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So, it’s the Wattpad Open Novella Contest and I’m… indecisive. There’s five ideas here, sorted by the prompt/s being used. You can pick up to three options.

Idea One

11) A drunken shopping spree has you obtaining the strangest item.

12) A midnight stroll and a meeting with a frantic stranger.

Idea Two

34) You wanted to go to the moon, see the silvery white glow of it for yourself. Instead, the moon came to you. One day, at your door.

Idea Three

36) Fairy tales are real, and there couldn’t be anything worse.

42) “They were sunshine, I was midnight rain.”

44) “You’re like snow — beautiful but cold.”

45) “Keep your happily ever after, it ain’t mine.”

(Not sure I’d actually use all four of these, but definitely 36 and 44 – it’ll be a Snow White retelling.)

Idea Four

81) The town’s witch has gone missing and no one is looking for her except her two familiars — a crow and a black cat — and the teen who has always been scared of her.

Idea Five

90) You were officially dead for two minutes. Since then, you have been able to see guardian angels, and not a minute goes by in your daily life that you don’t see an annoyed angel doing their job.

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Idea Three is totally my favorite (Prompt 42 is a [name_m]Taylor[/name_m] [name_m]Swift[/name_m] lyric!). All of these seem like they’d make incredibly awesome stories!

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