Sudden name change!

[name]Hi[/name] all,

I’m due in two weeks with my second son. We’ve had an extremely hard time naming this boy. (We’ve been through a million names. Good possibilities were [name]Leo[/name], [name]Anders[/name], [name]Emerson[/name], and [name]Hugo[/name], but nothing stuck. We found various reasons to nix everything.)

We have a four-year-old named [name]Owen[/name] [name]Dennis[/name] (middle name in honor of my deceased Dad) and just love his name. It’s unusual enough, I like the British Isles flavor, and it’s strong without being tough.

For this baby on the way, DH and I have both been leaning toward [name]Nathaniel[/name]. We like the nickname [name]Nate[/name], and we’re both book nerds who like [name]Nathaniel[/name] [name]Hawthorne[/name]. ([name]Nathan[/name] is very common among families we know, so that’s off limits.) But the name feels long and a little underwhelming to both of us.

All the sudden, at this late date, we’re both liking the name [name]Jonas[/name]. It feels uncommon but strong, and I really like the nickname [name]Joe[/name]. (We expect the [name]Jonas[/name] Bros to disappear shortly, so we’re not worried about that.) I think [name]Owen[/name] and [name]Jonas[/name] work well together. His middle name would be [name]Robert[/name], after my father-in-law, a really cool person.

Here’s the dilemma. DH’s first and middle names are [name]JASON[/name] [name]ROBERT[/name]. So the baby would have the same exact letters in his first name, and similar initials. ([name]Baby[/name] will have four initials to include my last name too.) Is this too kooky? [name]Jonas[/name] is speaking to both of us, but I wonder if that’s because it feels so familiar and comfy. Does this strike anyone as weird/narcissistic?

So I need wise feedback on two things: the name [name]Jonas[/name] in general as a sibling for [name]Owen[/name], and the close proximity of [name]Jonas[/name] and [name]Jason[/name].

Thanks, everyone!

[name]Jonas[/name] is a wonderful underused name that I have liked for years. You are ‘good to go’ with [name]Owen[/name] and [name]Jonas[/name] as brothers as long as having a prominent long O sound in each is not a tongue twister for you when you say the names together. [name]How[/name] special that each of your sons will have a middle name after one of their grandfathers!

The fact that [name]Jonas[/name] and [name]Jason[/name] contain the same set of letters is not immediately noticable and is simply a cool coincidence. It does not interfere with the fact that [name]Jonas[/name] & [name]Jason[/name] are two distinct-sounding, non-rhyming names. Therefore, the same letters should not deter you one bit.

I like [name]Nathaniel[/name] [name]Robert[/name] too. You can’t go wrong with either, but [name]Jonas[/name] is more unexpected. [name]Jonas[/name] [name]Robert[/name] would be a very handsome choice!

[name]Jonas[/name] is an awesome name!!! In my opinion, [name]Nathaniel[/name] sounds a tad average.
Joda is another cool name. [name]Friend[/name] of the family has a son called Joda, and he’s a cool little dude :slight_smile:

All the best!

I like [name]Nathaniel[/name], but it is pretty common. [name]Jonas[/name] is a better choice if you want more “unexpected,” plus is sounds good with [name]Owen[/name]. And I wouldn’t worry about it having the same letters as [name]Jason[/name]. They don’t sound anything alike.

First of all, I think either [name]Nate[/name] or [name]Jonas[/name] will work wonderfully with [name]Owen[/name], so whatever you choose will be wonderful.

Personally, I do prefer [name]Jonas[/name] with [name]Owen[/name]. I think they sounds like a fabulous sibling set— not matchymatchy, but very complimentary.

[name]Jason[/name] and [name]Jonas[/name] are very different names and I don’t think anyone would notice the similarities at all. Plus, I think it’s a really great bonus to have the same initials/middle name as daddy, what a nice way of honouring him!

Good luck…go with your gut on this one. If a name “feels” right, it probably IS right!

Many thanks for the feedback, including the support about [name]Jonas[/name]. I’m getting excited about the name in a way that I wasn’t feeling about [name]Nathaniel[/name]/[name]Nate[/name]. I appreciate your wisdom, Berries!

I think that [name]Owen[/name] and [name]Jonas[/name] are very handsome together! The fact that [name]Jonas[/name] has the same letters as your husband’s name is a very cool way to honor him without going for a [name]Jr[/name]. Good luck!

[name]Just[/name] had to respond to this post…my dhs name is [name]JASON[/name] [name]ROBERT[/name] and I slap have thought about [name]Jonas[/name] [name]Robert[/name]! I still think its a great choice, but my dh and his close bro think its a lill too out there and now [name]Jonas[/name] had become a joke to them…whatever.i stol think is a great way to honor [name]Jason[/name] and [name]Jonas[/name] is mighty handsome!! [name]Hope[/name] you use it!

[name]Owen[/name] and [name]Jonas[/name] sound great together! :slight_smile:

LOL!!! I’m using swype on my phone…supposed to be ALSO! Not SLAP!!! hahahaha masse for a funny sentence tho!

Still* not stol!!! Wow I really need to double check before I submit it haha

Still love [name]Jonas[/name] btw!

i have a very soft spot for the name [name]Jonas[/name]. I love it. It was the name of a great love of my life. He was my “noah” from the movie “The Notebook”, except, we didn’t end up together. lol.

[name]Owen[/name] and [name]Jonas[/name] are a great sibset. Go for it.

…the the [name]Jason[/name] thing is totally not an issue. [name]Don[/name]'t let that stop you from going with a wonderful name!

Thanks again … this feedback is really helping our process. Your auto-corrects cracked me up, [name]Karen[/name] P. That happens to me all the time!!!

[name]Happy[/name] New Year to everyone, and thanks again for the help!