spelling mistake on name, and while I'm correcting that mayb change daughter's name?

Any suggestions/ thoughts would be very welcomed.

I think it’s a lovely name as a whole. And if you’re happy with Tjo I’d leave it or only change that bit.
You don’t say how old she is, but I would find it hard to change my child’s name unless I really disliked it, which isn’t the case for you.
[name]How[/name] does your husband feel about changing the whole name?

Thanks for your thoughts.

I think the entire name is lovely and you should leave it just as it is! Especially [name]Arie[/name]! i love love love love love that name! even though this is the first time i’ve ever seen that as a whole name and i’ve fallen in love! please don’t change a thing!

  • [name]Evelyn[/name], age 14

I think the meaning of Tjo is great!! [name]Arie[/name] (love the name, btw!) emerged from the love between you & your husband, and she emerged from your womb into your arms! And she will continue emerging in different ways her whole life! If you try to think about it in this kind of a sense, perhaps that might help with your choice. [name]LOVE[/name] the meaning of Tjo!!!

[name]IMO[/name], the whole name is beautiful. Definitely stick with [name]Arie[/name] - it’s lovely and fresh and doesn’t sound too nicknamey to me. I also think the meaning of Tjo is pretty darn awesome. If it means something that emerges, then to me that represents hope, life and growth. What a fantastic meaning for a name!

If you can reconcile yourself to the name meaning (and pronunciation?) being different to the one you planned, then I would leave it. If it really bugs you then change it to Ntjao.

[name]Arie[/name] [name]Nereida[/name] Tjo (or Ntjao)… I love this name!

Hm, I see you dilemma for sure.
I don’t know anything about the Mazatec language. Is it standardized for its written form, or is it mostly just an oral language?
Is Tjo actually incorrect, or is it just from a dialect your husband doesn’t speak? Are Tjo and Ntjao pronounced the same way?
Honestly, if the discrepancy is bothering you a lot, you might as well get it correct it. You’ll rest easier, I bet.
If it’s just that the spelling is from a different dialect, then to me, it isn’t wrong.
I’m just thinking in terms of names & spellings & pronunciations where I live being pretty region-specific, and there are many variations of a name that are all legit.
I definitely see the reason for wanting the name to link up with the language and dialect your husband speaks, though.

[name]Arie[/name] is quite lovely in Spanish, and I do like [name]Aria[/name], [name]Ariadne[/name] and [name]Ariadna[/name], too (I know a few girls named [name]Ariadna[/name], I think it’s awesome). I think Seffira is lovely from the list you posted, and one of my personal favourites is Séfora.
I think Tjo’s meaning is pretty neat, too, and [name]Nereida[/name] is great.

I think it is a lovely name! I love names from a specific culture and I think it is awesome that you chose a name from Mazatec. That said, if the spelling really bothers you to the point where you feel it does not reflect the word you are referring to, then I would change it to the “correct” spelling. I think the entire name is very sweet.

I agree that the entire name is lovely! If you do want to change it, though, have you thought about [name]Ariana[/name]? I think [name]Ariana[/name] [name]Nereida[/name] Ntjao would work better than [name]Ariadne[/name] [name]Nereida[/name] Ntjao would, although I don’t think either would be bad. [name]Ariana[/name] might be pronounced easier in Spanish?

Good luck!

I do like the meaning of too.

Thank you all for your replies.