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I could really use some help.
I love this name, But I’m not sure how I should spell it.
[name_f]Aliya[/name_f] feels incomplete to me, but I’m not in love with the double-A in [name_f]Aaliyah[/name_f]. [name_f]Aliyah[/name_f] is cute but I’m not in love with it either (which might be because I only found this spelling last night, so it hasn’t completely sunk in yet).

  • Aliya
  • Aaliyah
  • Aliyah

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There is a very very good chance that I am completely overthinking this :joy: :joy:
Thank you so much for your help :white_heart:

Aliya is my favorite. Another idea is [name_f]Alia[/name_f].


My favourite spelling from the poll options is [name_f]Aliya[/name_f] but my favourite spelling is [name_f]Alya[/name_f].

Aaliyah looks the most correct to me, but the others are pretty too. I know a girl who spells it [name_f]Aleigha[/name_f], which you might like?

[name_f]Alia[/name_f] is how I’d spell it.


I have a cousin with this name (her dad is Persian). She spells it [name_f]Aleah[/name_f].

Aleah is my favourite spelling but otherwise [name_f]Aliyah[/name_f]

I prefer [name_f]Alia[/name_f], but I like [name_f]Aliya[/name_f] too.

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I like [name_f]Aliyah[/name_f] or [name_f]Aaliyah[/name_f] best!

If you want it with a long A sound at the start — AAH-lee-yah — I would use the [name_f]Aaliyah[/name_f] spelling. That’s how I’d automatically pronounce it, and that’s how I’d assume it was spelt if I heard the name.

My instinctive pronunciation of [name_f]Aliya[/name_f] and [name_f]Aliyah[/name_f] would be more like ah-LEE-yah, but I’d remember if corrected.