I met someone today named Sunflower… nn [name]Sunni[/name]…
I’d never use it… but i thought it was really pretty… she laughed when she introduced herself, said her parents were hippies… i kind of like some hippie names… i thought of a woman who posted in another forum who said she had a daugher named [name]Butterfly[/name]…
anyway… what do you guys think of Sunflower / [name]Sunni[/name]?

That’s one I haven’t seen yet, but I think it is cute. Nothing I would ever use though.

somewhat like nn [name]Sunni[/name], but not the name Sunflower. Probably wouldn’t use it for my own child, though!

Well, it’s better than [name]Rainbow[/name]. It’s cute, in a hippie sort of way.

But I’d never use it; some kids could pull it off, but for some other poor kids, I’m sure it would be a terrible burden.

I met a girl this summer called [name]Sunny[/name], mn [name]Dai[/name]. I didn’t believe her until she showed me her driver’s license. The funny thing is that her brother and sister have completely normal names. Go figure.

I adore it! With the immense popularity of flower names, perhaps it will catch on … [name]Sunny[/name]/i is a lovely nn, too. I don’t think it is too out there, and in my opinion it actually wouldn’t be too cutesy for an adult.

I think the NN sunny is adorable, but I wound never use the name Sunflower. There are a few other long forms I do like though.

Very hippy. Not something I would use, but I would definitely remember her name! There is a woman at our church names [name]Rainbow[/name]. I’ve always found it strange but I can’t picture her named anything else.

I think it really depends on the person. It would take a certain kind of person to pull off Sunflower.

I’m not crazy about Sunflower but I think [name]Sunni[/name] is such a cute nickname. You would definitely need to be very hippie to pull it off.

I actually secretly love the Spanish word for sunflower- Girasol (hee-rah-sole) I think it’s pretty.

My inner hippie loves it. :slight_smile: Such a happy name! And [name]Sunny[/name] is a great nickname! I could never use it myself because my DH would never ever go for such a hippie style.

I knew a baby named [name]Sunny[/name] wonce. Such a cute thing! I think it’s cool in a bohemian/hippie kind of name. If they accept [name]Rainbow[/name], [name]Clover[/name], [name]Petunia[/name], and names like that, why not sunflower? It’s different and adorable. (=