Surrogate question

i’ve tried to search up my question but the only thing that comes up is anything that has to do with becoming a surrogate rather than using one. i’m quite curious & want to learn more about using a surrogate as that’s something i’m interested in :))

so does anyone know what the age requirement is to use a surrogate in canada (when using your own eggs)? it says you have to be 21 to become one, is it the same for using one?


Disclaimer: this is just what I found from some reading I did just now after seeing this question- it could be inaccurate.

I don’t know anything about laws in [name_f]Canada[/name_f]- I did a google search and it seems like it is up to the individual clinics- I would imagine many would not feel comfortable implanting eggs from a person who is very young if they will be the legal parent. There doesn’t seem to be a standard law on this that I can find though. I would ask some IVF clinics or surrogacy agencies around you about their policies!

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Yeah I don’t think they necessarily set a minimum age requirement (from the research I did really quick) it looks more like they look at whether you are financially/ mentally/ physically capable to raise a child.

I would assume most clinics would not let someone younger than 21 use a surrogate just for those reasons. But my guess would be they do it case by case.

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I don’t think there’s a national law on it, but clinics and surrogacy agencies would have their own policies. [name_f]My[/name_f] guess would be that if you’re too young for them to consider doing IVF on you (if you had chosen that route) then they’d consider you too young to implant your egg into someone else. Upon googling it, at first all I could find was information on upper age limits, so I tweaked my keywords a little and then found one page from a fertility clinic saying their minimum age is 18, found one article from a doctor talking about why they did IVF on a teenager under 18, and then another article about a woman who was 24 who claimed to be fighting for her right to do IVF who was turned down for being too young. So it seems like clinics are all over the place and there is so standard. That being said, surrogacy may be different since there is also another woman’s life involved and I’m sure they want very little chance of someone changing their mind. Although most of the time you actually cannot change your mind, since you usually sign contracts before anything ever happens that says you can’t back out. Not saying you personally would do that, I’m just spewing general info and I could see why that might be more of a concern with younger people. Another thing to note, it would probably make a difference if you were hiring a random stranger versus if you found a surrogate you personally knew and also if you used a surrogacy agency (highly recommended) versus a private agreement.

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