Suggest some names for this image!

This may seem a little odd, but it’s just for fun!
Can you suggest some names (both boy and girl) that you can imagine being part of this family? I enjoy seeing how different names appear to ‘suit’ different characters, and I’ve seen these type of posts before and thought I would give it a go!
An outdoorsy family who live in a quiet corner of Cornwall, near the sand dunes and a little, rocky beach. The kids are all dark featured with some of their fathers auburn looks showing through. They are inquisitive, constantly eager to learn, but are easy going with a great sense of humour. A typical weekend consists of practicing instruments and then racing off to the forest or beach with the dogs, even throughout the cold winter, staying out as long as possible. They are always well dressed but with a slightly rumpled hair, suggesting they have just finished an adventure.


Thank you! Anyone else? :slight_smile: