Sorana - thoughts?

So, when brainstorming a bit with a friend today, I came upon Sorana. [name]Sora[/name] was on our long list, so I was pretty excited that we could use Sorana, possible nickname [name]Sora[/name].

It’s quite uncommon - Slavic name meaning “Beautiful [name]Aurora[/name]” the name similarities/derivations are similar if not aligned with some other names on my list.

What do you think in general? My dad just emailed back and said that she’d likely get teased as “Sorry” - I’m not sure if that would be a big problem, though.

[name]Do[/name] you think it’s too girly/elaborate sounding? I love [name]Sora[/name] and [name]Senna[/name], and Sorana itself reminds me of [name]Savannah[/name]/[name]Serena[/name], both which I like (but wouldn’t use) and evoke nice word associations.

We may or may not go with [name]Sora[/name] as a nickname, we’d have to see how it develops after we name her. We agreed it would need a one or three syllable middle name, and off the top of our heads (mining from the rest of our name list) we came up with:

Sorana [name]Brynn[/name]

DH is so-so about Sorana. I feel like it may be the one. All feedback appreciated!!

My first impression was sore-anna. I’m sorry but it kind of sounds like a wizard from lord of the rings.

It’s like someone put everything I like into one name (at least, as much as you can in one name).

I think it’s beautiful. I really like it actually.

Thanks for the input, guys - shay99, I was a bit concerned about it sounding ‘too much’ - I suppose it does have a bit of Sauron in there :wink:

I still find something so alluring about it - love the nickname potential with [name]Sora[/name], and love the flow overall of the name. We’ve got some time to consider it, so will continue mulling it over…