] [name]Reeves[/name] connection is a plus. :wink:

And [name]Derrick[/name] agrees with you about [name]Julia[/name]! We thought it’d be really cute if we had two girls and named them [name]Julia[/name] and [name]Delia[/name] (after him and me) but that’s way too matchy for us anyway lol. Oh, and [name]Heidi[/name] is SO cute! I’ll run it by [name]Derrick[/name] when he gets home. Our families don’t like [name]Adelaide[/name] as a first name, though. My dad actually laughed at it.

So glad you suggested [name]Dashiell[/name]! We can’t use it as a first name (a little too different for us) but I [name]LOVE[/name] it as a middle name. The name [name]Benjamin[/name] [name]Dashiell[/name] [name]Reeve[/name] keeps coming up in my head. And I like that it sort of honors my dad ([name]Daniel[/name]). I love [name]Owen[/name] and [name]Drew[/name] too, but unfortunately those are both kids from Lo’s playgroup! :frowning:

[name]Alice[/name] is both blue and yellow at the same time! Hard to explain. [name]Theodore[/name] is greyish brown, and [name]Sophie[/name] is bright red (while [name]Sophia[/name] is a bit bluer, now that I think about it! Probably because of the A which is blue). [name]Henry[/name] is less distinct for me, but definitely yellowish for me too. :slight_smile: It’s so funny because [name]Derrick[/name] always calls me insane when I talk about this! I had no idea other people do it too.

Thanks for all your input too! I agree with most of what you wrote as well! I’m glad you think [name]Gabe[/name] has potential. Wait, which show has a kid named [name]Gabe[/name]? I think my oldest watches it because she mentioned something about a [name]Gabe[/name]!

And yeah, we’ve vetoed [name]Arabella[/name] too, lol. I hated the name for a while but my sister (who’s usually in the UK) mentioned it and I had a brief love affair with it! But definitely not with my kids’ names, lol. And it’s funny that no one seems to have heard [name]Rosemary[/name] pronounced [name]Rosemarie[/name]…I’ve known several adults (my dad’s friends, I think) with that pronunciation, but now that I think of it, they might have actually been named [name]Rosemarie[/name].