Strange dilemma of mine...

I have a strange problem. I am most likely getting a puppy of my own soon (still a teen) and I am trying to find creative dog names. I am also obsessed with baby names in general, so my first thoughts are to turn to my name list for girls names. Here’s the issue: in the distant future, when I want to have kids, would it still be plausible to use a name for a child that I already used for my dog? I adore [name]Nylah[/name] in particular, but I also like it as a legitimate baby name… These thoughts are echoed for most of my other faves.
I thought about [name]Jezebel[/name], b/c I love the name, but the connotation makes it unsuitable for a kid. But I’m thinking it could still work for a dog.

Please advise about my concerns. And suggestions of creative dog names would be appreciated as well. Thanks, guys!

Dang it, I didn’t know there was a pet names forum! If anyone knows how to move a thread, let me know or just move this for me. Sorry! Now I feel bad, lol.