Still have time, but no clue at all. WWYD?

Before this pregnancy, I typically had a list in my head of names I liked. Choosing my son’s name wasn’t too difficult. But somehow, it has left me! I reject every single name I see, and my husband and I have basically no options. I’m really looking forward to finding out boy or girl, just so I can eliminate a gender! For a while I blamed hormones, but it doesn’t seem to be changing.

Has this happened to anybody? [name]Do[/name] I just leave it alone for a while and hope something hits me later? I’m starting to feel like if I look right now, I’m just ruining my chances at liking those names in the future.

The ONE NAME we thought we liked was [name]Henry[/name]…my close cousin desperately wants it. Normally I wouldn’t mind, since nobody owns the name. But a few things have stopped me: 1. A friend just used [name]Claire[/name], my grandmother’s name, and now my husband won’t consider it. 2. [name]Henry[/name] is my cousin’s beloved grandfather, and she just got engaged. After what happened to me with [name]Claire[/name], I would feel like a huge jerk using it.

Sounds to me like you’re just having trouble finding the name which is “right” for your baby. Before you were pregnant it wasn’t a name for an actual person but a possible person… It is a little scary when it suddenly hits you that they’re going to have to live with your choice for their lives. In the end you just have to go with your gut and trust that the right name will appear - it has happened for me for girls names already from a suggestion off here but I have loads of boys names I sort of like but not one of them is “right”. [name]Do[/name] you want suggestions? What is your sons name?


I appreciate it! It is scary to sit here and wait for the right name to hit, like you said. But it seems like my best option - forcing it is not working for me. Thank you :slight_smile:

Suggestions are always welcome! My son’s name is [name]Charlie[/name]. My husband’s requirement is that it not be too off-the-wall. People need to recognize it when they see it. I don’t want anything very popular, and I tend to be a nicknamer. I’ve abandoned my other features since they obviously aren’t working for me!

[name]Love[/name] [name]Charlie[/name] - is that his full name or is it short for something?

These are some names which I think go well with [name]Charlie[/name] as a starting point:



Any good?


Very good, and I appreciate it! I will keep that handy for consideration! [name]Charlie[/name] is short for [name]Charles[/name]. My only regret is that I can’t use [name]Charlotte[/name], but I would still pick it a million times over.

If you specfically like [name]Charlotte[/name] here are a list of names with similar meanings and/or forms of the name you could use with [name]Charles[/name]:
[name]Arlette[/name] - I really love this!
[name]Tottie[/name] (not serious about this one - found it on a list of names similar to [name]Charlotte[/name] and it just made me laugh!)