Tale of Two Thieves....and their names

The tale not of heroes, but of villains. An ironic tale where the “heroes” are good guys without trust or loyalty to their lovers and the “villains” are a man and woman who have deep love and devotion to each other. There is magic and intrigue, scandal and gossip, and above all: the thin line between good and evil.

[name]Man[/name]: [name]Klaus[/name] Crines
Tall, wiry, and disheveled. [name]Wild[/name] hazel eyes full of devious mischief that can quickly turn to raging madness. Dark hair curls to the nape of his neck and a scruff of stubble surrounds his mouth. Has a raspy voice and often tells riddles and makes rhymes.

Woman: Magdela (Dela) -> need last name
Small and swift with stereotypical blonde hair. Sarcastic and straight-laced, she keeps her partner in crime in check from rampaging across the kingdoms. She has a scar on her bottom lip and sharp eyes that only lighten when she’s around [name]Klaus[/name].

Your thoughts, please!

  • [name]Rose[/name]

Funny. I am writing a story where the main characters are theives. :stuck_out_tongue: Your discribtion of your males appearance and voice is a lot like mine. xD And the name of the girl, Dela is close to what I picked for my girl. [name]Dalia[/name]. Great minds huh? xD

Magdela Quil? Dela Quil?

Magdela “Dela” Szoke - Szoke is a Hungarian surname that means “fair-haired”.
Magdela “Dela” Vogel - [name]German[/name] surname meaning “bird”. You described her as “small and swift” and I thought “bird”.