Tadhg Emerson Wolf or Wolfe

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  • Tadhg Emerson Wolfe : 16 (48%)
  • Tadhg Emerson Wolf: 17 (52%)

Both are great and it’s hard to choose!
[name_m]Wolfe[/name_m] could get spelled the wrong way a lot and the name is already long enough, but it’s less animal-like which I like, plus it makes up for the lack of vowels in [name_m]Tadhg[/name_m]
I would probably go with [name_m]Wolfe[/name_m]
Good luck!

Great name!

Great name! Let me ask another [name_m]Tadhg[/name_m] lover…do you ever consider spelling it Taig to help with pronunciation? I go back and forth on that! The traditional spelling is just not intuitive in [name_u]America[/name_u] so it keeps me from adding it to my list!

Thank you.

I went back and fourth about [name_m]Tadhg[/name_m] for a long time. In the end my feeling is that the important people in your family’s life, and the circles your child would be in, would learn the spelling and pronunciation. I have learned over time, first hand knowledge, that people will misprounce and misspell the easiest of names. So I do not worry about the outside people. In talking to children and adults about the name, most had very positive thoughts about it. Many, mostly boys and men, thought it was cool. Some heard of the name already, some wanted to keep it in mind for themselves in the future. We live in a world where people move around more. So people do run into unfamiliar names with unfamiliar spellings and unknown pronunciations.

Thank you.

Thank you, everyone.

[name_u]Love[/name_u] the name combo! I chose [name_m]Wolf[/name_m]. Are you planning on pronoucing it Tīge instead of the new version Tēge?

Thank you.

I pronounce it TIYG, like tiger minus the ER.