Taskel Limuel???

My great grandfather’s name was Taskel. I have always adored that name and said if I had a son that is what I would name him. I know it is an unusual name and therfore have reservations about using the name. My husbands middle name is Limuel. So we want to name our son Taskel Limuel. Please let me know what you think of the name.

I think that the meaning of the name outweighs any reservations about its uniqueness. I think the name is very different, but it is charming and a great way to honor your family.

Oh wow - I love the name Taskel!

I have always loved the named [name]Satchel[/name] for a boy but agree with most people that it may be a bit too out there, and not translate well to other countries. Taskel is like a very usable version of [name]Satchel[/name]. And added bonus for you that it is a family name. Out of curiosity, do you know its origins?

I think that Taskel Limuel is a great name. (I assume the mn is pronounced with 2 syllables and not 3, but this doesn’t affect my liking of the name). Sure, most people will not have heard of these names, but they are “real” names and rooted in family, so ignore them! Ha!

…and the nickname “Rascal” when he’s little is super cute too.

I live near a large number of Orthodox Jews with names similar to this, so it does not seem as out there to me, though it is still unique. I think it’s a wonderful, strong name based in an incredibly strong history, and I especially love that it has a special meaning for you and your family. Usually double letters (one at the end, one at the beginning) like this sound odd to me, but for some reason this one sounds perfectly fine – maybe it’s the syllable emphasis that makes it okay? I’m not sure, but thumbs up from me.