Susan? Anybody?

This week I like [name]Susan[/name]. I think it’s friendly and straight-forward and appealingly mid-century. It’s like the [name]McCoy[/name] pottery of baby names. Mightn’t it be cool to buck every baby-naming trend you can think of by being totally straight-laced? What do you think: quirky and ahead of the curve, or just totally uncool?

Totally uncool. It’s a mom name, not a great grandma name, which is where you get cool names. [name]Susan[/name] just hasn’t been off the radar long enough to use it again. [name]Susannah[/name] on the other hand is a good pick.

Definitely ahead of the curve! [name]Susan[/name] is great from a purely name-based perspective, simple and sweet but grounded by that final N. The wealth of possible nicknames (also true of [name]Susannah[/name]) are brilliant, too - [name]Susie[/name], [name]Sukie[/name], [name]Annie[/name]. All so wonderful!

Taking in trends and culture, yes, [name]Susan[/name] feels a little past its prime at the moment, only because it was so popular in the 50s and is so associated with that generation now. However, I think the next generation, those who are children now, will bring back [name]Susan[/name] just as parents now have brought back the names of their grandparents’ generation, such as [name]Matilda[/name] and [name]Alice[/name].

So, ahead of the curve by a generation. When they get to naming their own children, todays Avas and Olivias will all be jealous of your ultra-hip [name]Susan[/name] :smiley:


Yeah [name]Auburn[/name]!

I know we ordinarily look back at least two generations for ripe names, but [name]Alice[/name] and [name]Beatrice[/name] and [name]Pearl[/name]–while still great names and certainly not overused–aren’t seeming all that fresh any more. It seems a little more exciting to break away from the grandma/great-grandma rule. If everything else mid-century is cool right now, why not names, as well?

I have always liked the name [name]Susan[/name] a lot. I have a younger cousin named [name]Susan[/name], and a teen-aged niece (husband’s side) whose middle name is [name]Susan[/name]. I consider it to be a very lovely classic name. I’m not so crazy about the usual nicknames, but I love [name]Susan[/name].

[name]Susan[/name]: yawn

[name]Susannah[/name] however has more flair and sounds more vivacious?

I’m another [name]Susan[/name] lover! A bit out of fashion right now, but one of those names that will probably make a comeback in a few decades rather than be gone forever. I know of a “semi-celebrity” who used this name: [name]Thomas[/name] [name]Beatie[/name] (the “pregnant man”) named his first daughter [name]Susan[/name] (born in 2008). ETA: I learned that [name]Susan[/name]'s younger brother is named [name]Austin[/name] (a bit surprising of a sibset); he’s also given birth to #3 but I’ve not found out that baby’s name yet. Here’s the URL to a story on him:

[name]Susan[/name] is definitely due a revival. To me, it’s a timeless, [name]Jane[/name] [name]Austen[/name] name (though I agree that [name]Sue[/name] sounds dated). I like [name]Susannah[/name], but compared to [name]Susan[/name] it can sound a bit… frilly. And I love [name]Sukey[/name] as a nickname.

I like [name]Susan[/name], and wouldn’t be surprised to see it come back sooner than you think. [name]Uber[/name]-trendy style makers are already evolving from frilly antiques to snappy mid-century style. Think Design Mom with her [name]Betty[/name], [name]Maude[/name], [name]Olive[/name], and [name]June[/name]. [name]Susan[/name] fits in quite well with that sibset. Mid-century mod is hot in design and fashion right now, and is the next logical naming trend after the flowery antique bit gets played out. I think little [name]Susan[/name] (and [name]Susie[/name]) sightings are not far off.

[name]Susannah[/name] nn [name]Sukie[/name] is gorgeous. [name]Susan[/name] seems dated. sorry.

I don’t think [name]Susan[/name] is ready for a comeback. Also, [name]Sookie[/name] is on [name]True[/name] Blood, which is why people seem to be clinging to that name now. I’ve yet to meet anyone in real life that goes by [name]Sookie[/name], and I live in the south where all types of nicknames are used. However, [name]Sookie[/name] is normally used as a joke phrase like “Aw…sookie sookie now” and etc…lol. The character on [name]True[/name] Blood seems to be from a poor town, so maybe it is more commonly used in poorer areas of the south, idk.

I do however think the name [name]Susette[/name] is cute and ready for revival. It’s unique and “old school” yet it seems like it would still fit in with other children. Her nn could be [name]Etta[/name], [name]Ettie[/name], or [name]Susie[/name]! I also like [name]Sadie[/name] as well!

I think tottally uncool, but we all have different tastes.

I dont know. I used to sort of like it, but I think it sounds kind of bad. I dont think it really sounds great, if you know what I mean.

I really don’t like [name]Susan[/name] :frowning: I’m sorry!
I adore the name [name]Susannah[/name]. And I think [name]Susie[/name] is the most adorable nickname. [name]Susannah[/name] is such a great name! :slight_smile:

I know a [name]Suki[/name] (spelt as such). We’re in [name]Britain[/name], and she isn’t from a “poor town”.


I know a [name]Suki[/name] (spelt as such). We’re in [name]Britain[/name], and she isn’t from a “poor town”.


That’s fine, but I’m in [name]America[/name]. That is my impression of the name here and etc. I’m not sure where the OP is from, but I assumed she was from [name]America[/name].

Thanks, everybody, for your feedback. I think it’s safe to say that I shouldn’t expect [name]Susan[/name] to become too common among Nameberry babies any time soon. :wink: (That’s okay. I didn’t really expect a whole lot of enthusiasm on that one.) Several of you suggested [name]Susannah[/name] as an alternative to [name]Susan[/name]. While [name]Susannah[/name] is a lovely name, it lacks what I find so winsome about [name]Susan[/name]–namely, it’s un-trendiness. See (I’m going to lay it all out here, knowing that probably nobody is reading this thread any more), I’m pretty much over the Class of 1910 names. Most of us want to give out children distinctive names (otherwise we’d just name them [name]Madison[/name] and be done with it), but we’re generally trying to be distinctive by doing the same thing that everybody else is doing. There is a limit to how long any group of names can sound fresh. It’s starting to feel like we’re the brides-to-be who are sure that their wedding will be utterly unique–their bridesmaids will wear [name]GREEN[/name], after all–when, in fact, it’s just a slight variation on a pervasive theme. I say let’s strike out and consider something that doesn’t fit in the [name]Cora[/name]/[name]Alice[/name]/[name]Violet[/name] or the [name]Ryleigh[/name]/[name]Kayleigh[/name]/[name]Haylie[/name] theme. Who cares if she’s the only one in her school with that name? Isn’t that part of the fun? (I’m not suggesting we name our children Peanutbutter and Fizz, or anything; just established names that aren’t dictated by trends.) Can I get an “amen”? Anybody?

[name]Amen[/name]! This was essentially the point of my above post-flowery antiques are swiftly reaching the saturation point. [name]Susan[/name] will sound more interesting than [name]Susannah[/name] to our children. This is why I am really loving [name]Margo[/name], [name]Patricia[/name], [name]Sally[/name], etc, right now.

like it a lot ! I think the mid - century names will regain popularity. [name]Susanna[/name] is nice too… [name]Caroline[/name], [name]Judith[/name], there are lots of nice 50s and 60s names.

[name]Major[/name] [name]Amen[/name]! I’m with you. I quite like the name [name]Susan[/name]. I’m not having kids anytime soon (I’m 19) but I’m sure when I do have kids the 1910 names will be overused and there will be plenty of little Elsies and Hazels and Violets galore. But I think that 40s/50s names are going to be a future source of Nameberry-esque names, especially now that Mad Men is in. I’m talking names that everyone thinks are soo uncool they’re gems (like how [name]Harriet[/name] and [name]Edith[/name] are cool now, but in a few years lots of Hatties and Edies will be running around), and really, the name was uber cool five years ago. For example, [name]Nancy[/name] is one of my favorites. Everyone tells me [name]Nancy[/name] is a mom name, it’s boring, it’s middle aged, blah blah blah. But I find it so sweet! Other great 50s names: [name]Betty[/name], [name]Shirley[/name], [name]Martha[/name], [name]Beverly[/name], [name]Lois[/name].

I really like the name [name]Susan[/name]! I agree with Phoebesmom; I met a [name]Sally[/name] a couple years ago at school (I’m fifteen) and it was very striking because you just don’t see kids named [name]Sally[/name].
This name occurred to me, I don’t know, maybe a month or two ago? I think it was a result of reading a Fantastic Four comic (the main girl is named [name]Sue[/name], short for [name]Susan[/name]). I just thought, I have never heard of a kid named [name]Susan[/name]. Wouldn’t that be interesting? So I was excited to see this thread. :slight_smile:
I don’t think my mom is very fond of [name]Susan[/name], because to her, yeah, it sounds dated. But I’ve only ever met two adults called [name]Susan[/name] and without thinking of it as a mom or grandma name, it’s really very pretty, in my opinon. It reminds me of the heroine from the Chronicles of [name]Narnia[/name].
I’m not that big a fan of most mid-century names (or [name]Susannah[/name] for that matter) but I do think [name]Susan[/name] is quirky and unexpected. I wouldn’t mind using it for a little girl someday.