Stroller Type Recommendations?

[name]Hi[/name] Everyone!

I’m expecting baby #1 on [name]July[/name] 3 and I am REALLY overwhelmed by all of the types of strollers available on the market today! I don’t want to spend a fortune, but don’t mind spending up to $250 or so providing it’s good quality.

I have been looking at the travel systems, but I’m wondering if they’re too heavy / bulky in the long run. My car is on the smaller side (Subaru Impreza) so it will need to fit easily in the trunk with room to spare. I live in the suburbs, so walking to the grocery store / amenities isn’t an option, but I do want the stroller to be comfortable enough to walk baby around the neighborhood (in addition to being light and small enough to take it in my car).

I’ve heard mixed reviews about the jogger models with 3 wheels.

What did you use for your baby, or what are you going to use for your baby? [name]How[/name] is it working out for you? Any advice would be so appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I used a travel system and cannot recommend it highly enough. Mine was the [name]Peg[/name]-Perego Sake system, consisting of cars eat, stroller base, older infant stroller seat and bassinet. The three seats articulate with the stroller base. Being able to simply remove the carseat and attach it to the stroller was wonderful, as it meant the newborn/young infant who sleeps a lot does not need to be awakened to remove him from the car. The bassinet doubled as a safe sleeping place when visiting friends, and was perfect for strolling a newborn in colder weather.

[name]Peg[/name]-Perego is all Italian made and pricy, but the quality and maneuverability are tops. It’s vastly superior tithe Babies R Us type strollers, which are all plastic, much more bulky, and far far less maneuverable. The whole system was $1000 or so.

The perego stuff is really great for drivers/the suburbs. That’s what I have for my mom’shouse.

[name]Light[/name] & folds up small I would suggest Mamas & Papas brand.

[name]Every[/name] stroller I’ve used have had design flaws. These two brands are the only ones I would recommend though they aren’t perfect! And still they are pricey. I need to become a stroller designer!

Also- my tip is shop after baby is here if you can swing it…that way you have an idea of your storage needs & preferences

I have gone through 3 prams/strollers in the last 7 months since my son was born. I went on the recommendations of others and in the end the pram didnt suit my needs. I have a Steelcraft Strider (with capsule attachment) - not sure if this is just Australian though? A great pram, lots of storage but I changed quite quickly because it was bulky in the back of the car and quite wide (70cm) across the base wheels which meant getting around in tight spots was difficult. I have ended up using a [name]Baby[/name] Jogger [name]Mini[/name] GT. It is great. Folds down with one hand, very light and compact when folded, huge sunshade for bub, foam filled tyres which can be used on gravel surfaces as well as cement etc without the fear of puncture. This is a stroller though - not a pram or travel system. [name]Baby[/name] jogger do one of those (the BJ City Select). Mine is a 3 wheeler and I was worried about the possibility of tipping and it has nearly done so once when I put something heavy on the sunshade, but thats not a deal breaker for me, I just learnt to be careful. You can get the BJ [name]Mini[/name] GT as a 4 wheeler though. It is a bit more expensive than what you wanted to spend but I think it is worth every cent!

Everyone I know who has used travel systems hate it. They say it’s too heavy and bulky. Most of them have bought a second lighter stroller when baby is too old for the pram. We’ve bought a pram/stroller set from Inglesina, but we’ll probably buy an additional stroller from [name]MacLaren[/name] (very popular in the U.K., they are easy to fold, quite narrow, light and classic) or Cosatto (because they are adorable!). I would say avoid [name]Phil[/name]&Teds, but I don’t know if they’re available where you are. I’ve got two friends who spent a lot of money on those and both were so angry and frustrated at those strollers. I also know that Stokke is very popular over here, they’re good if you live in a crowded area and use public transport a lot, and if you’re tall.

I had a bugaboo cameleon for our son and loved it. We live in the city so it was great, light and small enough to fit through doors and in elevators comfortably. I was a big fan of the colours I could get it in also, but that wasn’t a deciding factor of course, I had yellow. I got it because a few of my friends had them and recommended them. The bassinet attachment was big enough for our son to sleep in until he was almost 1, he was quite a small baby though, so we didn’t need a porta-cot when going on holidays for those months. Also the seat can be facing forwards or backwards which I loved, via the swinging handle, really I found it very handy when Bugsy was smaller and didn’t need to see everything! I only had two real issues, the bassinet, doesn’t fold up so unless you have a large car like us they aren’t overly practical, the seat folds up fine, my husbands mum has a two door mini and fitting the pram in there was a struggle. Secondly, the lack of storage space compared to other prams. Oh and it was a tad pricey, but I’ve got my money’s worth, we’ve done kilometer upon kilometer in that thing, I’ll be sad to see it go! (This review is great I think a few different opinions to mine but very detailed)

My mum has a Mountain Buggy Swift at her place cause she baby sits Bugsy every so often, and we enjoyed using it also. It’s a lot more compact than the Bugaboo to store and better on rougher terrain, but that really wasn’t an issue where we live. It’s bassinet attachment was smaller so Bugsy only used it for 4 months or so… we could have almost done without it. It’s easy to clean which was another huge factor for me and very movable as well.

[name]One[/name] last thing that I found important to me, the hand grip, kind of unusual I know. I am naturally a very warm person, so my hands would get quite hot pushing a pram for a prolonged amount of time. When this happened pushing the Mountain Buggy, with a rubber handle, the rubber would come of in my hands leaving soft rubber behind on the grip. The Bugaboo had a harder foam grip which was great because it didn’t disintegrate in my hands. But that’s just me, a little odd I know!

So, both of the prams we’ve used we were very happy with, the positives outweighed the negatives for sure and I’d highly recommend both of them! I might just start a pram thread of my own for double prams… I’m completely lost with those!

I had a travel system and I hated it. Really loathed it. The full-size stroller was just so bulky and heavy and took up so much space in the trunk of our car. I much prefer umbrella strollers. We have a Chicco Liteway ($140 approx.) and it is fabulous. It folds up into a really compact size that fits nearly everywhere. It’s very sturdy and made it through a two week trip to Disney World with a three-year-old without any problems. They also just came out with a Liteway Plus ($180 approx.) (I think it’s called), that you can attach a Chicco Keyfit 30 infant carseat ($190 approx. - which I love also) on to make a travel system that isn’t as bulky. If we didn’t already have the regular Liteway, we would be getting the new one, but the regular one fully reclines, so it can accomodate newborns.

When baby #1 was born, we had a Graco travel system (bought from Target) and I loved it. The price point was a major plus for us (under $200 for the car seat and stroller). Depending on the system you get, the stroller can be a bit more bulky but that doesn’t bother me at all! Storage size wasn’t an issue to us, either, as hubby has a truck and I have a car with a larger trunk and the stroller didn’t take up too much room in either vehicle. The biggest issue to me was how easy a stroller would be to fold and unfold and the stroller we ended up with is really easy in that regard.

I’d suggest going to the store and testing out each stroller.

Honestly I used a typical stroller (4 med sized wheels, heavy to lift when folded…) that someone gave me and an umbrella stroller. The only thing I loved about my regular sized stroller was that my infant car seat would easily snap inside of it. I adored that feature!
I also liked the lightness of the umbrella stroller and how easy it was to store.

The regular stroller and infant car seat were Graco.

We have the [name]Silver[/name] [name]Cross[/name] “Sleepover Elegance” and we’re really happy with it. It was a little pricey but we used a gifted pushchair with our older child and it barely lasted a couple of months because it was cheap. We ended up having to another one so it just wasn’t worth it. We decided to invest in a somewhat expensive one this, with the intention of using it on any future babies we may have.

We have the [name]Cortina[/name] Keyfit 30 travel system (by Chicco) and I really like it. The car seat has a high safety rating and is very light weight (which was a big selling point for me because the majority of car seat that we looked at were just too heavy for me to easily carry). I’ve been taking my daugher for walks around the neighborhood in it for the past week (she’s four weeks old) and so far, it’s worked great. I would recommend getting a diaper bag that can attach to a stroller (mine has extra straps for this purpose) as it just makes things more convenient. We also have an inexpensive, lightweight umbrella stroller for when our daughter gets older and we go places where a bigger stroller would be inconvenient (traveling, amusement parks, etc).

We actually had four strollers at one point… I used the stroller frame ([name]Baby[/name] Trend) almost exclusively for the first year. They are light, easy to fold, and you just clip the car seat on to them. There is a good-size basket underneath. This takes up very little room in the trunk. We freecycled this and the car seat after our daughter grew out of the car seat. The stroller frame had been through three kids and was still in excellent condition.

We have a graco metrolite (I think) that I use frequently now that our daughter is out of the baby car seat. We keep that in the back of our SUV. I also keep a carrier in the car - sometimes an Ergo, sometimes a napsack. Babies go through periods of time where they just want to be held, which is why I have a carrier in the car. I can do things using both hands and still carry my little one. Those are days where she would just cry if I had her in the stroller.

We have a [name]Phil[/name] and [name]Ted[/name]'s, which I love. This is not the sort of thing you fold up and go with for daily trips. We live in an area where it snows (blizzard last night!) and it plows through snow, mud and leaves like nothing else! It lives in the garage. I have folded it up and taken it in the car, but not all that often. That was when my older daughter was too tall for the graco and needed something to ride in for long days where we would be walking all day, like a day in NYC. It has two reclining positions. When she fell asleep, I would fully recline it and she would sleep flat, very comfortably, on the long train ride home.

Lastly - we have a cheap umbrella stroller for travel. That gets used in conjunction with a carrier for my little one. It does recline and has a basket underneath.

Each has it’s own strengths and weaknesses, so I use each in the appropriate situation.

I used a Chicco travel system, loved it at the time but now regret it as I realize lifting my daughter in the carseat in/out of the car has caused me some type of permanent lower back pain. If we have a second, I truly don’t think I will be able to lift that thing again. I will have to get something lighter. Really loved being able to keep her in it though going in/out of the car as she was a winter baby.

I cannot recommend the Bugaboo enough, especially since we have a small hatchback and it fits very nicely in the back. We had the adapter pieces to attach our car seat to the stroller, which was fantastic when our son was small. It’s also lightweight and maneuvers very well in tight spaces.

We started with a Graco infant car seat seat inside a Snap-n-Go (basic stroller frame meant only for an infant car seat to fit into - and it weighs almost nothing by itself) which was great for us. I loved that I could strap her in once, and go from car to stroller to apartment. It is great for apartment living, or if you are constantly on the go. I could bundle her up indoors easily and know that she was good to go from inside to anywhere we’d need. It’s not the bulkiest, solid, forever-sturdy stroller, but it’s great for what it’s meant for: about 7-8 months.

Then we moved on to a Citi [name]Mini[/name]. Works great. The only downside is the small basket. Otherwise, it does its job well. Walks far distances, has plenty of room, great canopy, and is great with any accessories I have wanted/needed.

For a smaller, more lightweight stroller for appointments, airplane trips etc. we got a Chicco Lightway. It fully reclines, and is a great buy.

Good luck!

We had a [name]Maclaren[/name] Twin Triumph for our twin boys and I really liked it. It was light weight and easy to fit into our van boot and we also had space for shopping and other things while it was in there. For our singleton we are using the the Siliver [name]Cross[/name] 3D - [name]Jet[/name] Sport which I love, the handles are comfy, it’s really easy to push and feels so smooth. I also love that you can have it as pram and as a pushchair so that you can change it as the child gets older. I even spend more on this that I did with the double buggy but it was well worth it. We bought both from Mothercare.

I second the baby jogger City [name]Mini[/name]. I too have an Impreza and the stroller fits easily into the back, is light but sturdy and folds like a dream.

I had it for my first from about 2 months. I wanted to use it from birth for my soon to be number 2, so I purchased a cocoon/babypod that fits perfectly into the stroller, making bub nice and snug will still being strapped in if needed. I got mine in Australia for around the $350 mark, so am assuming you’ll get it a bit cheaper in the US.