Summer Melody

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Respondents: 69 (This poll is closed)

  • Love it! : 6 (9%)
  • Nice : 7 (10%)
  • OK : 4 (6%)
  • OK, not my style : 12 (17%)
  • not good, not horrible : 14 (20%)
  • horrible: 26 (38%)

When I saw the title my initial thought was “please dear god let this not be a name suggestion”.

My vote was for horrible, but if there were worse options, I’d have gone with them.

[name]Summer[/name] and [name]Melody[/name] on their own are fine, but together is a disaster waiting for tips in her panties.

[name]Both[/name] names are fine on their own, but together it just sounds like the name of a song… which if you google, it is the name of quite a few songs…

At a moment eight person say it’s better than not good, not horrible, so I think general opinion is positive.

So the twins would be [name]Summer[/name] [name]Melody[/name] & [name]Leda[/name]?

I guess [name]Summer[/name] and [name]Leda[/name] are fine together, [name]Leda[/name] [name]Melody[/name] and [name]Summer[/name] Something-thats-not-a-word
But [name]Summer[/name] [name]Melody[/name] is just a mess, sorry! It’s too nouny and specific and makes me think that the person attached to the name would be very flaky, and would always be asked “Is that your real name?”

I just noticed that the other twin is [name]Leda[/name]. It seems really mismatched to have a child named [name]Leda[/name] ___ and another named [name]Summer[/name] [name]Melody[/name]…

I like the idea that someone brought up of [name]Leda[/name] [name]Melody[/name] and then [name]Summer[/name] ____

[name]Love[/name] suggestion of [name]Leda[/name] [name]Melody[/name], but at the moment [name]Summer[/name] [name]Melody[/name] is what is on my mind.

I love [name]Leda[/name]! [name]Do[/name] you have a middle name to go with it?

I like [name]Summer[/name] a lot, but I really dislike it paired with [name]Melody[/name]. It reminds me of quintessentially trashy 80s names like [name]Misty[/name] [name]Dawn[/name]. [name]Leda[/name] [name]Melody[/name] and [name]Summer[/name] (something else) would be really cute together.

Eight for better then not good, not horrible, six for horrible.

I say it is okay but not my style. I wouldn’t say it is horrible because it is not the worst name but that is my opinion. I do agree that [name]Summer[/name] needs a better middle name to make it sound less like a summer song. From your signature I like [name]Summer[/name] [name]Elisa[/name] or [name]Summer[/name] [name]Valentina[/name]. All that matters is if you like it.

In all honesty, I think it’s horrible.

It sounds like the name of a perfume or a paint color!

[name]Summer[/name] [name]Melody[/name] just doesn’t sound good. Not only is it two words but the m’s in both names don’t flow well together. [name]Summer[/name] and [name]Leda[/name] seem very different in style so I don’t think they’re great “fits” at all. [name]Summer[/name] is a contemporary word name whereas [name]Leda[/name] is an ancient mythological name.

[name]Summer[/name] is fine on its own, but I must agree with everyone else. Together, it just ain’t great. I think [name]Leda[/name] should have a middle name if [name]Summer[/name] is going to have one.

I see that 19 people voted [name]Summer[/name] [name]Melody[/name] was better than ‘not good not horrible’, so general opinion is positive. If 10 people voted [name]Summer[/name] [name]Melody[/name] was better then not good not horrible, and 14 horrible, I it would still be generaly acceptable, so I think I choose a name for a second daughter.

I voted horrible but meant I just dislike. I don’t like [name]Melody[/name] in the mn position like that. I would use a more firm name so it sounds like a name and not “a song about summer”. Heck I even like [name]Melody[/name] [name]Summer[/name] a bit better. It’s the word play I disliked. I wouldn’t use any names with [name]Summer[/name] that are also nature, places, flowers, days, or months. Like I think [name]Summer[/name] [name]Jane[/name] would sound better than [name]Summer[/name] [name]June[/name], you know?

A different middle name would make [name]Summer[/name] completely usable.

And I love [name]Leda[/name]! I believe [name]Leda[/name] is Greek right? Everytime I think of Greek names I think of [name]Effie[/name] and [name]Hermione[/name], which are two of my favorite names. Can’t get husband on board for [name]Hermione[/name] in the first name position though. Sigh

You seem to be set on it anyway despite the negative opinions from people posting. Maybe more people actually voted positively in the poll, but I think taking into consideration the comments might also be a good idea if you really want a rounded opinion on the name.

Personally, I voted for ‘horrible’, sorry. I honestly thought it might be another troll post before reading it. You have so many lovely names in your signature, what about [name]Summer[/name] [name]Mila[/name]/[name]Summer[/name] [name]Elena[/name] and [name]Leda[/name] [name]Melody[/name]?

I love [name]Summer[/name] [name]Melody[/name] <3 … but I don’t like Leda :stuck_out_tongue: It doesn’t go with Summer, and if she doesn’t have a middle name then the other twin shouldn’t have a middle name.

If 10 people voted [name]Summer[/name] [name]Melody[/name] was better than not good, not horrible, and 14 for horrible, I will still choose it. [name]Democracy[/name] isn’t rule of largest group, it’s sistem where everybody has a vote and right. And I think number 10 at rate 10-14 is not small or insignificant. Names you suggested are lovely, maybe I will take them in consideration. There is plentifully of time.

You also have to take into account that there are trolls running around so that might change your voting. [name]Reading[/name] what people have to say is also important, not everyone votes in the poll… which is why I normally don’t make polls that aren’t public unless it’s just a matter of picking between two names… I like to know who voted to make sure it isn’t a troll

Also having more than two options and grouping 4 together can skew things. To be more accurate a two option poll with options of yay or nay would have been better…

But it’s your kid, however I’m not going to jump on the “you can name it whatever you want” bandwagon, because sometimes I think parents need to realize that don’t have to live with the name…

I must admit that I didn’t think about the trolls, but you must agree you can’t say that group of people who love a name you don’t are trolling.

I am name freak and I thought about last sentence, so I call a psychiatric and psychologist (definitely a real one), who said I was asking stupid thing. Unusual name is not guarantee that child would have a problems.