Some help please :):)

Thanks Twinkle! [name]Glad[/name] you like my girls choices. [name]Juniper[/name] is gone tho! I sort of tested it out and I don’t like it anymore… can’t imagine saying it everyday although I still think it’s a great name. Now I love [name]Fern[/name] in its place :).
I agree with you about [name]Flora[/name] and I wonder why it isn’t more popular… it’s so beautiful!
I also agree that [name]William[/name] is a bit too popular. I am surprised [name]Felix[/name] isn’t more popular, I think it’s a great name!
[name]Do[/name] you really think [name]Theo[/name] is a substantial enough full name? Should I use [name]Theodore[/name]? I don’t know…
I love [name]Marigold[/name] [name]Estella[/name] and [name]Violet[/name] as middle names as well!
Thanks again =D



Possible mn’s: [name]Violet[/name], [name]Stella[/name]/[name]Estella[/name], [name]Hazel[/name], [name]Marigold[/name]


[name]Don[/name]'t know about boys mn’s yet.

I’m kind of glad [name]Juniper[/name]'s gone … I think it may have been a bit too eccentric for a first name.

[name]Luna[/name] - I love. [name]Love[/name] love love. [name]Love[/name]. I think you catch my drift … also, as mentioned earlier, [name]Luna[/name] and [name]Jasper[/name] would make a lovely sib set.
[name]Beatrix[/name] - a beautiful classic.
[name]Flora[/name] - I adore.
[name]Fern[/name] - I’m a little sitting-on-the-fence with this, to be honest. It’s nice of course, just not very feminine. But I suppose it’s not not feminine either …
[name]Clover[/name] - I love it, but not as much as your other choices.

I love :
[name]Luna[/name] [name]Violet[/name]
[name]Luna[/name] [name]Marigold[/name]
[name]Beatrix[/name] [name]Flora[/name]
[name]Beatrix[/name] [name]Hazel[/name]
[name]Beatrix[/name] [name]Estella[/name]
[name]Flora[/name] [name]Beatrix[/name].

[name]Fern[/name] [name]Estella[/name] works, too.

[name]Theo[/name] - I do think you can use this as a name in its own right, although [name]Theodore[/name] is more substantial … but you shouldn’t use a name that you don’t like just to get the nn. If you’re feeling quirky, you could try [name]Thaddeus[/name] nn [name]Theo[/name]/[name]Teddy[/name]?
[name]Felix[/name] - very nice.
[name]Jasper[/name] - I adore.

Good luck!

[name]Luna[/name]: I think it’s very pretty…

[name]Beatrix[/name]: I can’t even begin to tell you how much I [name]LOVE[/name] this name!:slight_smile:

[name]Flora[/name]: I love [name]Flora[/name], too. [name]Flora[/name] [name]Genevieve[/name] is one of my favorite [name]Flora[/name] combos…
I second Twinkle’s suggestion of [name]Flora[/name] [name]Beatrix[/name]. :slight_smile:

[name]Fern[/name]: I prefer the other names on your list, but I’m trying hard to like [name]Fern[/name]. :slight_smile:

[name]Clover[/name]: While many don’t care for [name]Clover[/name], I think it’s darling. :slight_smile:

I love Twinkle’s suggestions for combos, especially [name]Luna[/name] [name]Marigold[/name].

[name]Theo[/name]: I love [name]Theo[/name]/[name]Theodore[/name]!

[name]Felix[/name]: I just love this name!

[name]Jasper[/name]: I think [name]Jasper[/name] is completely fantastic!

I really love your list! :slight_smile: If I can only vote for one of each, I’ll go with [name]Beatrix[/name] and [name]Theo[/name]/[name]Theodore[/name].

Good luck!

Have only time to skim these posts, but I noticed you were considering [name]Harriet[/name], and I really really like [name]Harriet[/name], and think its not nearly as old-ladyish as some other names that are currently coming into fashion. I especially like [name]Harriet[/name] [name]Eliza[/name] which I came across in my own geneological records (from early 1800s [name]America[/name] I believe). I can’t use it myself because I already have a [name]Henry[/name] . . . And before using [name]Henry[/name], you might check your local nursery schools – we had a explosion of them where I live, but still, I wouldn’t have my [name]Henry[/name] named anything else! And he could care less – they (the Henrys) are all so used to be called by their first and last names together.

I like [name]Luna[/name] [name]Marigold[/name]! It’s really pretty and different. Have you considered [name]Mariposa[/name] as a mn?

Thank you [name]Jill[/name] and Twinkle! I’m glad you like most of the names, it seems I can’t go wrong!

[name]Hi[/name] [name]Danal[/name]! I really like [name]Harriet[/name] as well but I just don’t know how it would be received… I really like [name]Harriet[/name] [name]Eliza[/name]! I love [name]Henry[/name]! But it is very popular… that doesn’t seem to bother me as much as with the other names tho. I mean I wouldn’t use [name]Stella[/name] because all the [name]Ella[/name] names are so popular but so is [name]Henry[/name] and I would still use it… does that make sense?
[name]Do[/name] you have a nickname for your [name]Henry[/name]? That was sort of a problem for me…

Hello Justthinkin, I love [name]Luna[/name] [name]Marigold[/name]! That’s a beautiful combo!! [name]Mariposa[/name] is nice to and would honour my mum who’s middle name is [name]Marie[/name]… Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you [name]Jill[/name] and Twinkle! I’m glad you like most of the names, it seems I can’t go wrong!

No, we don’t have a nickname for [name]Henry[/name] – my father-in-law was not happy with the name and declared he would call him [name]Hank[/name], which was not our intention! I put a swift end to that, and ever since, he has affectionally called him “[name]Henry[/name] Wadsworth” and sometimes just “Wadsworth” which we find pretty funny. [name]Henry[/name] was born in '05 and I think in '04 it was like 112 on the US popularity list - I knew of one other kid named [name]Henry[/name], and then when it was time for daycare, three of the four boys in his class were named [name]Henry[/name]! I know that’s a really odd coincidence, but it was concerning – I informed the daycare that if they needed a nickname for [name]Henry[/name], it was to be his middle name [name]Atlas[/name], and under no circumstances “[name]Hank[/name].” No offense meant to those who like that name . . . its just not our style (plus, our [name]Henry[/name] was a really really fat baby, and family joked about calling him “[name]Hank[/name] the Tank” and I thought that was mean)! SO, that’s all to say we don’t have a great nickname for him but then, we haven’t really wanted one. All the [name]Henry[/name]'s seem to just use their last name and don’t mind at all (none of the other [name]Henry[/name]'s we know don’t go by a nickname either)!

[name]Marigold[/name]- i dont like this one. it sounds old to me and not to cute.
[name]Poppy[/name]- this one is adorable. it sounds cute and spunky
[name]Stella[/name]- i dont think stella is to popular. but the name can go very wrong with a bad mn
[name]Violet[/name]- this is an adorable name!
[name]Lena[/name] (lee-nah)- alot of people with misspronounce this. its cute. but correcting people will get annoying.
[name]Lila[/name]- ADORABLE!
[name]Daisy[/name]- I think this is a cute name. but it seems mor elike a middle name. daisy will never be taken seriously as an adult especially if shes a doctor or lawyer.
[name]Luna[/name]- I love this name. i think its adorable. however my cat is names luna. haha
[name]Harriet[/name]- not a fan.
[name]Clementine[/name]- i love this name with the nickname cleo, minnie. jsut not clemmie
[name]Beatrix[/name]- beatrix is ok but beatrice is adorable! both are cute with the nickname “bea”

[name]Theo[/name] or [name]Theodore[/name]- its ok. i pictures theo from the bill cosby show.
[name]Jasper[/name]- this reminds me of a dogs name. sorry
Also is [name]Casper[/name] too friendly-ghost?? I dated a guy who cheated on me and got a girl pregnant and they named her [name]Casper[/name] Boo. But i do think its cute. but you have to be careful.
[name]Henry[/name]- to old school. i like new names
[name]William[/name]- very classic. its a cute middle name.