One of my favorite boy’s names is [name]Sullivan[/name]. Some people that I’ve mentioned it to really like it, while others seem to think that it’s too “surnamey” for use as a first name. I do find that it has more of a surname feel when used as a first name than a lot of the surname-names which have become popular up front, but that’s because [name]Sullivan[/name] is still much more common as a last name.

[name]Do[/name] any of you like it (I know [name]Pam[/name] and [name]Linda[/name] do based on their entry for this name)? Combo ideas (if any)?

From another thread I started I’ve realized that my own first name is an Irish surname turned first name ([name]Kelly[/name]), although it’s been used as a first name for longer and more often than [name]Sullivan[/name]. I guess there’s something about Irish surnames that makes a lot of them attractive as first names!

[name]Hi[/name] Namefan. :slight_smile: I do think [name]Sullivan[/name] is really cool. It reminds me of [name]Harrison[/name], in that it’s a surname as a first name that doesn’t feel trendy (at least not to me).

Without knowing your last name, here are some combos:

[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]August[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Bennett[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Beckett[/name] (although I like [name]Beckett[/name] [name]Sullivan[/name] better…)
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Cormac[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Conrad[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Dashiell[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Darby[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Edward[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Grant[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]James[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Miles[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Patrick[/name]

Good luck, Namefan! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but I really dislike [name]Sullivan[/name] as a first name. I really don’t know what it is, but I don’t like it at all. Unless it’s a family name, then I would see the appeal. Personally, I think it would work better in the middle. Or, paired with a classic middle, such as

[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]James[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]John[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Patrick[/name] (ok, I actually like [name]Sullivan[/name] in this combo, I think the Irish [name]Patrick[/name] works nicely with it)
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Francis[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Robert[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Gregory[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Cassidy[/name] (I like this better for guys)
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Kelly[/name] (this too)
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Murphy[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Riley[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Neil[/name]

I actually really like [name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Patrick[/name] and [name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Cassidy[/name]. Oh, and I thought I’d mention that [name]Sullivan[/name] is one of my husband’s favorite names.

[name]LOVE[/name] [name]Sullivan[/name]!

Always have. I also like the short name Sullo.

I like:
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Hugo[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]River[/name]
[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Darcy[/name]

I definitely like it and think the nn [name]Sully[/name] is great!

I don’t usually like surnames for first names, but I do like [name]Sullivan[/name] nn [name]Sully[/name]. I would never choose it, but I admire it in someone else’s family very much!

i love sullivan. we have sullivan jude on our list!

[name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Jack[/name] is super cute I think, also like [name]Sullivan[/name] [name]James[/name].

[name]Sully[/name] is such an awesome nickname too.

Great choice!

Thanks for the middle name ideas! From the ideas given my favorite is [name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Grant[/name], with [name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Neil[/name] and [name]Sullivan[/name] [name]Jude[/name] being the runners-up. (I like the one-syllable middle names going along with what [name]Pam[/name] has mentioned before, since my last name is two syllables and [name]Sullivan[/name] is three). Although my last name ends in a “n” ("-son" to be exact), the same ending letter doesn’t bother me too much with this one (the number of syllables being different probably helps).