spelling of a name

I have asked about this name and understand that there may be some pronunciation confusion if we choose it. I was thinking about the spelling and what would be better. The two choices are Avilee or Avily. We pronounce it ah(same sound in apple)-vi(same sound as in “vin number”)-lee. We’re basing the name off of a historical figure associated with our favorite town “aviles” which has a “lez” sound on the end instead of a “lee” sound. Research has led me to believe that Avilee is also a surname. So what do you think, spell it Avilee or Avily?

I think Avilee sounds more like it. But, if you have to explain this whole pronounciation process to everyone trying to sound out her name, it might get frusturating.

I read the pronunciation you want and automatically thought “ovulate.” I can’t be the only person who hears it…

I don’t hear it.

I’d personally go with Avily. If I saw Avily, I’d pronounce it like you want it because the ‘ily’ part reminds me of [name]Lily[/name]. If I say Avilee, I’d pronounce it Av-ee-lee.
I love the name BTW. It’s adorable and different.

I read them both how you pronounce the name no problem. I like the look of Avilee better, but I think Avily is the most straight forward, so that gets my vote. I think it sounds pretty btw.