So I’ve noticed on a lot of discussions where people talk about how badly your kid would be teased if they had certain names and that they should never use such names for that reason. I just want to say right now that the only name I’ve ever heard being made fun of in real life is [name]Britney[/name], and that’s because I was in kindergarten when [name]Britney[/name] Spears was super popular, so it doesn’t really count. I’ve seen a ton of names that are prime picking for bullies, but never actually seen the bullies act on it. Durren (first name), Die, Petite (on a super giant guy), [name]Fiona[/name], McClone (on twins), Cashala. Maybe it’s just where I live, but the only teasing on names that I ever see is just for laughs, not actual bullying.

So, on that note, I’d like to declare that teasing is not a solid reason for rejecting a name. In my opinion, anyway. And I’m in high school, where bullying is at its worst, so I’d kind of know in that aspect. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, I’ve never personally spent time in a daycare center as an adult, so it might happen there. But really, the kids are in daycare, how much teasing can really go on? And maybe it happens in cities more (though you’d think it’d happen less with the higher variety of names). Also, I’ve never had a kid, so you moms very well may know better than me.

I’d really like to hear your stories, maybe you can prove me wrong. I’m totally open to that, by the way, I’ve been wrong on many occasions.

Honesly I think some people over analyze the teasing factor on this site. I never even noticed the “ass” in [name]Astrid[/name] or “I feel ya” in [name]Ophelia[/name] , kids will come up with rhymes, songs, jokes, etc about any name so there really is no safe bully proof name. It is understandable with some names though and personally I tend to obsess over whether or not a name has a negative connotation so I can kind of understand it.

Kids can be very creative and merciless. I had a friend who had the name of Asiyah, and kids would make fun of the Ass sound. So much to the point she’d cry, and yell at her mother “Why would you name me something with a swear word in it?!”
And she was a VERY tough, active, beautiful, strong girl. So I take bullying option relatively seriously.

Kids can get worse with time. And if they don’t like a kid for whatever reason, then they’ll nitpick on whatever they can find.
Naming your kid something that open doors to obvious teasing is something to avoid imo.

I’ve never personally seen anybody get teased for their name. Not when I was in school and I never see people get teased for their name at the daycare i work at (I typically work with the older kids but i also work with the 3 and 4 year olds) We haves names like Jayton, [name]Forsythia[/name], Mikalyn (mike-uh-leen), Faelen…all kinds of strange names and non of them ever get teased.

The only time I think teasing about names should really be something to turn you off a name is when it’s like [name]Tucker[/name] rhymes with F—er…like that. High school kids can pick ip on that. Or I knew a girl named Syphila (like Syphilis) and high school kids will get that too. That’s really the only kind of teasing I worry about. Kids will always find some stupid thing to tease you about so if it isn’t horrendous, I don’t worry too much.

Some names are just beyond ridiculous and invite bullying. Bullying is so severly scarring that I think it’s best to set your child up in the best way you can to try and prevent chances of bullying. I know that kids can get picked on for anything, but why increase the risk that they will be by giving them a silly name? It’s not fair to give them a name you think is really cool just for the sake of it when a child may get teased for it as they can then end up with lots of psychological problems which could ultimately ruin their life. (And no this is not an over exaggeration as I have experience here with regards to bullying).

Aside from bullying, having a unique and strange name can cause children to be self concious and shy etc.

I’m not saying that you must choose names from the top 100 or anything, just don’t call them Honeybelle or something.

I am one of those guilty of putting a lot of thought into teasable names. I have not personally experienced that, but I think names are so important and parents should consider all possibilities when choosing this lifetime moniker. Most any name can be teased, but some are bigger targets than others.

I don’t take into consideration the potential teasing factor much. Mainly because I got teased for my name as a child. I wasn’t teased for my unusual, almost never-heard first name. I was teased for my common, short, easy to pronounce and spell surname. Kids will always find something to tease. I would say to choose a name you love, and teach your child to be confident about his or her name.

Within reason, of course. And by that I simply mean, don’t give your child a name like any terrible, awful name we hear about in the news.

when i was in middle school I was teased a bit for my surname, but it wasn’t in my personality to get upset by it so it wasn’t really bullying, just teasing. I think it depends on personality…if I was very sensitive or if I wasn’t witty enough to dish it back the whole thing might have been really upsetting. Also, I was teased a bit for my first name in high school, but again, I didn’t care enough to be upset…my name is [name]Tara[/name] and they called me [name]Tara[/name] [name]Reid[/name]- not that creative or mean. I think probably every person in the world has had someone make some comment about one of their names at some point, you just have to instill humor & confidence in your child so it won’t get them down!

Well, kids can be mean like that, but I don’t think they can do much with my daughter’s names- [name]Sadie[/name], [name]Harper[/name] & [name]Jessie[/name]! :slight_smile:

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I don’t think about it all that much. To be honest, it’s because kids can find literally ANYTHING to make fun of. Think of a simple, solid name like [name]Daniel[/name]. That’s my brother’s name, and some kids called him [name]Daniel[/name] Cocker Spaniel for a while. It was stupid and lame, but it proves my point. If kids want to be mean, they’ll figure something out.

Yes kids do tease and bully but all I can say to parents is give your child a ‘normal’ moniker and spell it the traditional way. If I had a ‘yooneek’ name I would feel behind the eight ball ie at a disadvantage in regard to being taken seriously in a social and work situation.

I think about it a lot because of having a last name that can be made fun of. And my husband was made fun of for it when he was a child. i would rather be safe than sorry!

I was teased for being named [name]Margaret[/name], because I’ve never liked my name at all and kids figured out that I didn’t like to be called by it. The kids who did so would have teased me about something else if they hadn’t teased me about that. Kids will tease. Some kids will bully. [name]Don[/name]'t name your kid Buttface McFartnugget, but don’t let the possibility of teasing scare you off something you really like.

That said, there are names I don’t like because of the sounds in them or the things they remind me of, but that’s not really about the possibility of teasing. My boyfriend doesn’t like [name]Angus[/name], because it’s too close to anus, and I don’t like [name]Libby[/name], because it sounds to me like the way I used to mentally pronounce lb., as in pound, when I was little, and so it’s always sounded like a fat kid name to me. I wouldn’t advise against it just because there’s a very small chance that someone else feels the exact same way about [name]Libby[/name] and would tease that kid, but I would advise against it because I just don’t like the name.

I take it into consideration - my husband is a fan of ancient [name]Rome[/name], and I quite fancied the name [name]Titus[/name] but decided it’s a no go for us as it sounds too much like tight ass…

I definitely think some parents over analyze the whole teasing aspect. I’ve seen posts on other forums where someone will say that they like a certain name, then someone else will respond with, “He may get teased, because that was the name of a porn star from the 70’s.” Like most kids nowadays are going to know who 70’s porn stars are…

Although I had some teasing over my name growing up I still don’t think I would pay too much attention if I liked the name. Children get teased over all kinds of things, not just their first names, but their last names, their appearance, the way they speak, the types of music they like etc, etc. You can’t predict it, it’s just part of growing up. I don’t think you can worry so much about it that you try to wrap your children in cotton wool and protect them from any and everything as painful as it can be for the child, because this is part of the learning experience too as much as anything else. I think if you like a name, and especially if it has some meaning to you, then you should not be put off because someone thinks of some way a child may or may not be teased over a name.

I would say though that a lot of people say they don’t see it. Well, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen either. Kids aren’t stupid and a lot of teasing isn’t done in front of adults :slight_smile:

I agree with this completely! While I’ve never really heard name teasing, and while my children will probably be in an environment where teasing and acting unkindly is not encouraged in the slightest, I wouldn’t want to give other children (or even adults!) the opportunity to belittle or torture my child because of his or her name. Why would you do that, when you might be able to prevent some hurt to your child? Sure, kids will tease no matter the reason, but I wouldn’t want to make it easier for others to tease my children.

I do think that name teasing is a real issue, though, and I’ve heard others’ stories regarding it. That’s why I’m so hesitant about using unisex names, even though I love them–I would absolutely love to name my son [name]Bailey[/name], but I’m afraid he would get teased a lot/get called a girl/etc. and I really don’t want that for him. :frowning:

I really can’t stand the fact that instead of teaching our children not to bully, or how to stand up for themselves (constructively) when bullying happens, the solution is to shelter kids. The problem is with the bullies, not with the “targets”. I’m glad that in the school district I work for, we have a zero tolerance stance on bullying.

I think it depends on the person more then the name. I don’t think people get teased that badly for a name as people make it out to be. I know plenty of people with unusual names they were no more teased then people with normal names. A [name]Person[/name] will make fun of someone for anything if they want to.

ETA: I was teased for my name and so was my sister and her name is Jennifer very normal. I don’t see teasing factors in a name I just like oh neat name when I come across one. Other people I know assume the person will get teased automatically which I find silly.

Yes the problem is the bullies, but there always has been and always will be bullies. Fact. You can’t just obliterate them all! I don’t care if a school has a ‘zero tolerance’ policy - bullying will still occur because a lot of it often goes unnoticed by teachers. I know plenty of places with so-called zero tolerance policy where bullying still occured, often it’s just a paper measure and isn’t enforced. And yes we can teach our kids to stand up to bullies but that doesn’t always work, not all children can deal with it. Especially if there is a gang of people bullying one child, how can the victim stand up to all of them on their own?