Suggested features to improve Nameberry

Surely there must already be a thread about this but I’m too lazy to hunt it down.

And someone has likely made this exact suggestion…but oh well here it goes anyway:

I was thinking about how I personally would like to post a long-running poll for my potential names that I could link to in my signature or perhaps on other sites like Facebook or Twitter. Several Berries link to polls on, for example, in their signature for this exact purpose, and it just got me thinking that surely Nameberry could make a similar polling feature specific to member profiles and perhaps even improve upon what is available on other sites. Somewhat like the member lists feature, we could have member polls.

OK there’s my brilliant idea for the day (haha) Anyone else have any suggestions?

I like that idea!

I had a thread about notifications/tagging members, so they would know they’ve been mentioned (and hopefully linked to the post). I never heard anything more about it, so I don’t know if it’s not possible or they forgot. It’s frustrating when you know there are berries that could be more helpful because they are from that area/region, but you don’t know if they’ll see the thread.

Those are really good ideas!
I’m not very nameberry savvy so maybe this already exists haha: but i wish there was a way (other than signatures on posts) to keep my fav name combos in a list!
Like right now I have 3 private lists of name I like, and I write i my notes ‘mn with __’ or ‘fn with __’ but maybe if I could make a list with the different fn/mn combos I like?
I want to make sure I don’t forget them, but I am one of those paranoid ppl that thinks somebody would see a combo on my signature and “”"“steal”""" my names.

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] everyone, Thanks for the fresh ideas. These sound good and I would like to see us find ways to help the Nameberry community connect. We are planning to overhaul the forum software and I’m looking forward to seeing what features the new software offers or what we might build out ourselves. But please do keep the suggestions coming!

I think there should be a way to search for a key word in your activity. I really care about my privacy and sometimes I want to be able to make sure I haven’t posted something that is too indentifiable. I feel others might feel the same way. If we could search “quiz”, for example, in our activity section, we could look through posts where we may have given information that we would now like to delete.

It would also be good if scrolling to the end was easier, like with topics, and if clicking on a post in your activity and then clicking the back button would take you back to where you were in your activity list. At the moment the only way to avoid having to scroll through again is by opening a post in a new tab, but that’s not necessarily ideal.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

You can do the first one! Wait a minute, I’ll take screenshots :slight_smile:

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I’m in my Activity now

When I click the search button, it comes like this:

When I click “Search posts by @penelope_lynson” and type the word I want to share, here it is!

If this isn’t the thing you’re looking for, let me know :slight_smile:


@anon68906791 has explained the first point, which is definitely possible. Please note that there is a limit on how old a post can be for you to be able to delete it. This depends on your [name_u]Trust[/name_u] Level. If you find a post you are desperate to delete and you are not able to as it is too old, you can PM me or flag it and explain.

But please note that the mod team are not able to repeatedly delete posts on request, so please always keep your online security in mind when you post.

This is something I would like too. Unfortunately, this is not something we can change, it’s just how the platform works for now (it may be addressed in future versions).

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Oh I see!! Thank you so much :slight_smile: This is precisely what I wanted

@katinka Thank you, I didn’t know that so I will keep that in mind :slightly_smiling_face:


Can we get extra reactions? I’m thinking at least a smile or grin reaction? Sometimes something makes me laugh. I want a way to note that, separately to the heart, and without having to type a one word comment.

Also, when you submit a reply on a long thread, it jumps you to the bottom of the thread, and you have to scroll back up to where you were. Wish there were a way to prevent the jump (I don’t need to see my reply, I want to keep reading the thread).

Maybe I don’t understand what you want changed about scrolling, but you can easily jump to the end of a topic by dragging the slider within the post.

Not in a topic, they meant in the “Activity” part. When you click a post/topic there and return to that page later, it automatically sends you to the beginning, not continue from where you left.

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Unfortunately, not possible. This is a Discourse thing, not a Nameberry thing.

When you reply to a specific post, the replied-to poster’s avatar should display in the top right hand corner of your post, along with a reply arrow. If you click this avatar, you jump back up to the post you replied to.

To give an example, if you click @ferix08’s purple avatar on this post of yours, you will jump back up to the post you replied to.

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Ah, yes! Of course! I feel so silly. I do use that feature, but just wasn’t thinking.

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Bring back the name berry chart link on each name please

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Good thought! @pam, can the “#500 (e.g.) on Nameberry” section be brought back alongside each name’s ranking in the US and UK?

I would love a small color photo to appear on all the names that are flowers, trees, jewels.

If you’re a maniacal gardener like me, it would just be fun, but if you weren’t a gardener or knowledgable about plants, etc, it could be helpful.

So many people write in and ask for nature names.

Seeing a picture of a marguerite, a [name_f]Shasta[/name_f] daisy, a jacaranda tree, a kerria or nandina or forsythia or gardenia or daphne shrub, etc. would be lovely.

This probably isn’t possible but I was just thinking that it would be super fun for there to be a search function for names in people’s user cards.
For example if you liked the name [name_f]Dahlia[/name_f] you could search for it and get inspiration by seeing
the [name_f]Dahlia[/name_f] combos other people have come up with as well as finding other users whose name tastes are similar to yours, and then you might find new name loves in the other names those users have collected.
Or if you remember really loving a combo but you can’t remember who it belonged to you could search for it. This would also help if you were in any way worried about accidentally copying other users combos.
Anyways, just an idea :grin: