Are there ANY nicknames for [name]Summer[/name]? Hubby wants to name our first daughter [name]Summer[/name] [name]Michelle[/name]. Which the whole name flows great with our last name. It just was never a name i really liked, it has grown on me now and i have no problems with it it just drives me crazy cause i cant come up with a NN for [name]Summer[/name]. Any ideas???

I can’t think of a nn for [name]Summer[/name], but you could take her nn from her mn (ie [name]Shelley[/name]). I kinda like that because summer reminds me of beaches and seashells, anyway. Otherwise, you could let a nn evolve naturally over time. But [name]Summer[/name] doesn’t really need a nn. It’s so sweet in itself.

Yea i guess it doesnt need a nn. I have no poblem with the name it has a very sweet feel to me as you said dierdre (sp?? sorry if i butchered that. My little brothers name is [name]Connor[/name] and he never had a nn but in my opinion its diffrent for boys. All of the other names i have picked out have nn’s. haha but like you said it could eveolve over time. thanks:)

I have a very dear friend named [name]Summer[/name]. I didn’t really care one way of the other before I met her, but I adore the name now. I don’t think that it needs a nn. Its only two syllables. I guess you could call her [name]Sunny[/name]. But I think its just one of those nickname proof names. Which can be a good thing.