"Sound-blocking," anyone? (combinations & nicknames I love)

To get ideas, I’ve started experimenting with a new method I primarily devised on my own: “sound-blocking.” It’s similar to the artistic practice known as color-blocking: pick about three main elements or sounds that appeal to you in a name (I chose an accented “ar-” in the first syllable; an unstressed “-en” or “-et” ending sound, and double consonants either in the middle or toward the end), and rearrange them to your satisfaction - the rest of the name will most likely fill itself in, especially if you’re creative. Then you can go back and make adjustments and tweaks until you’re pleased with the product.

Also, because I’m a tremendous meaning and nickname buff and because I always try to imagine each name on my future daughter, I went ahead and improvised combined meanings from each first and middle name, as well as thought up a cute and relevant nickname she could possibly use as a baby and indefinitely afterward.

Each combination is formatted: name —> improvised meaning (or the pseudonym she could take if and when she’s tired of the nickname) —> cute nickname. :wink:

[name]Arleigh[/name] [name]Rosette[/name] —> “Bramble [name]Rose[/name]” (also the name of a Tift [name]Merritt[/name] album, for you fans) —> “Pretty [name]Bunny[/name]” (I saw this as a baby’s nickname on a mommy blog forever ago and loved it)

[name]Sonnet[/name] [name]Carlyn[/name] —> “[name]Meadow[/name] Song” —> “Hummingbird” (also snagged from a blog, but extremely fitting)

Merrin [name]Margret[/name] —> “Sea [name]Pearl[/name]” —> “[name]Little[/name] Otter” (too cute!)

[name]Ardyn[/name] Tenille —> “[name]Sky[/name] Maiden” —> “Firefly” (hopefully will have shed its Owl City hype in time)

What do you think? Has anyone here used similar experiments to obtain names, and if so, how did yours turn out? :slight_smile:

That’s a cool idea. I’ve never intentionally done that, but I’ve noticed that I’m drawn to certain sounds or sound combinations.