Suggestions please!

[name]Hi[/name]! My sister and I are looking for a name for our future brother or sister. We are really stuck on boys names and have no idea about what kind of name we would like.
I’d love some suggestions of names you like, and style is fine :slight_smile:
Our names are [name]Lidia[/name] and [name]Frances[/name] ([name]Frankie[/name]), so the name just needs to sound nice with our names.
We are leaning towards more traditional names, but we would love him to have a name that isn’t too popular.
Any suggestions would be great!!!
[name]Lidia[/name] :slight_smile:

Here are some suggestions for what I think might sound nice with your names. Let me know which ones you/your parents like, so I can give you more based off that.

[name]Lidia[/name], [name]Frances[/name] and”

[name]Lawrence[/name] / [name]Laurence[/name]
[name]Julian[/name] / [name]Julius[/name]