So I like [name]Asta[/name]/Astor (surname version) meaning ‘star-like’, I wondered can it be used? as it is also a last name. I mean, does that make it unisex? or should it strictly be used as a masculine name?
I prefer [name]Asta[/name] to many of the other alternatives so I was just curious, what are you thoughts?
I don’t particularly like [name]Esther[/name], [name]Hester[/name], [name]Stella[/name], [name]Astrid[/name],[name]Astera[/name], [name]Estella[/name] and I think maybe [name]Estelle[/name] is growing on me a little.

I think [name]Asta[/name]/Astor is absolutely gorgeous! I find it very usable, but only on a girl. [name]Star[/name] is lovely, it would make a stunning middle name!

[name]Estelle[/name] has definitely grown on me. I’m considering naming my baby [name]Estelle[/name] and calling her [name]Elle[/name] for short. The only issue I had with it was the old lady image that it sometimes invokes, but I think the name is coming around again, and that won’t be a problem.

I don’t mind [name]Asta[/name]…it feels a little flat to me though. I think of Astor as a boys name only. If I were going to use a name to do with star, I quite like [name]Starla[/name].

I think Astor is very boy, too. Something about [name]Asta[/name] is bugging me though. I don’t know quite what, but I’m definitely not in love with it. I really like Astor, though.

It’s not a star name but has a similar sound/feel: Astaire

Prefer [name]Astra[/name] over [name]Asta[/name]

Other star names:
[name]Sidra[/name], [name]Nova[/name], [name]Tara[/name], [name]Dara[/name], [name]Siria[/name], [name]Vega[/name], Astraia/[name]Astraea[/name]/[name]Estrella[/name] (all pronounced a-stray-a)

[name]Aster[/name] is a flower name so I can only see it on a girl.